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The cab ride of your life

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Madeline had to work late Friday night because she had to catch up on what she missed from when she was sick. When she was done working, she had to lock up her company’s building. Madeline needed a cab in order to get home, because it was getting so close to dinnertime. As she walked outside she stopped on the sidewalk to gaze at all of the cold, white, and sparkly snow, fall from the sky. A snowflake landed on her nose, giving her a delightful chill.

All of the cabs that had driven by had people in them. Madeline was so desperate to get into a cab. A cab finally pulled up next to where Madeline was. Then she noticed someone was already in the back seat. She got in the cab like she was supposed to. She had no idea who was in the back seat of that yellow cab right in front of her. To Madeline’s surprise she found that the person in the back seat was that one person she absolutely despised.

Madeline didn’t want to seem rude by opening the door to the cab and walk away right after she had already taken a seat. Plus she needed to get home because she did not want to stand out in the cold. The beginning of the cab ride to her apartment in New York City was awfully quiet. It was so quiet she could hear the people outside yelling for a cab to stop and pick them up.

The man sitting next to Madeline was Mr. Troy Bertly. Madeline and Troy did not get along at all because Troy was extremely rude towards Madeline’s friend Paige. After having dated Paige for three years, Troy all of the sudden wanted to end it. Madeline never liked Troy since the first time Paige brought Troy to Madeline’s apartment to meet her. Madeline always knew their relationship was not going to last. Page was a girl that constantly nagged about every little thing. What guy wants to listen to that?

Troy asked Madeline how she was and they talked for a while during the cab ride. Suddenly Madeline’s cell phone went off. While searching through her purse for her cell phone she dropped one of her business cards on the back seat of the cab. Troy grabbed it before she had noticed it fell out. After she got off the phone they talked for a little while longer. Madeline asked about his feelings towards Paige, and he explained himself about how he could not handle her nagging anymore three years was really long enough. Madeline truly had no sympathy for Paige.

The cab driver dropped her off at her apartment. Madeline said good-bye and then shut the door. As she was walking through mountains of snow piled up to her door. She realized after their conversation that Troy Bertly was not that bad. She actually enjoyed the conversation they had in the cab. Plus Madeline went into her house set her keys for her house and mailbox on the counter along with her mail.

Madeline called her sister Michelle like she does every night. They are so close they would do anything for each other no matter what. Madeline told Michelle about her day at work, the snow, and of the car ride of course. Madeline also told Michelle how Troy and Paige use to have something and she told her about this feeling she had that she had never had before. Michelle knew right away she was falling for Troy.

Madeline got off the phone with Michelle and couldn’t stop think about Troy. Troy was on Madeline’s mind every second of the rest of the night. Madeline sat down and turned the TV on to her favorite show. All of a sudden her phone rang and she didn’t know who it was because her caller id said unknown name and unknown number. She answered the phone and said “Hello”. The voice on the other end said, “Hey this is Troy”. Madeline’s heart and stomach filled up with butterflies. Madeline didn’t have any idea of how he got her number and she was really impressed.

Troy told Madeline to look outside. Madeline walked to the window not knowing what to expect. Madeline looked down from her four-story window and saw Troy standing there with a bunch of flowers in this hand. Madeline ran downstairs and threw her arms around him and gave him a huge hug, snow was still falling down landing on both of them. Madeline thought this was one of the best moments of her life.

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