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Welcome To The Waking World

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Asleep, a girl turned over and yawned. The boy laying beside her put his arm around the girl's waist. Through the bangs of his dark curly brown hair, he admired the girl of his dreams. Her tender brown hair fell and layed across her shut eyes. Taking his hand, he pushed her hair behind her ear. The gaze of his elegant hazel eyes fell upon the girl's rose-petal pink lips. He had an urge to kiss her but knew he shouldn't wake her. "Babe?" he spoke out. The girl continued to sleep. The boy couldn't take it anymore and sat up to shake the girl; she did not awake. Growling softly he pounced on the girl and then layed his body on her. The girl still did not stir. The boy sighed then took a peek at the clock. It displayed that the time was 5:20 A.M. He sighed again then kissed the girl's forehead before standing. The boy stretched then scratched his bare chest and adjusted his boxer-briefs. He gazed at the girl then covered her back up before leaving the room.

After a few moments the girl's dirt brown eyes fluttered open. Her eyes widen once she realized she was alone... in her boyfriend's room. The girl pushed the blankets off of her. The cool air brushed across her skin which gave her goose-bumps. She swept her feet off the bed to the floor. Her tank and her shorts were scrunched up. The girl goraned and got up. Her shorts straightened themselves, a bit, while she straightened her top. She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

Suddenly a thudding noise came from above. The girl's eyes widen while her heart raced. Then, the door busted open and the boy ran to tackle the girl to the bed. Both were laughing and the girl kissed the boy. He smiled softly then said, "Welcome back to the waking world."

The author's comments:
Well I'm Erin. I wrote this VERY short story because well... it's what I do. I love writing romance stories like this one and I'm often inspired by my relationship.

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