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February 22, 2016
By Maculate_Dream DIAMOND, Riverside, California
Maculate_Dream DIAMOND, Riverside, California
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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

I have never been in love before. I always wished to be loved, but I never found her. I wanted one special girl, not one of those girls who are always on her phone or one who cares about her appearance. I want her to smile when she sees me smiling back at her. I want someone who will enjoy my presence, enjoy my arms wrapped around her, enjoy the quiet time we had together. And one day, my wish came true.
She was a beautiful girl, my age, with a smooth face and a smile from heaven. Her laugh was the sound of children’s wonder. Her eyes make you speechless, and I was only with her for one day. I was at the pier, sitting at a bench close to the edge. She came to me that time asking for directions to Los Angeles. I gladly told her with a mix of a joke that’s when she laughed. As the day went on, we chatted and messed around, got to know each other, and by the end of the day, we already fell in love. I don’t really remember much about the day except for the afternoon, when the sun was setting at the edge of the ocean.
She was in my arms; her head gently lay on my shoulders and my head resting softly on hers. We hold hands for so long, just the two of us being together, gazing into the ocean. All we needed was silence, there was no need to say, “I love you,” because that moment we were together said it all. The silence showed that love did not need words, just each other.
The sun had set about halfway; she told me that she needed to go. She gave me a rose and said, “remember me with this.” I stared at the rose, for it was as lovely as she was. I wanted the moment to last longer so I tried to convince her to stay. But it was no use; she was already leaving me by myself. But before she completely, I was able to ask what her name was: Angelina.
After that day, I didn’t know when I would see her again, so I prayed for her to come back. I never found anyone else like her, no other girl showed how deeply in love she was. I always tried and tried again but not one girl loved me like her.
I went to the pier one more time, after 10 years of trying. I have been so lonely since. I found a florist who sold flowers and managed to get a single rose. I wanted to be with her one last time. The rose in all its grace was the only thing I was able to hold on to. I sat back at the bench we spent our final moment with. The sun was setting one last time and I prayed; I prayed for heaven to send me an angel to love me one last time. There was silence at the pier. I looked down at the rose in silence till I felt someone holding my hand. I looked to my side and there Angelina was, with her head gently on my shoulders and my head resting softly on hers. I received my angel at long last.

The author's comments:

I wanted to do a poem at first about love in silence, but I realized a story about it would be better. This is the type of love i ever so wanted in my life. Enjoy.

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on Mar. 8 2016 at 12:40 pm
ZJcancel BRONZE, Catesville, Pennsylvania
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''I will love you for forever and a day ''

oh my you have some amazing talent wow is all i can say wow @Maculate_Dream

on Mar. 4 2016 at 4:06 pm
Poetry101 BRONZE, Faith, South Dakota
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You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are !

~John Lennon

I love this poem so much.