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The Missing Hope

March 1, 2016
By Mysterious_style BRONZE, Suva, Other
Mysterious_style BRONZE, Suva, Other
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Open the cage and let 'em out. If it was ever meant to be yours, it will fly back to you. But if it doesn't, then don't waste your time on it. It was never meant to be yours. ~

??Janasvi is a girl with a shadowed past which she never wants to cross paths with but at some points or the other in her life, her past arises with painful memories. But things change when she meets Rikhil, her roommate.. Janasvi had no experience of how to behave around men considering she lived with her sisters after her parents death along with some time with her brother and a distantly related uncle but as unbelievable as it sounds, Janasvi and Rikhil interact as if they'd known each other forever. After having built a good friendship, love that had been hiding under the blanket, creeps it's way out and makes its presence known. While Rikhil accepts his feelings, Janasvi's is left in a haze of her past and present, in stray of confused emotions making her unwilling to accede to her feelings. If that wasn't enough, 2 classmates, more like neighbors, make it their mission to ruin their relationship. To add to their woes, it was so that every now and then a problem or the other would crop up. Since she was a child, Janasvi had faced many problems and had lived past them but will she be able to live past the biggest bomb in her life?
Do you think she'd ever make it through? Ever be able to put her insecurities aside? Would their relationship survive, amid all problems?
Don't miss out on Janasvi's story of her life and love. :) As an added bonus, Janasvi's 2 sisters' love stories will be integrated with Janasvi's story. Check out the first chapter for the bonus story summaries.
Oh and Enjoy~

Chapter 1: Memories Come Flooding In

I could feel the warmth of the sunrise on my eyes as they flickered open. It was so beautiful, the sunrise.. The colors, the blends, the beauty it beheld.. It was extra ordinary despite the fact that it happens every morning.
I got out of bed and walked slowly to the balcony admiring the view. It wasn't sea front but it was more than enough. I practically stood on the balcony for a good 15 minutes absorbing the view. It was too good to last forever. I said my short version of the serenity prayer,
"Dear god, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Turning back into the bedroom, I gazed at my collection of books in my bookshelf. I'm not an addict but I find solace in reading, though a little less than I find in dancing. I couldn't help but look at the box in the bottom shelf. This was my 'Treasure of Memories' box. It brings along memories of happiness along with memories of pain. I've tried to keep my hands off them for as long as I can but now it seems impossible to resist this urge anymore. I finally give in to my childish demands. I reason that I have an off today and so I don't need to get to work and therefore I have a lot of time on hand. I grab a cup of coffee before I place the box on the floor and sit beside it, contemplating whether to open it or not. For sure it will bring happiness but I'm not sure if I can handle the pain. I tell myself that I've got to do this! With my heart pounding in my chest I open the lid and stare at the contents in the box.
"People come and go, moments pass by as time does but those who really matter, imprint their existence in our minds in the form of memories. Memories which you cannot forget, memories which you cannot erase no matter how much pain they bring you," I read out loud from a paper stuck to the inside flap of the box. I pick up the contents one by one gazing intently at them as a tear escapes my left eye while all the memories come flooding in.

Chapter Notes:

I know it isn't much but I promise the next chapter will be better.
Feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank You!

The author's comments:

It is a complete work of fiction I ahd come up with a couple of years back and since then the story has drastically changed and now it has a spot right next to my heart.

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