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Kakoa Skye Backstory

December 31, 2020
By Anonymous

when she was only 6 she saw her parents hung by the town leadership. she didn't understand it was because they had committed real crimes, it made her hate civilization. she took her parents sled dogs, totally 12, and they left for the wilderness. they raised and protected her, giving her the love, food, and warmth she needed. a 3 elderly dogs died. then a band of yetis attacked them, when she was 14 and could barely speak anymore. the dogs didn't know what to do. 3 died, in truly gruesome ways that she could never forget. but a small group of humans came and saved her, with sharp sticks and pointy flying arrows. they took her to a village where she struggled to adjust. after 2 years, when she was finally happy and successful, a frost giant attacked and killed everyone. she watched the human leader of the group who had saved her and had taken her in as his daughter be killed by a flying boulder. she couldn't forget his body either. she hid with her 6 dogs and luckily they were not found. they were the only survivors. she took her sled with her and they went back to the tundra, but after a lot of thinking she decided she had to learn to fight and do something to prevent future catastrophies. so she became a ranger, and is never separated from her pack.

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(dnd Dragonborn ranger)

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