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They Live In Secret

November 22, 2008
By Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
Eiscube SILVER, Temecula, California
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My head spun and my heart pounded as I looked into the emerald eyes of the man I love, his blood soaking from his clothes into mine. The world seemed like a shadow with the paramedics trying to take his barley breathing body out of my hands, as my tears flowed onto his face. The sirens of the ambulance burning in my ears along with the last thing Tyler said to me before he did this to Jackson, those words that will forever wreak havoc on my heart.
"This is for your choice, and you will be next. I will be waiting in the place you found me."
I cried harder. The police had to come and pull me off of Jackson. When he saw me being taken away he tried to open his mouth and talk, even though we had the mind connection thing he didn't need to waste his last breath, but he did anyway. As they pulled me away I screamed and watched as blood flowed from his open mouth.
"NO!" I screamed in terror, and as he tried to tell me the last thing, his heart stopped and his hand fell down to the ground splashing the puddle of blood that surrounded him. When his heart stopped I felt mine too, and that when pain coursed through my body as my heart broke apart into a million pieces. Everything went black as I was taken into the waters that surrounded me.

When I woke up on I was on something every uncomfortable. I slowly opened my eyes as I heard the steady beeping of the heart machine in the corner of the room. I looked uncertainly at the light green wallpaper that wrapped around the walls of the hospital room. My mother slept in the corner in what was a very overstuffed chair. I thought about what had juts happened and my heart felt like lead in my chest. My eyes felt puffy from the night, but I made more tears pour down my cheeks, but these were silently. I had killed Jackson. It was the reason he was dead, and I was next if I didn't do something about it. I knew I was going to kill my mother again when I felt, but I quickly jumped out of the hospital ripping of the needles out as I went. I threw on my clothes which had been washed, and checked my jacket pocket for my gun. I looked about the window realizing that I was on a two story window. I looked in my bag to check that they hadn't taken anything out of my bag and pulled out the little bottle the witch had given me. I sprinkled some of the powder on my body and jumped out the window. Thankfully the levitating powder worked and I slowly descended to the ground. As I touched the ground I ran to the nearest street and called a cab to me.
"Take me to the Lombard St, and fast." I said jumping into the first one that pulled over for me. The man in the cab slowly got back onto the busy streets of San Francisco. I looked back at the hospital just as my mom ran out of the doors with a bunch of big doctors. I had no idea how those people could be gentle. Tears streamed down my mothers face and I felt my stomach flip as I drove to my grandmother’s house. When we got there I gave the ran the money I owed him and got the key to her house out of my bag and fumbling with it I finally managed to get it into the key hole an turn it. My grandmother had been dead for 2 years, and had never sold her house I quickly collected the cash in her mattress and ran back down the stair case into the kitchen grabbing food form the cupboard. I would stay here for the night, because it was almost dark and needed to make a plan and make up a decision. So far all I had been do what I was doing with Jackson before he died, running and hiding, which apparently had not worked out as I had planned considering we had been caught.
I just sat on the couch and relax for a while thinking of what to do. I woke up late in the night realizing
I had fallen asleep on the couch. I walked to the stairway remembering when every time I would come her I would sleep in the guest bedroom and have the best times, because my mother would read my stories and my grandmother would bake me cookies and her famous German pancakes, I knew how to make them, but they were never as good as grandmas were. When I reached the guestroom I put my head on the pillow and quietly sent a silent pray up to God. I was only asleep for a minute before I heard something move in the room. My grandmother had had no pets so I quickly got up looking around the room. I slowly pinpointed the noise realizing it was coming from the closet. I walked to the closet opening the door. I looked into the small space with its pink flower wall paper and material stuff that littered the floor; no one was there only my grandmother’s old shoes.

I shut the door in relief, but as I turned around and saw who was standing in my room, relief quickly escaped my head and was replaced by pure terror. Standing in the middle of the room, with his short dark hair and black eyes was Tyler. He smiled at me and I glared back.
“Why hello love.” He said in a sick twisted voice.
“I’m not your love,” I said resolutely, but the battle was far from won, “and I will never love you.”
“Oh, but you will if you want to live or your family to last the night.
“Don’t touch my fam-” But before I could finish you threw me into a wall I stumbled to the ground. I felt a tiny bit of blood leak from my skull, but ignored it all the same trying desperately to get up.
“I will do what ever I want” He said easily. I slowly got to my feet and realized my gun was on the night stand.
“Now,” he said softly, “are you going to come with me or continue to suffer here on earth.”
“Neither!” I yelled making a jump for the gun, but he was to fast and with his weight threw me into a wall again, but this time he was holing me against it. He was squeezing hard on my wrist were his hand sat. I tried to kick him, but he was to close.
“Get off me.” I said with what I thought was force.
Tyler ignored my comment and put his lips to my neck.
“I tried to give you a choice, but you never listened to me. You ran away with him, thinking he could protect you.” His hand dug into my shoulder, and I tried not to wince in pain. “Now you don’t have a choice, you must come with me.” He breathed on my neck, I felt his teeth brush upon my skin and I shivered, but these were no the teeth of a human, they were the teeth of a vampire. I stayed completely still as he licked the place where my pulse was, only remembering that he would still see me, because he was not a t-rex. Gosh, I had watched too many movies.
His gripped weakened as he became intoxicated in the sent of my blood. When he was barely holding on I released my hand from his grip and I punched him straight in the face. Blood splattered everywhere as his nose broke. I shoved him away from my as he tried to tend to his wound and started cussing as loud he could.
I jumped for the gun and this time reached it. I shot at his chest, but as soon as the bullets were in midair he moved at lightening fast speeds and was beside my throwing the gun from my hands. I bolted for the door and jumped down the stairs, reaching the kitchen, but before I was there he was sitting on the kitchen counter smiling at me. He jumped off and backed my into a corner of the wall with such force that I heard I felt pain course through my ribs as something cracked I screamed trying to double over in pain, but he was in front of me again keeping me there. This time he was not going to wait to change me or kill me, he would do it fast. I looked around realizing that this was my last moments of life, because I would either become a vampire or I would die. Everything flashed before my eyes, but what was there every moment I blinked was Jackson’s face. He was smiling at me his raven black hair falling around his chin and his light green eyes piercing through me, he was saying my name and laughing. “Tara, Tara.” Tears formed in my eyes, I was the one who had got him killed, if he had not helped me I would not be alive right now, but he would and I would everything to give that back. I suddenly remembered in what part of the kitchen I was in, I was near the knives. I took one in my hand when he was talking which I had completely blocked out, and just as I pointed the knife at his chest his head flew out like a snake and he bite me. I screamed as his venom coursed though my blood, but though the trauma I had still nailed him right in the gut, and he felt o the ground beneath my feet. I quickly fell too, going black as the venom heated my blood easing all my humanity in its course.

I woke up again on my grandmother’s floor, I slowly moved to the corner, so I could have help standing up, but as I got up it was easy I had extra strength then I put two in two together, if I was still alive that means that I was undead. I was a creature of the night and was immortal. I was a vampire. I hurriedly ran to the mirror, which only took about 2 seconds even though it was upstairs. I looked into the mirror and peering out was a pale 17 year old girl with light chestnut hair that fell beyond her shoulders, her face was beautiful and not the face I was use to seeing in the mirror, no, not at all this girl was amazingly pretty and light blue eyes the color of the sky extenuated he features. I was now immortal, I could never see my mother and father again, I could never see my friends I could never eat human food again and I was a predator now not the prey, I was to live in the magical world with all my new friends. The fairies, wizards, witches, werewolves, and oddly enough I was taking this well. I guess when you already suspect your destiny, you have no problem going through with it and I knew I would be a vampire one day. I turned around not looking at the body down in the kitchen and walked out into the night that I now belonged to.

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