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Journey to the Daemon Kings' Lair

May 17, 2009
By Kyte. SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
Kyte. SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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In a small mountain town named Eldein, four kids loved adventure. No matter how big or small they’d take the challenge. Before we get to the main story, these four kids, James, Trina, Laura, and Greg, went looking in the forest and found four small Alinthers. Alinthers are small creatures that take the form of the most beloved animal that their master knows of. They can transform into larger forms of themselves to fight or to travel far distances in a short time. Trina got Manx, a wolf pup. James got a bear cub named Ingol. Laura got Lira, a bobcat kitten. And Greg got a tiger named Soho. So they kept their alinthers and they figured out that their alinthers could talk just like them. They could answer questions, ask questions and make conversation with anyone who spoke English, their main language. Now, to the story…

Chapter 1
The Beginning
“Wait James, you forgot…” Trina yelled running from the house.
“I forgot what? And I’m not your boyfriend!”
“Well fine! Just go to the Deamon Kings Lair without supplies!” The Deamon King is a large, ferocious creature, who lives in the dark caverns of Whistling Well Cave. No one is aloud to into the caverns or anywhere near the cave, but out four adventurers never listen to the rules, they always bend them or find a loophole.
“Shhhhhh! Do you want the adults to hear?” James said putting his hand over Trina’s mouth. She pushed it away.
“Get off! We gotta start because Laura and Greg are here with the horses.” Trina said pointing to the two kids walking up with four horses.
“Did we make it? Because I thought we’d never find Soho and Lira!” Laura said happily.
As they mounted their horses, Trina saw the adults getting ready to go farming. The adults are the farmers in the small town, they do all the work until the children turn 17, then they go to work on the fields, or the live stock. They don’t like how the adventurers broke all the rules, but they couldn’t punish them. In the town of Eldein, the law states that no one can punish anyone except for the mayor, and the mayor was Laura’s dad. He always won because no one wanted Smellgrud to win, he was never fair, and was always going to prison.
“Hurry lets go!” Trina said as she kicked her horse’s side with her heel.
“So, why did you have to look for Soho and Lira?” James asked letting Ingol out and onto his lap.
“They hid and we had to look everywhere for them. Then we found them in the stables on our horses.” Greg said also taking out his alinther, Soho. They got to the cave and tied up their horses and went in.
“Here it is, Whistling Well Cave!” Laura said staring down the giant hole in the middle of the floor and holding back Lira.
“I’ll check for supplies and Trina will do weapons check.” Said James taking out a piece of paper. After all James’s work was done, Trina made sure all of the weapons were there.
“Laura, bow and arrows. Greg, crossbow and bolts. James, halberd. And me, my sword.” Trina said. A halberd is a blade, like a battle axes, on a long metal pole. “Check!” they all said.
Trina put a big check in the middle of the page. They let down the rope ladder and climbed down it. They caught their alinthers because they couldn’t climb down the ladder. As the rest took out there inviblising cloaks, Trina made the wall go in two feet and tall and wide enough to fit all of the heavy supplies. Why these four mischievous teens went down here, was that in there school classes, they were told to a report with pictures of the “Mountain Watcher” which was actually the Deamon King. They found a loophole, they need pictures for the report, so they thought they’d just mosey on down to the lair, take a picture, and go right back to the town.
“Lets start; I see a dim little sliver of light.” Laura said. Laura had very good eyesight, so she could see the tiniest of lights in the darkest places.
“James, give me the camera.” Greg said holding out his hand. As James gave Greg the camera they all heard a thud in the room next to them.
“Hurry Greg, we need to get back to the town!” Laura said quietly. CLICK!
“Got it! I’ve got the Deamon King on photo!” Greg said. The alinthers ran after the four kids as they got back to the ladder. As they ran back to the ladder to get their supplies, Trina felt for the ladder.
“It’s been burned! How do we get up now?!” Trina said.

Chapter 2
The Plan of Escape

“We must find a way out! Or we could be found by the workers of the Deamon King!” James said, clutching the rope and shoving it in Trina’s face.
“Listen, I can make a rope with the use of my power, it’ll take a while, but it won’t take too long.” Trina said shoving James’ hand out of the way.
“Where will we sleep and stay while we are down here?” Greg inquired, looking anxiously around the dark place.
“Trina can make caves in the wall! It would be best if we split up into groups of boys and girls.” Laura said grabbing Greg’s arm.
“Oh! So you get to pick?” said James stepping forward to look Laura directly in the eye.
“Well, I thought it would make sense. Greg and I don’t fight and the only reason you and Trina fight is because you can. If you are with me and Greg with Trina, it will make more noise than the way I say,” Laura said, walking toward Trina and elbowing James on the way.
“True…” said James rubbing his chin.
After Trina had made the two caves, they all started to set up their beds.
“I’ll make almost invisible steps so we can get up. No one else will see them.” Trina said making body movements so that rocks pushed into the wall deeper than they were supposed to.
“We’d better go get some sleep. Be quiet though, don’t want those nasty workers coming and getting us in the night.” Greg said looking away from the group.
As they went up in the caves Trina heard Laura and Greg take out there alinthers and put the invisible cloaks over there doorway.
“We’d best do the same as they are, with the cloaks and everything.” Trina told James as she set Manx on her bed roll. Before they went to sleep Trina turned over and saw James looking at her.
“Why can’t we just wear the cloaks?” James wondered aloud.
“Because they would rip almost immediately.” Trina said with a yawn.
“Do you think we’ll get out before they find us?” Trina asked him softly; afraid she’d make too much noise.
James shook his head no; he turned onto his back and cuddled Ingol. Trina turned on her side facing the wall and fell into a deep sleep. That night her dreams were filled with awful terrors and nothing comforted her until the next morning.

Trina woke with fright as James prodded her with his finger.
“What time is it, James?” Trina asked scrambling to see how Laura and Greg were.
“Trina, it’s only 6:30 in the morning, but we have work to do.” James said grabbing Trina’s arm.
“Oh, you mean the rope?” Trina said looking at James. He nodded.
“We already have some items we thought would help you.” Greg said as he and Laura climbed into the room. Trina shot out her sword by their surprising entrance.
“Oh. Just you.” Trina said lowering her weapon.
“You’d better start, workers come out about now.” Laura said handing Trina a bundle of supplies. Trina took it and started to work. When Trina worked on the precious rope, Manx and Ingol stayed in their master’s rucksacks and slept, and they came out only a few times.

Chapter 3
As Trina made the increments of supplies fly around in the air, she put them into piles of usable and non-usable. During part of her work she found that she had actually made a dip in the soil. The supplies were pretty much junk that they didn’t need anymore. Trina crushed them into dust; then put the atoms back together into the form of a very strong rope.
“Nice fire pit.” Trina murmured as she began her work. James walked in sometimes to bring food or just talk to her but then, something wonderful happened.

“Trina! Come look at what we found!” Laura burst out as she scrambled up the steps to see Trina. As Trina jumped from the top of the steps she noticed a child. Not just a child though, it was her friend, Devan Fanter!
“Devan!” Trina said breathlessly as she came down to see him. At that moment, Devan’s hand shot up and grabbed hers. He showed his fangs, but Trina was a step ahead of him. She grabbed at his head and took out a little bottle. She poured the contents into his mouth. He slowly let go of his grasp and woke up from his daze.
Devan was a supernatural, as the people in the village called him. He is a vampire but he couldn’t always control himself if someone snuck up on him, like Trina did.
“Trina! Where am I?” he gasped looking frightened of the people surrounding him.
“You fell into the Demon Kings Lair!” Trina said helping him to his feet. As Trina explained everything to him his eyes were turning redder with the thirst of blood. When she saw this, she held out a little bottle.
“One bottle is all it takes to quench a thirst for a whole day,” Trina said handing Devan a little red bottle with a cork top.
“Where will…um… he sleep?” Greg asked poking Devan mindlessly. As soon as Greg did that he turned around and tried to swipe him with his claws. Trina grabbed his arm and thrust him to the ground.
“Hate how ya can do that sometimes.” Devan said rubbing his arm. “And I will sleep on the roof of Trina’s…um…where do you sleep?” Devan inquired.
“James and I sleep in there. I’ll make the roof higher.” Trina answered pointing to the cave.
They had let the invisible sheets down for now. As Devan flew over to the room he snickered, “Small, but I guess it’ll do.” He jumped off and landed right in front of James.
“So, you’re Trina’s boyfriend, huh?” he asked James as he stepped back. “Found yourself a real nice guy Trina,” Devan finished sarcastically.
“Devan, he’s just my friend!” Trina scolded as she walked back to the room. As she walked by she hit his shoulder with hers.
“Trina I didn’t…I was…Trina!” Devan stuttered as he ran after Trina.
“Wow! I can’t believe they are still friends!” Laura said as she and Greg walked back to their room.
“Yeah, Devan doesn’t seem too nice.” Greg finished. James walked silently to his room and overheard from the bottom foot hole,
“Trina…was kidding…please…” James knew that was Devan. Then he heard,
“Devan, I know it was a joke…you wouldn’t…but I really…thanks.” He knew what Trina and Devan were doing; they were apologizing in “Devan’s language”.
Although James didn’t know Devan well, he knew that that was Devan’s way of apologizing. He walked in and saw that Trina was making rope and Devan was hanging upside down from the ceiling.
“Will you always stay in that spot?” James asked sitting in front of Trina and throwing pebbles at the ceiling. Devan grabbed the ceiling and flipped so he was right side up.
“No, I will be higher up so you probably won’t see me until I come down to eat you.” Devan snickered and lunged forward. James jumped up and fell over two feet behind where he was before. Devan laughed heartily and sat down by Trina.
“Devan, don’t be so cruel or I’ll lock you in stone!” Trina said punching Devan in the arm.
“Hey, now I need to get to the point. The town sent me to come find you and then send a letter back to tell them what condition you’re in. If it’s good, they’ll leave us till I say we need help, of course.” Devan seemed to be saying they didn’t care.
“What time is it, we probably need to get supper and go to sleep.” Trina said as she stood up and made the roof go six feet higher into the earth.
As Devan and James went to sleep, Trina went over to talk to Greg and Laura.
As she entered she saw a remarkable thing, Lira and Soho had an alinther baby. They had a little bat laying on a blanket.
“Who will we give it to?” Laura asked noticing that Trina had entered.
“I have an idea, but you have to approve.” Trina said.
“What?” asked Greg.
“We give it to Devan!” Trina said.

Chapter 4
Will They be Caught
As morning turned to noon on the fifth day, Devan was presented with Chaser, the bat alinther.
“Why are you giving me this?” he asked as he let Chaser fly around his head.
“Because you’re the only other being who knows about our secret. We trust you enough to NOT tell anyone.” Said Laura as Trina got to the 1/8 mark of the rope. Smashing and rearranging atoms aren’t as easy as it sounds. Some atoms get lost in the air and only a very powerful magic can do this right. So making a rope from atom scratch is very difficult.
“Well, since I got one, I want to teach it stuff!” Devan said jumping up and grabbing the ceiling with his feet.
“Hmmmm, shorter than the other one.” Devan concluded. They we’re all in Laura and Greg’s room.
“I knew I heard something, boss.” A crackly voice said only a few yards from the entrance to the dungeon like cave.
“Listen, get up against the wall,” Trina whispered, “I’ll put rock in front of us to make us invisible.” As all of them put their backs to the wall, Trina went by James and up rose a rock wall, shielding eyes from their appearance. All were silent when the workers came in.
“The rope!” Trina whispered as she heard the men bustling about in the room.
“Cover it up with rock!” Devan whispered back, wrong move to make in a time like this.
“I heard voices, from that wall!” one man said.
After that, the men started to strike the wall with their pick axes. As the five children fretted, Trina did the only thing she could, “Harumondian!” she yelled and the men froze. She lowered the wall and saw two men laying still on the floor.
“Best lock them up, or I could kill ‘em.” Said Devan leaning down and touching one mans neck.
“No! We can’t kill ‘em!” James exclaimed.
“I can send them back to the door and UN freeze them.” They agreed. Trina, with James help and their alinthers, dragged the men, all three miles, back to the door. At a safe distance, Trina unfroze them, “Hunumindon!” she whispered and ran off with James and the alinthers.
“Done. They forgot everything, I hope…” Trina said as she slowed to a halt as the five met again in the middle of the two caves and the door.
“What ya mean, ‘I hope…’” Devan mocked as he flew down from the inside of Trina’s cave.
“Well, I wasn’t sure if the spell I used made them forget, too.” Trina explained nervously.
“What!” the other four sad bewildered.
“Uh…yeah…” Trina said ashamed.
“Ugh! Why do I trust humans anyway?!” Devan said as he walked toward Laura’s cave. Trina’s eyes filled with tears.
“Well I could have let them find us!” Trina balled through tears as she stormed toward the cave.
“Why didn’t our other friends come?” James asked as she shut the entry way with a rock wall.
“Because they are to chicken, that’s why.” Devan whispered. That night, Trina slept alone and the other four shared a cave.

Chapter 5
The next morning the cave was still shut, so Devan decided to slice it down. He let his claws slide out to their full length, and then he began his easy work. One swipe, two swipe, three swipe, done. A hole was made and Devan saw in. but Trina wasn’t there. He broke down the wall and ran in, followed closely by James.
“Oh! So she leaves us down here for us to die, huh? That evil little…” Devan started, but just then Trina jumped down from the hole in the roof. Her tear stained face looked angrily at Devan.
“Listen, Trina I’m really sorry!” Devan said as he regained his sense in why he came in.
“Why should I care?! You questioned why you trust your only friend!” Trina said angrily as she started to climb the wall and go into the hole.
“You should because I can easily leave and say you died! I can leave you here to get caught and not give a friggen care!” Devan shot back at Trina. She jumped back and made Devan sink into the ground waist deep.
“You can’t if you can’t even move.” Trina said walking briskly over to Devan and kneeling down.
“Let me go or I’ll slice your throat!” Devan yelled as he tried to get free of the hard rock.
“You can’t reach me, so how will you ever reach my throat?” Trina chuckled. Just then Devan sprang from the rock and slashed Trina’s right arm. After that, he didn’t even realize the injury he made.
“Trina…I…I mean…I’m sorry!” he stuttered as he stepped one step closer. Trina pushed him away and sent him falling down the “stairs”.
“Trina, are you ok?” James asked as he saw her rip off her sleeve.
“I’m perfectly fine!” she scowled back as she put a wet cloth around her arm and tied a string around it.
“Get your weapons! Workers are coming!” Devan yelled as he swooped up and sliced at a worker.
“Let’s go!” Trina said as she took her sword and landed on the ground. Fought they did until last man was down. Trina killed more than anyone else, except for Devan. She was closest to the door and she didn’t hear more troops coming. The worker snuck up on them and… “AGH!” Trina yelled as a worker grabbed her throat and said, “Surrender or she will die!” But Devan had flown to the ceiling and the workers didn’t see him.
“Let her go!” he said as he slashed the head of the man keeping hold of Trina. She fell to the ground and rejoined James and the others.
“Go back to the caves, I’ll be fine!” Devan commanded as he took on the workers of the Deamon King.
“Devan!” Trina yelled as James pulled her back to the cave.
“You can’t go! You’ll be captured and killed!” James said as he held Trina back in their cave.
“No! I have to help Devan!” Trina said trying to get free of him.
“No,” James said, “You’ll die out there!”
“I don’t care! I have to help Devan!” Trina screamed as she got free of James grip and ran down to help Devan. After that she saw that Devan was being taken to the king.
“Get away from him!” Trina yelled as she ran up and sliced at the workers. Although only 5 or 6 were left she killed them all and helped Devan get free from the net.
“Why did you do that?” he asked as he got to his feet.
“Because you saved me, it was only fair to repay the favor” Trina said as she stood up and walked back to the cave.

Chapter 6
Devan’s True Form
At the noon meal one cloudy day, Devan told Trina to shut the hole in his ceiling.
“Is it time already? I thought you’d not become full blood thirsty for a long time!” Trina gasped bewildered. Devan nodded. As they all ate their meal, Trina closed the hole and went to the other cave.
“How will we communicate when the workers are out?” Laura asked as she threw pebbles at Greg’s head.
“What was that?!” Greg said as he stood up.
“I threw a pebble in your ear!” Laura laughed.
“No! That sound!” Greg said as he jumped from the cave. They all listened intently and stood.
“Devan!” Trina yelled as she sprang from the cave and ran to the other. As she entered, she saw that James was fighting off a pale white vampire, Devan. She grabbed her sword and ran at Devan. As he saw this he lunged at Trina. She pulled out a bottle and splashed it on Devan’s face.
“Uhhh!” he moaned as he fell with a thud onto the ground.
“What in the hell was that?!” James asked breathlessly.
“Did he bite you?!” Trina asked as she ran over and got something out of her bag.
“What? Uh… I don’t know.” James remarked as he itched his neck. Trina stopped him and looked at his neck. She found a red mark and poured the liquid from the bottle she got from her pack on his neck.
“OW!” James shrieked as he pushed the bottle away.
“It’s clean ok? You don’t want to be a vampire like Devan is.” Trina said as she made Devan go up into his hole. She closed it when Laura and Greg came in.
“What was that?!” they said between breathes.
“Uh…that was Devan; he turned into his true form, a vampire.” Trina explained to the two. As she did Devan started to scratch at the rocks.
“He’s made a hole!” Laura screeched. Trina quickly sent more rocks flying to repair the hole that was made. Trina advised they all leave that cave so Trina could keep Devan in the hole and so she could work on the rope.
The rest of the time, until dinner, she worked on the rope. By sun down she was a little less than ½ ways done with the rope.
“Guys! I am almost half way done with the rope!” Trina boasted as they all ate dinner together, all except for Devan which Trina decided to tie up as well as put him in the hole.
“That’s great! When will it be done?” they asked excitedly.
“In about five or six weeks.” Trina answered as she put a spoonful of soup in her mouth.
“What!” James burst as soup drooled out his mouth.
“I can’t make it any quicker than five weeks!” Trina said as she tossed a napkin at James.
“Why not?” Greg asked curiously.
“Because I loose atoms when I crush the junk.” Trina said matter-of-factly. As they finished their meal, Trina reinforced the rock keeping Devan away from everyone else.

Chapter 7
The King’s Lead
As Trina said before, she wasn’t sure whether the spell she used would erase the memory of the workers she froze. And now, it was getting even more dangerous, because the workers did know and they told the king.
“Get the four mortals! And bring them to me!” the king bellowed to the two workers who almost found the four kids.
“We will not fail, master.” They said as they went to the armory. As they got ready to leave, one found a bottle of red liquid in the shield rack.
“They have a fifth?” one asked. He popped open the bottle and sniffed.
“Ugh! It smells like rancid meat!” yelled the man.
“Blood, probably. So they have a fifth, an immortal!”


“I think they know about us.” Devan confessed at the morning meal one day weeks after first arriving in the awful place.
“Why? Did you sneak in or something?” Trina asked.
“Well, I went in to get a shield, and I left a bottle of blood there.” He said and looked at the ground.
“Why did you go get a shield?” Trina asked as she handed Laura the stew.
“Well, it was your birthday today; I wanted to get you a gift…” Devan trailed as he handed Trina a wrapped shield.
“Devan! You shouldn’t have!” she said hugging Devan. James rolled his eyes.

Chapter 8
The Lost Battle
“Wait! I smell the dirty workers that tried to get you coming back, with 1,000 men!” Devan said as he pushed Trina away.
“Get your weapons and James,” Trina bellowed, “Get my spell book!” as they all got ready, Devan noticed a particular smell, the Deamon King!
“Guys, we got a problem here!” Devan shouted as he killed three men at once.
“Only 997 more to go!” Devan teased as he swiped at more men.
As they fought, they began to see defeat more and more. The workers were strong and they were out numbered 1 to 200. Finally, when they were all against the King himself he said, “Well, four mortals and a vampire, what a show! Now, which to eat first?”
They attacked, but were caught and split into two groups. One group was the “mortals”, the other was Devan. Even though Devan was immortal, they put fire on his stomach and made him scream with pain.
“Don’t hurt him!” Trina bawled as she and the others were taken to their cells. It was really just a big room with boxes and crates. They were left lone for four days, only eating twice a day, but one day Devan was thrown in and could barely move without moaning with pain.
“Devan!” Trina shrieked as he fell to the ground. His shirt was torn by the whips and his trousers burned. He had a scar on his arm from a hot coal and he only said, “They haven’t seen me mad yet.” When Devan said these words Trina remembered that he wasn’t always as controlled as he was now. One day later, they were put in cages; they were able to talk, but only quietly so that no one over heard.
The first week, they were careful who to talk to, but soon they grew fond of one man. He always snuck in extra food, for he had a soft spot for kids. Although they were fond of him, Devan stayed out of conversations.
“Why that feller not talkin’?” the man would ask. Trina simply replied that he liked to be the guy, “in the shadows”. The man laughed at that and always shook his head.
“Can’t be stubborn always little fellers,” he’d say, “Or you’ll be on the wrong side of the rope in life.” What he meant by that is that you’ll never be on the inside of things, never know what is really going on in life. Night after night Trina saw Devan trying to get comfortable, sadly she grabbed his hand and told him to curl up. As he did she saw him sleep, she let go of his hand and went to sleep herself.

As night became morning, Trina woke to a bustling bunch of workers in the room questioning the other prisoners.
“No! I didn’t see anything!” Devan confessed looking at Trina with a ‘you better lie’ look in his eyes.
“Hey,” one worker asked Trina, “Did you see a man that was sneaking in food?”
“No.” she lied as she pretended to fall back asleep. Soon after all the workers left, Trina sighed with relief and said, “I remember how we all got here.” She shook her head.
“We went up on horses to get a picture and when we did we found the rope burned. I tried to make a new one and then Devan came. Then we got caught by these things!” she yelled as she looked out the door window to the ugly goblins guarding the doors. Trina leaned against the cell bar, “Ouch.” Trina said rubbing her hip, “What is in my pocket?” Trina stuck her hand in her side pocket.
“What is it?” James asked as his hand slowly moving to his own pocket.
“Hey! Look at this little miracle!”

Chapter 9
The Explosive Escape
“What?” Devan said.
“I found the explosive packs that I made!” Trina said as she threw 1 to each of the kids.
“On three, throw it at the front of your cage.” James said catching his pouch.
“One, two, three!” Devan said as he through the pouch at the front of his cage. Ash flew in every direction. All though there was an up rise of blinding ash, all the cages were broken.
“That worked.” Greg said as he coughed and grabbed his pack.
“Our alinthers!” The others yelled as they got there packs. All the alinthers popped out and jumped on their owners. They licked their faces and looked proudly at the return of their owners.
“I was so worried!” Yelled Ingol and Manx as they wagged there tails as they were put onto James’ and Trina’s shoulders.
“Since we are out, let’s get out of here!” Devan said as he ran to the door.
“Wait,” Trina said grabbing his shoulder, “I haven’t finished the rope.”
“Then I’ll get help.” Devan said. Devan howled as loud as a million bats. What this did was call other vampires to the sound. Soon all heard shouts and screams from the door. Afterwards, four vampires can in and stared at Devan angrily.
“Call us into here, do you?” one said as he stepped in front of Devan. He looked at the four mortals.
“And what is this? Mortals,” he looked at Devan, “You know the rules of the…”
“Listen, these are my friends! And if you won’t help, then I’ll tell the master!” Devan scowled and took a step forward and looked the one in the eye.
“Devan, who exactly is jerk and followers?” Trina said as she glared at the one in the fight with Devan.
“This is Doug,” Devan flicked at the one who talked about the clan, “The others we just call Will, Mathew, and Danny.” Devan pointed to each of the vampires.
“And who is she?” Doug asked.
“This is Trina,” he pointed to her, “James, Laura and Greg. I think we are superior, because we got alinthers!” Devan boasted.
“Alinthers! You found the only five remaining!” Doug looked amazed. Devan nodded and Trina shot a glance at Doug who looked at Trina angrily.
“Any way, we need your help to help us escape.” Greg said as he spat at the ground beside him.

Chapter 10
The Last Shot
“Why our help, lowest link.” Doug looked at Devan. That pushed him over the edge. Suddenly Devan sliced Doug’s face and his eyes looked red.
“Fine! We’ll help! The guards are all out so we only got the king to get past.” Doug said as he stepped back from Devan. They all ran out and the alinthers sat on the shoulders of their owners.
“Wait. How will the “Mortals” get out when the rope isn’t finished?” Laura asked impatiently.
“I don’t know, ask brainiac.” Doug said as they kept running.
“Since vampires can fly, we will fly you out.” Devan shouted as he barely dodged a pillar of stone. They all stopped.
“This is a trap. I hear more guards, and they are trolls!” Devan said as he looked at Doug.
“Finally, a challenge!” Doug chuckled. As Trina, James, Laura and Greg got out there weapons and the alinthers transformed to there bigger self’s, the 5 vampires got themselves ready by getting the teeth and claws ready.
“Devan,” Trina said, “meet you on the other side.” They fought to the end, but they got scattered a cross the whole lair.
“Oh no! We’ll never get out now!” Devan said. Devan and Trina were only two rooms away. The others were all in either the north or west rooms. But now, they had to search for the fellow adventurers before the king found them. As Devan ran from room to room, he found Trina and she was actually with one other person, it was Doug. He was the only one who was close enough to the others to be able to smell their scents. Devan glared at Doug because he saw that there was a bit of a smirk on his face.

Chapter 11
The Unhelpful Search
“Where did you find him?” Devan asked as he looked at Trina.
“He found me, I was just wandering around.” Trina said as he moved over to Devan’s side.
“You’re lucky; I could have just used her blood to feed me.” Doug said as he walked past the two.
“You’re lucky I didn’t kill you in that room.” Devan said mockingly as he followed Doug.
“Guys, we’d best find the others before the king does.” Trina said as she let Manx onto her shoulder.
Doug and Devan started to sniff the air for the other scents of their friends. They went through rooms and hallways. Dead end after dead end and they found nothing. It was only when Devan ran into another dead end did Trina think that they could have been led into a trap. Danger became even more seeable and finally, it burst.

Chapter 12
Thirst Runs Deep
“I’m so thirsty!” complained Doug. Trina started to walk faster.
“Don’t even think about having Trina as dinner.” Devan said pushing Trina farther ahead.
“Oh come on, not even a little?” Doug teased.
“No. She for one will probably kill you in the process if you tried.” Devan said.
“Well let’s see then!” Doug said as he lunged at Trina. Devan moved in front of him and grabbed his throat. He squeezed but Doug didn’t stop his reach at Trina. She was backed up against a wall trying to get past, since the other end was a dead end.
“Let…me…go!” Doug said as they got into a tussle.
They began to punch at each other. Bruises and scrapes were made and Trina finally made it past Doug, but just barely.
“I can smell her blood, O positive.” Doug said as Devan tried to bite his hand. Soon the passage ways were filled with the sound of the two vampires fighting.
“Shut up, the both of you!” Trina yelled, but it didn’t help. They just kept fighting. Soon Devan was being over powered and Doug was getting closer to running his fangs into Trina’s throat.
“Trina! Run!” Devan said as he was pushed to his knees.
Trina ran and never looked back. Soon, Doug was on her trail. Shooting rocks at Doug slowed him but only made Trina weaker. Her run became a fast jog and Doug was gaining speed. Just when he was going to grab Trina’s collar, Devan ran up and slashed Doug’s back. Only wincing a bit Doug turned and sent Devan flying back.
“Devan!” Trina yelled turning her head. As she did though, she tripped on a rock and Doug was right above her.
“Looks like you will be my lunch!” Doug said as he kneeled down to grab her collar. She punched him in the nose and kicked him in the gut. Falling back, she stood up and stepped back. She panted and looked at Devan who was just getting up. His eyes shot red and he ran toward Doug.
“Ru…!” he tried to say but he couldn’t talk because of the great punch Doug gave him. Just then, Doug sprang up and grabbed Trina’s collar.
“You really think a pitiful little mortal girl would hurt me?” Doug said showing his fangs. Panic filled Trina’s eyes and she screamed as if help was by her side, “James! Help me!” her tears spilled down her cheeks and she saw her life flash before her eyes. Just before Doug sank his fangs in her skin, an arrow came right past Trina’s ear and hit Doug in the shoulder. He dropped Trina and out came James, Laura, Greg, Will, Matthew and Danny.
“Trina!” James yelled as he ran to her and grabbed her from the close clutch of Doug.
“My prey!” Doug yelled.

Chapter 13
The Fight Between Sides
“She’s not your prey loser!” James said as Trina cried into his shoulder.
“Not yours to say little boy!” Doug said standing up.
“Well you can’t take us all if you want her,” Devan said joining the group of eight, “If you want her, come and get her!” Doug stepped forward and said, “Go kill them all minions!” he looked around. Over the shoulder of Devan he saw Mathew, Will and Danny standing glaring at him.
“Betrayal!” Doug screeched.
“We weren’t going to kill humans like you!” Mathew said, he held up a fist.
“Fine I’ll just tell the master you all betrayed him and me!” Doug said as he screeched like million bats.
“No!” Trina said as she stood and grabbed for her sword. It wasn’t there, it wasn’t on here belt.
“Where is it?! Where is my sword!” Trina panted as she looked from Devan to Doug.
“Looking for this?” Doug taunted as he held out her sword.
“Give it back!” Trina yelled, she didn’t care if anyone heard her.
“Why so you can kill me? Ha. Kill me. I’m immortal!” Doug choked as his fangs slid farther down to its full length.
“Now, you will die!” Doug said lunging at Trina. James jumped in front of Doug and hit him with his halberd. Doug fell back and his forehead was cut and bleeding.
“How dare you!” He gasped angrily.
“Stop Doug or I’ll say you attacked us!” Devan said as he looked at Trina and James, amazed that James had the guts to attack Doug.
“Now!” Mathew yelled as Laura and Greg shot bolts and arrows at Doug. They all hit and Doug staggered as he stood.
“Doug take this!” Trina said as she chucked a red bottle, cautiously, at Doug. He caught it and sniffed it.
“Putrid blood filth! This is just red water with blood taste!” Doug stated as he smashed on the wall. Trina looked bewildered at his totally false statement.
“Trina! Is this true?!” Devan inquired as he stared at her.
“No! You even smell it. It’s my friend’s cat’s blood!” Trina said shoving a bottle at Devan. He smelled the blood bottle and he looked amazed.
“Trina, your right, He must be like half breed!” Devan said as he stared at the bottle.
“Half breed! You are such a hypocrite!” Doug laughed angrily. Trina, James, Laura, Greg and their alinthers looked at Devan in question. He sighed.
“I’m only ¾ vampire.” He confessed.
“Is that why you called for help? Because you couldn’t fly us out?” Trina asked as she stepped closer to him. He nodded and turned away.
“See, you can’t hide the truth for long! You never told them did you? And look what happened!” Doug said. Trina heard Devan crying.
“Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to!” Devan said as he turned and ran at Doug. His eyes were red as a rose. Trina saw a smirk on Doug’s face and his finger nails were long and sharp.
“Devan, no!” Trina yelled, but it was too late. Doug had shoved his nails into Devan’s gut. Devan was bleeding and Doug started to kneel. Luckily He dropped the sword just in reach for Trina to grab it. She did and sliced Doug’s back saying only, “Get your filthy paws off him you pitiful bat!”

Chapter 14
The Race to Save Devan
“You got away at first but not now!” Doug said as he lunged at Trina. Whoosh! An arrow shot by Trina’s ear and hit Doug in the chest.
“Doesn’t silver kill vampires?” Laura asked Mathew.
“Yes!” Mathew said simply. “You put silver on the arrow? Didn’t you.” Will laughed as Trina and James picked up Devan.
“He’s dying!” Trina cried as a tear escaped her eye and ran down her cheek.
“Follow me! I see a light!” Danny yelled as he ran from the group. They ran and Trina carried Devan in her arms. They ran for 5 minutes when they came to a huge room with a gigantic throne. Trina lay Devan down on a table. She put her ear to his chest.
“There is a heartbeat!” Trina said grabbing her pack.
She dumped a gigantic medical pack on the table and took out rubbing alcohol and cleaned Devan’s wound. He flinched and he moaned but Trina only shut her eyes and kept cleaning. Finally she began to cover the wound in bandage. When it was done she put her ear back on his chest, his heartbeat was normal again. She sighed a sigh of relief but not for long. A huge rumble came from the passage way they came from.
“Doug! Or is it…” Greg tried to say but the floor cracked and split in two. Trina and Devan were on one side, the side closest to the passage way. The others were on the other side. Just then, Dog came out and saw Trina kneeling trying to pull Devan from the crack in the floor.
“Trapped in rescue and death!” Doug yelled as he flew over Trina’s head and landed behind her. He swiped her back and she fell into the crack. She held on to the wall though and just barely kept a hold of Devan’s hand, “Don’t let go!” Trina said.

Chapter 15
The Crack in the Floor
Doug peered over the edge and grabbed Trina’s shirt collar and lifted her up.
Doug tried to bite her but Trina kicked him in the face. She flipped back still holding Devan. She grabbed the opposite wall and almost lost Devan’s hand. The crack in the floor was only about 4 feet in width. James grabbed her arm and helped her up. But when she was almost there, almost to the top, Doug flew over and grabbed her shirt. He flew back over and threw her on the ground. Devan had slipped out of her grip, but he awoke from his daze and flew up.
“Devan!” She yelled as Doug kneeled and put his hand on her throat. Devan turned his head as he got on the opposite side. He glared at Doug and flew over to the opposite side and kicked Doug in the mouth. Trina looked up and saw Devan looking over the edge. He was looking at Doug who had fallen to the bottom of the crack. Trina got up and made the crack close.
“Let him rot in there.” She whispered as Devan flew her back over to the others. He flew her over because Trina only closed the gap half way down the rift. Just then The Deamon King came out and had a metal whip in his hands.
“Die you putrid little ants!” He growled in a low voice.

Chapter 16
The Death
“Fight!” Devan yelled as he and the other vampires (besides Doug) flew up and bit down into the skin of the King.
“To the death!” they all yelled as they ran up and sliced the King’s ankles. The Deamon King was 12 foot high and was very fat. Trina jumped up and climbed the leg of the King and then swung onto the rope belt around hid waist.
“Get off!” the Deamon King yelled whacking at Trina. Just then Danny, Mathew, Will and Devan swooped down and bit down on the Deamon’s Eyes and neck. He growled in pain and hit Devan to the ground. “Stick him in the eyes Laura!” James yelled as he joined Trina in her climb. Hard as it was, they finally got to the head and they both stabbed into the skull.
“Uhhhhh!” the giant Deamon yelled grabbing James.
“No,” Trina yelled, “Devan get James out of his hand!” Devan nodded and swooped to get James. He dodged the hand of the King and got to James.
“Grab my hand and don’t let go!” Devan commanded. Just when James grabbed his hand he shot up and set him on the ground.
“Agh! Help!” Trina yelled. Devan looked and Trina was wobbling on the head of the Deamon King. The King was shaking all over trying to get her off. Trina fell and was rushing to the ground.
“No!” Devan yelled flying to Trina. He grabbed her arm and flew up to the ceiling. He hovered there for a while then flew back to the ground.
“Thank you.” Trina said as the vampires flew back up and got to the front of the neck.
They all bit and they sucked the blood from the beast. He staggered and fell. Trina ran onto the face and stabbed her sword, swift and deadly, into the forehead.
“Dead!” Greg and Laura sighed as they finally were able to rest a bit.
“Wait, we still have to find our way back to the hole and get out of here.” Trina said running to the door.
“Besides, our family’s will probably be wondering where we are.” James said following Trina.
“Hold up, do you know how long you’ve been down here?” Mathew asked looking from one person to the next. They all shook their heads and they looked confused.
“You’ve been down here for more than 3 months. Your parents think your dead.” Will said.
“What? Our parents didn’t even try and search?” Trina said angrily. Danny shook his head and looked sorrowfully at the floor.
“Oh my god! They will be so dead when I get home!” Trina said, running from the room.
“Trina!” James and Devan yelled chasing after her. Ingol, Manx and Chaser followed behind their owners, the rest of the people just walked after them.
The run to the hole was only 5 minutes, but it was full of rock walls and cracks made by the Deamon King and his workers. Trina was standing in the light of the hole, it was night. The wind was blowing hard and the cave was whistling like a flute. She was looking up at the hole when Devan, James, and the others got there. She looked at them with a smile.
“What are we waiting for, are we leaving or not?” they all laughed and said the last good byes to the dreaded place.

Chapter 17
The Return
Trina grabbed Devan’s hand and flew out. James was being flown by Danny, Laura by Will, Greg by Mathew. They all whooped with excitement. As they got to the top they all saw smoke stacks from the entrance of the cave. They were worried but happy to see the top of the hole. They were all up and they cheered with the final escape.
“We made it!” they all chimed as they ran from the cave. The smoke stacks came from chimneys of houses. They all ran down the mountain path and ran to the town square. The horses had been taken back and given to the families.
They tried to remember where there houses were. They looked around and then the church clock rang 6:00 am.
“They’ll be up in like 10 minutes!” Greg said. They all smiled from ear to ear and danced around.
“I remember where we live!” Trina cheered as she pointed at the 4 houses in a row. She then said the names of who lived where. They all ran in and yelled, “Mom Dad! I’m home!” Their parents came out and cried as they hugged their child. Devan, Mathew, Will and Danny ran to Eldein and heard the happiness. They smiled and flew off to go to their master.

Later that morning everyone came and welcomed them back. Some of the kids they knew came and hollered and whooped at the site of their dear friends. Blushing, Trina looked around for Devan. She ran into her house and found a note on the table saying in fancy red ink, “Dear Trina, I hope to see you again, but I had to go. I hope you have a great time. From Devan.” She smiled and went back outside.
She said ‘hi’ to almost everybody 4 times and had a feast of delicious food. That night though, she heard a rustling in a tree outside her window. She got up and walked over. She saw Will and Mathew looking into her soft green eyes.
“What is it?” She asked leaning on the window sill.
“Just checking you was ok.” Will answered.
“I am.” Trina said.
“If we need anything, we’ll call.” Mathew remarked.
“Count on it!” Trina said happily.

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