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The Special Tag(preview)

May 29, 2009
By kittykat123 SILVER, Fairmount City, Pennsylvania
kittykat123 SILVER, Fairmount City, Pennsylvania
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emily stared at the weird shaped mark. what could it mean? chaga cha ga, "finally the train is here",said emily to herself. she was alone at the station with only a old man and his daughter mary. "the tra train is ha here emmie!"yelled mary."i know i know"said emily back." all aboard" said the conductor. There was something strange about the condutor. Was it his green eyes,or black hair, his mustach? No, it was that music in the train. Emily could not speak her lips would not move. All she could do was run, as she ran the wind breezed by. It was almost like it was telling her not to look back, but why?

The author's comments:
this is only a preview should i write more?/put the rest on here.

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