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Fourth Year at Hogwarts

May 30, 2009
By idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
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September 2nd

I stepped off the Hogwarts express, the big red train that commutes students to and from Hogwarts twice a year. Thick, black smoke spewed from the smoke stack. The September’s night air was cool, crisp and welcoming. There were thousands of stars twinkling around a big, full, luminous moon. Students neatly filed off the train and headed toward the carriages that seem to be moving by themselves. When in reality magnificent beasts called thestrals were pulling them. The thestrals had the milkiest eyes I have ever seen. Their skin looked smooth and squishy. When my friends, Amber, Brigid, and Jen, and I got closer to the school a wave of awe came over us. The turrets soared to towards the jet black sky and beyond. Windows high above were already glowing from the candles, torches, and chandeliers lit within the castle. Surrounding the castle was the thick, dark Forbidden Forest which seemed to make the night a bit spooky.

When we arrived at the Entrance Hall students and teachers alike were buzzing around like bees, awaiting the start of that night’s feast. After a few minutes of loitering the doors of the Great Hall opened and students eagerly shuffled inside. Jen and I parted with Amber and Brigid to go and sit at the Ravenclaw table which sat near the right hand wall of the room. Amber and Brigid sat down at the Hufflepuff table on the other side of the Gryffindor table which separated Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.. Jen and I sat towards the back of the room, near the door by some of the other 4th year girls. Once all the students were in their seats, they sat quietly, patiently awaiting their grand feast.

After the 1st years were sorted and the Headmistress, Professor McGonagall made her speech, the food appeared. There were numerous plates of stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, chicken legs, whole turkeys, rolls, and bread, and much more. When we finished the meal Jen and I stood from the table. Brigid and Amber did the same. The four of us quietly slipped out different doors and joined up in the Entrance Hall. We waited a few seconds to see if anyone noticed our absence. After nobody came we headed for the seventh floor.

After running past portrait after portrait, climbing step after step, we reached the hallway with the tapestry of ballerina trolls. Amber and Brigid stood guard while Jen and I walked past the empty wall three times. After the third time, the four of us turned to see a grand door with carvings of flowers and hearts and angels and knights. Amber moved forward and slowly turned the crystal door knob. Together the four of us pushed the heavy door open and saw our sanctuary. The room known to the few who have ever discovered it was called the Room of Requirement. But to us it was our escape. For us the room was sort of a clubhouse. There were plump cushions and chairs to sit on. The wall were a bright and vibrant shade of blue with silver designs. There were bookshelves filled with Muggle made books, a television with different video game systems, copies of our school books, parchment and quills, and four personal laptops. I immediately sat down and took off my shoes. The carpet was soft and pillow-like between my toes. After loosening my tie I walked over to the far corner of the room where an alcove was. This was my alcove. It had my computer, books, and a hiding spot for my journal. This was where the four of us spent most of our free time. Since it is so late in the evening I am afraid the four of us must quickly get back to our common rooms before Filch and Mrs. Norris start their nightly patrols. I will write later and hopefully have some good news.

December 12th

It is definitely Christmastime at Hogwarts. From the window near my alcove all I can see is miles and miles of white, fluffy snow. On the edge of the forest I can also see the gamekeeper, Professor Hagrid, dragging in one of the gigantic Christmas trees that are placed throughout the school. Our hideout is already decorated for Christmas. Since all four of us are going home for Christmas this year, the room is going to be less joyful on the 25th. My one wish for this year is that the peace in the magical world remains for a long time to come. Yesterday we had another trip to Hogsmeade. Oh how I love the little village in the winter. Carolers fill the streets with their melodic voices, the smell of cookies and hot chocolate fill the air. School is very boring. My grades are almost completely perfect. I really enjoy the Herbology teacher, Professor Longbottom. He is really clumsy and awkward. Not much exciting has happened this year. There isn’t the usual whirlwind of events like it usually is. Well I better get back to that Charms essay or Professor Flitwick will not be very pleased.

May 21st

Things at Hogwarts are definitely winding down. The 5th and 7th years are putting their nose to the grindstone in preparation for their O.W.Ls and N.E.W.T.s. The teachers are frantically trying to get us ready for our end-of-term exams as well. The homework has been piling up. Essay after essay, hours of practice spent on the simplest of spells. After awhile this gets very boring. That is why I am truly thankful for our secret room. The room that no others can call their own. The air outside is warming, a perfect excuse to take a stroll through the grounds instead of sitting in a chair with your head in a book trying to memorize the steps to brewing Veritaserum. I do hope all four of us pass the exams. Next year we will take our O.W.L.s which is very frightening to me. I think I will ask Jen if she would like to take a walk down to the lake and quiz each other on the use of various herbs in potions.

June 21st

Sadly this is the last night my friends and I can enjoy in the fort, for tonight is our last night here. Tomorrow morning after lunch, all of the students will board the Hogwarts express and try to enjoy the train ride home. After this year we will have limited time to visit the room since we will be 5th years. I truly hope no one has discovered our secret over summer and steals you, diary. Hopefully Brigid, Amber, Jen and I can do something over the summer. It would be very nice to go to the beach or something fun. These last few hours at Hogwarts will be sad. I truly hope that you, dear diary, will always remind of the fun times I’ve had, even when I grow old and have silver white hair. I truly have learned a lot this year, especially about myself. Passing my Potions exam with flying colors was definitely better than failing it like I did my first year. I feel as if all of us have grown individually. The entire student body managed to clear hurdle after hurdle by sticking together and being friendly. I hope the good times last. Until next year…

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