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June 29, 2009
By Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
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"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

The clock on my bed stand read twelve o'clock and I fought to keep my eyes open. Every night, I would hear the same footsteps in the hallway, but I would fall back asleep soon after. Tonight I was going to see who made the noise and get them to stop. There was a soft thud and I was wide awake. “you should be asleep, Raylee.” a mental voice called to me and I wanted to obey that velvet voice. “i can't sleep, you make too much noise.” I thought back and I saw my door start to open. A tall boy walked in and I froze, but I saw him smile. “relax, I'm not here to hurt you.” he breathed and I made room for him to sit on the edge of my bed. “who are you?” I murmured and he hesitated. “my name is Alexander and I am a vampire.” He informed and I felt my breath catch in my throat. “why are you here?” I choked and he sighed. “I'm here to protect you from a werewolf, because that's what my family does, we're protectors.” he explained and I gasped. “why would a werewolf want me?” I asked and he placed his hand on my shoulder. “your mother was a witch, a powerful witch and you are the last witch of light.” Alexander whispered. “I'm not a witch and what is a witch of light?” I questioned. “a witch of light is a pure souled witch with powers for good.” he sighed again and I yawned. “go to sleep or I'll have to make you.” he ordered and I frowned. “will I see you again?” I breathed and he nodded. “sleep.” he thought at me and I feinted.

Sunlit filtered threw my window and my purple eyes fluttered open. “don't make a sound, the werewolf is in the house.” Alexander warned and my face was filled horror. Very carefully, he lifted me off my bed and slowly made his way toward the window. “hold on tight, this may get interesting.” he informed and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he jumped from the window. I heard the sound of breaking glass and I was thrown from him. I hit the ground hard and turned to see what happened. Alexander was face to face with a huge gray wolf and it was growling. “give me the witch, bloodsucker.” the wolf snarled and I felt tears in my eyes. “never!” he hissed and then the wolf lunged. Without warning, I was scooped up again and flying off. “are you okay?” Alex asked and I nodded. For the rest of the trip, I buried my tear streaked face in his chest and he stroked my black hair. Suddenly he stopped running and sat me on my feet. “Sophie, you were right the werewolf attacked, I've brought Raylee home with me.” he called out and a skinny girl walked in the room. Unlike Alex's black hair, Sophie had red hair, but they both had the pale skin and topaz eyes. “hello, welcome to our home.” she smiled. “hi.” I replied and Alex led me to a bedroom. “this is my room, but you'll be staying in here until this is sorted out.” he explained and I nodded. “what do you mean sorted out?” I asked. “once you come into your powers, you'll be untouchable and you can go on with your life without needing me to protect.” he informed and I frowned. “i hope your right.” I murmured and he looked me in the eyes. “humans don't have purple eyes.” he pointed out and I smiled weakly. He walked out of the room and I sat on the edge of his bed. I began to dread what he said and I wished I had no powers; I didn't want to leave him.

Awhile later, I heard the rest of Alexander's family return and curiosity filled me. “you brought her home, thank goodness neither of you got hurt!” a woman's voice gasped. “it wasn't that bad of a fight.” Alex pressed and I smiled at his tone. “Bella, calm down; so are we going to get to meet her?” a man asked and I froze. “you can stop eavesdropping now, come down and meet the family.” Alex thought at me and I hesitated. “sorry, but what if they don't like me?” I confessed. “of course they'll like you, now come down.” he promised and I forced my legs to walk down the stairs. “this is Raylee, Raylee this is James and Bella; my foster parents.” Alex informed and I saw a brown haired woman standing next to a bronze hair man. “hello Raylee, it's an honor to meet you.” Bella smiled and I instantly liked her. “hi, it's nice to meet you too.” I grinned and I could feel Alex's i-told-you-so look. “is Zach home yet?” James questioned and Sophie walked in. “no, he said he'd be back later; isn't she pretty?” she added and I blushed. “that was a little creepy Sophia.” Alex pointed out and everyone laughed. It was hard not to like them and soon I felt at home around them.

“Raylee, would you like to see our favorite place?” Alex asked and I nodded. “I'm coming too.” Sophie blurted and Alex fixed her with a sharp glance. “did you sense something?” he questioned. “yes, the wolf is hunting.” she replied and he froze. “Raylee, you're going to ride on my back.” he ordered and he bent down. The tone of his voice was enough to make me obey and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We took off at surprising speed and the forest blurred around me. “are you mad at me?” I breathed in his ear because the wind was really loud. “no, I'm mad at the werewolf.” he thought and I could feel his anger. “don't be mad” I whispered and then we stopped. “here we are.” Sophie beamed and I gasped. I was standing in front of a waterfall and rainbows danced in the water. “it's beautiful.” I exclaimed and then she dragged me into the water. We laughed and then Sophie beckoned Alex in. “come on!” she chuckled and he glared at her. “not in your life.” he replied and I had an idea. “come in.” I thought at him and he turned to face me. “i am standing guard.” he answered and I frowned. “Sophie will know if he's coming, please?” I begged and he jumped in. Without warning, he dunked me under the water and when I came up I was laughing. “how did you get him to come in?” Sophie asked and I smiled. “she called me with her mind and told me to come in!” Alex explained and I dunked him. When he came up he splashed us and we all laughed a ton. Suddenly, Sophie froze and Alexander turned to face the trees. A huge wolf lunged out of nowhere and landed on me. It's impact made me go under and I could feel the wolves sharp claws, but then it was lifted off of me. “take her home, I'll hold him off!” Alexander shouted and I was scooped up. Sophie ran hard and once we got to the little house she threw me off as she turned to face the door. “go upstairs to the bathroom and lock the door.” she snapped and I ran. I sat in the tub waiting for my hero to return and then I heard a howl inside the house. Something slammed into the bathroom door and I looked around for a weapon. Without thinking, I picked up a mirror as the door crashed open and I gasped. A large gray wolf stood there and I struck out at it with my makeshift weapon. The glass shattered and blood spilled from my attacker. “stupid witch!” he growled and as he lunged, Sophie attacked him. She quickly finished him off and I collapsed to my knees. “is he alright?” I cried and she nodded. “i told you, you shouldn't have made me come in!” Alexander thought and I flinched from his acid tone. “i was stupid.” was all I replied and more tears fell down my cheeks.

New rules were enforced the next day and I was to have someone with me at all times. Alexander was still mad at me and I carefully guarded my thoughts around him because I didn't want him to know how much I cared. “any day now and I can get rid of her.” he murmured and pain filled my heart. “yeah, I bet you'll be happy, why are you even protecting me?!” I snapped as I stood up and I ran out of the room with tears in my eyes. He caught up with me and grabbed my wrist. “I'm trying to protect you because your the last witch, believe me, if you weren't, I'd throw you out the door myself.” he snarled. “i wish you would, you're obviously to preoccupied to realize anything!” I shouted and he froze. “what do you mean?” he retorted and I yanked my arm out of his hand. “it doesn't matter!” I screamed and I slammed my door in his face. I began to sob and I heard him stomp down the stairs. “Raylee?” Sophie called and she opened the door. “why?” I choked and she stroked the hair from my face. “he's just upset that you almost died and he would have been the cause.” she informed and I shook my head. “that's not what I mean, why do I have to be this stupid witch, I wish I had died instead of my mother!” I admitted. “hey, I know that this is a lot to handle, but you're important and everything will be okay in the end!” she hissed and I looked down. “you're right, I'm sorry.” I breathed and she got up. “go to sleep.” she ordered and I closed my eyes.

“how can you be so blind?!” Sophia shouted and I opened my eyes. “i hurt her feelings, I'm so blind; she is going to get us all killed!” Alex retorted. “not that you idiot, she loves you and all you do is ignore her!” She hissed and there was a heavy silence. “she what?” he whispered. “she loves you, the first thing she asked after I killed the wolf was is he alright; she didn't care about almost being ripped apart, she only cared about you!” she informed and I buried my head in my pillow. “i didn't...i.” Alexander choked and then I heard a low growl. I looked up and saw a brown wolf sitting under my window. The wolf lunged and I was knocked off the bed. “Help!” I yelled and the wolf sank it's teeth into my leg. My piercing screams echoed off the walls and Alex crashed threw the door. The wolf sprang at him and it's claws slashed his chest. Alex fell to the floor and the werewolf aimed for his throat. “No!” I cried and pure white fire erupted from inside me. It threw itself at the wolf and I watched it burn before my eyes. Slowly, I crawled over to Alex and took his hand in mine. “I'm sorry.” he gasped and I could tell he was dying. “you're suppose to be a vampire, you can't die.” I cried and he reached up to stroke my face. “i only wish I'd have been more aware, I'll never get to kiss you.” he sobbed and his eyes began to close. “no please Alex, you can't leave me!” I ordered and his hand fell. “ALEXANDER!” I screamed and I leaned over to kiss his forehead. The second my lips touched his skin, more energy spilled from me like tears and Alex began to heal. He seemed to glow and then his eyes blinked open. “you saved me.” he murmured and then he pulled me into his arms. Our eyes met and then Alexander kissed me. The power of his kiss was enough to melt my heart and pink sparkles surrounded us. “you're a full witch now.” he chuckled as he caught sight of the pink. “you know, I think it's only because he was about to kill you.” I pointed out. “did I mention that I love you?” he asked and I laughed, “i love you, Alexander.” I murmured and I kissed him gently. “i love you too, Raylee.” he whispered and it sounded like a promise.

The author's comments:
i love to write about unusual things and this was actually a dream i had. i hope you enjoy it. i like to reuse names, so don't surprised if you see a name in two different stories.

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