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Corpse Legend

July 10, 2009
By MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
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It was a long time ago in a town near Antarctica. A deep, drowning fog was headed for the villagers. Every twenty years it's said that on a special day [Earth Day] this town becomes visible., and inside lurks the dead victims of a fire that penatrated the whole city.
Now, just north of there, lies a new town called Hallows. They've heard of this deadly town hundreds of times but now they look at it as a child's story. Only the superstitious left to stay with relatives, while the calm lay resting in bed.
Crack! The boards of a cottage floor cracked and creaked as it was broken into hundreds of little shards of wood. Lilly May [A young, twelve-year-old girl] was awaken so suddenly, that she flipped off the bed.
Lurking out of the spidery shadows came a body that smelled of decay and rot. It's skin and eyes were no more. The jaw-bone lay limp with no muscle. The hair looked like strands of wet, vile strings. The smell of it filled the room in less than ten- seconds. May was so shocked, and so scared that she couldn't move. Her breathe had left her chest and she couldn't breathe.Screams filled the room from down the hall.

DAD! She knew it was her father- that was his voice! Knocking her head on the desk as she got up. she ran with her life from the now corpse- filled room.
Her father had stopped screaming her name. He wasn't in his room, so she ran to his study. The door wouldn't open. Then there was a loud, definite crash! , and the door- knob started to turn.
She backed away, to afraid to see what was waiting on the other side. Another decayed head popped out of the door and she let out a deadly scream. Throwing on her boots she ran out into the cold, night air. Looking around she saw the sources of every last scream. She heard them and knew why at once.
A mother was frantically climbing up to the roof holding her baby girl, with her little boy climbing ahead of her. A skinless dog was snapping ferociously at their feet. Another parent, a Dad, had his little boy perched on his shoulders while running into the icey river. he would surley die of Hypothermia!
All over the small town villagers were going frantic.
"Lauren! Oh, Mercy!" Yelled Lilly. Lauren, her best friend was at a window with her little sister on the second story. The house was burning with red, hot flames. Corpses were standing at the edge of the house, laughing, just laughing! There was nothing she could do to help her friend. The bodies were walking toward her now.
She ran around back and locked herself in the shed, but immediately wished she hadn't. Her father lay on the floor, with his leg bent at an odd angle. His right arm lay astray, the other by his head.. or, .. where his head use to be.. A misty, white figure slithered out of the darkness.
The lights shimmered duller by the second, until the rooms only light came from a disfigured ghost in the middle of the shed. She saw in it's arms was a head, speared with blood. It had blond hair and blue eyes. It was her father. The eyes were now lifeless. She wanted to scream, to run and never come back, but something stopped her. Something she didn't understand.
"Hmp! I suppose you are Lilly." Spoke the figure in a brisk. female voice.
"Suppose i am!" Mouthed May, as she eyed the figure.
"Well, that proves one thing. Your generation is definitely entwined with- " She was interrupted by a chilling scream that rattled the window when a gun went off. "With Ignorance." She said in haste as another shot was fired and left a bullet-hole in both sides of the shed. "Anyway, You Lilly May, May just be the only one that can stop this nonsense. Though you might just be able to pull this off. Your mother was brave you know. And you look just like her.You have her eyes.. and that adoring smile!" She smiled to heself.
Lilly's face went pale. No-one's spoke of her mother's accident for five years.
How? How did this... this thing know my mother?
Her mouth went dry and she couldn't find her voice.
"You, Lilly May, must take this Locket," She held out the most beautiful, silver necklace Lilly had ever seen. "You must take this locket, open it, and inside there must be placed three, THREE drops of blood. Then it must be closed and the blood's owner has to go to sleep, while wearing it."
The figure layed the locket in the girl's hand as she said her last few words, then she had gone and the lights flickered back on. Without looking at her be-headed father, she ran to her room. She wasn't sure what came over her but she ran. She ran through the old and new corpses. She ran through the blood- spattered grass. She ran through the busted wood and glass, but she finally made it to her room. She picked up a shard of glass from the floor and opened the locket. There was an old picture in it. Old, because of the yellowed color.
With the shard of glass, she cut the palm of her hand and let three drops of blood stain the picture. In seconds it started to boil black.
Closing the locket, she forced it around her neck. Laying down, she managed to clear her head and sleep over-came her.
The locket slipped from her neck and fell behind the bed where dust hid it from the human eye.

-19months and 11months later-

"Abbey May! Don't you think it's time to clean your room?"
"Yes, mom!" Yelled nine-year- old Abbey, her mama Lilly was always being so silly, but she obeyed her anyway. Reaching under the bed she pulled out a trinket. On the back it read,
Hit Me With Fire To Erase My Curse.
How Weird! Abbey thought.
The next day her and her mom got in a fight. "Stupid Mama!" She yelled, and accidentally [reaching for the closest thing,] she picked up her precious trinket and tossed it into the river.
With pitiful sadness, she watched the beautiful, silver Locket disappear into the water.

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