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2042 1/2 done

October 28, 2009
By Matt Groy GOLD, Park City, Utah
Matt Groy GOLD, Park City, Utah
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“Sir! We have massive earthquakes showing up on the North and South poles! Glaciers are melting and falling at great speeds! We need to hurry if we are going to save them!” Shouted an officer of NASA over the quiet, dull space center.

“Alright i want a satellite view of what’s going on here!” Shouted the commander. The view was a sight to see to believe. The picture zoomed in on the middle of each of the poles. Wind gusted up at over 200 miles per hour, cracks in the Earth’s crust were spreading at lightning speed, the animal-life was just desperately looking for shelter, and the glaciers, as massive as they were, were depleting at quick pace. The commander just looked, awe-struck of what had become. “Send over GCI now!”

The hover cars were ready... All lined up for the superstars of Earth, GCI. Global Catastrophe Investigators, this sharp team included Ronny Sonkiem, Ronny has thick brown, wavy locks, a very muscular torso, and he is married to Megan Fox. Awesome life, you might say, but he has had his troubles. Sonkiem, an American geologist and the greatest inventor of all time. Sonkiem was the inventor of Kest. Kest is a mechanical hand, that allows anyone who uses it the power of Kest. Kest is like the force of Star Wars, but a lot more technological, using his specialty, magnetic pull, and the altering of magnets. Ronny is also the inventor of Sc7’s, Secure cult 7. Sc7’s are robots that go out in the military to fight instead of our fellow American troops. Sc7’s have stopped war since 2022, the world has been
living in peace for 20 years now. Wu Rem, a Japanese scientist who created Warloft. Wu always has had tension with other countries other than his own. Warloft is a device that could destroy and entire continent and start World War III. He was planning to use it because Japan’s markets were down and America was up. Rem thought this was a plot to stop his Warloft device. Bill Wendel, a British architect who created the sculpture of Dennis, in Italy. Something that was created around 2020. He also invented Wendel. Wendel was a super secret device created for only the use of destroying anything. He destroyed his invention a little before the catastrophe of 2031 because it just began to go hay-wire and started destroying everything. Penny Little, an American scientist who is doing research on the Earth’s core. These guys were the best of the best.

G.C.I. entered NASA almost immediately with confidence and stature. Sonkiem was the first to speak, “What seems to be the problem chief?.”

“Hello, Investigators’ the polar ice caps have a lot of tension within the Earth’s core as you may know. Just watch this.”

He put in the video of the catastrophe going on on the poles. The teams faces had no expression just watched almost too terrified to show emotion. The sight was even more awful than in reality on the video. The wind seemed even faster, lights were flashing, and the animals were just fleeing for shelter. It was absolutely gut-wrenching.

“We are ready.” said Wendel. With that they were off to the ice caps. The team hopped on into the Ford X H 2042’s. They were on their way.

The ten minute ride was full of bumps and wallops. Wu Rem actually gagged it was so bumpy. Sonkiem was just looking down at the horrible sight going on with the oceans. The Atlantic had the biggest waves on record ever these last couple years. He just looked down in pure terror.

They had arrived. Penny Little was the first to make it out of the lightning fast hover cars. The team had packed very heavy. They all had their smart clothes on with their furry coats. They had arrived at the base of the North Pole. The freezing cold, icy wind was rushing at their faces. By this time though the storms had all past.

“Well, this was a real good idea,” said Ronny jokingly.

“Agreed.” Laughing Bill.

“Come on guys this is serious, let’s take samples of the ground for altered magnetism, that seems to be the main problem mostly.” said Penny.

They got their drilling equipment out of the trunk of the hover cars. “Let’s start shredding.”

Sonkiem was the leader with his GPS watch on. Alright let’s start digging here. Now they were about 20 yards from where they landed.

“We’ve got high levels of magnetism and something else though coming from the surface.” Explained Wu.

“What is the other thing!?” Asked Penny in a harsh tone.

“I’m not sure, seems to be a chemical reaction of sorts. We gotta go! Now!”

“What? Why?”

“This reaction is nothing like I’ve ever seen before... This could ultimately wipe us out in a year maybe even less. Call up NASA now!; bring over the Anikamales!”

The Anikamales were on the sky. They were going up to blazing speeds. The purpose of the Anikamales is, they pick up animals using magnetism, into their stables. Anikamales have food, shelter, and long ride home. The Anikamales relied on the pressure of the wind. They are programed to go to the place needing animal support. Anikamales were invented in 2012, before the so called, “end of the world”.

“Here they come! Lay em’ down nicely! Steady! Steady!” shouted Sonkiem, in a frill tone. All of sudden the wind picked up, the Anikamales, being wind powered, lost control.

“Get out of there! Go! Go! Go!” Wendel screamed. The Anikamales had gone adrift at great speed, crashing into the endless field of The Dark Angel. The Dark Angel is solely named, because of the tragedy that happened like this one ten years ago. It was never released to the public, so there are no details about it.

Fire and death was the ambiance throughout the Angel. The Anikamales were down, but there was a bigger problem here, a much bigger problem.

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