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Rise of Darkness ~part 3~

December 9, 2009
By Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
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I squezzed Eva's throat. She began to struggle in my hold. I easily sat up. I got inches away from her face.

"Never use your magic against me again Shade!" It came out in a snarl. I surprised me even. Alec grabbed a hold of my wrist and pulled my hand away from Eva's throat. I glared at him. There must have been something that flickered in my eyes because he only smiled at me.

"I thought you said you could control her Alec?!" Eva growled but she kept her distance from me.

"You have it coming!" I snapped at her, ripping my wrist out of Alec's grip.

"Get her to the safe house Alec."

"I dont trust you." I said bitterly. She flashed me a wicked smile.

"You shouldn't." I stepped toward her. Alec grabbed my arm. Suddenly I lost my breath and in a half of a second I was on my hands and knees gasping for air.

"What did you do?!" His face looked like he was hurt.

"I blinked us here...I forgot about the side effects if would cause for you..I'm sorry." I gave him a frightened smile.

"Your room is down the hall. I'll be back soon. Sleep well Audrey." Then he was gone right before my eyes...........

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Lorelei SILVER said...
on Jun. 4 2010 at 10:38 am
Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
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"Nothing is ever easy"- Zeddicus Zul Zorander, copied by Richard Rahl

this could become a really good story

Wasda BRONZE said...
on Feb. 24 2010 at 7:03 pm
Wasda BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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you are a realy good writer you should alsoi write more if you are not planning to