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Triple Triplets (scene 2)- part 1

December 10, 2009
By alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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“Villi.” The Agrean man greeted the Mien man warmly, clasping his arm and beaming.

“Villi.” The other man greeted him in kind. Then the two men retreated alittle awkwardly till
there was a proper distance between them and bowed formally, fist held out against open palm in front
of them as a sign of respect.


“Coming, uncle.” The girl slid down from the high carriage and landed squarely, straightening
her tunic.

“Villi, this is my niece, Lufta.”

The Agrean Villi smiled wide again. “ Greetings Prima.” He bowed slightly in respect. Lufta, startled
that the Agreans sharied their gesture, greeted him in kind.

“Duren,” the large man called over his shoulder. A boy soon appeared, feet churning up dust in
his haste.

“Father?” he asked, curiously glancing over at Lufta and her uncle.

“This is my son.” He patted the boy proudly on his back. “Duren, these are our Mien visitors.”

Duren nodded his head knowingly and corrected his stance to one expected of a Primo.

“Welcome.” He bowed respectively. Lufta's uncle bowed first, then Lufta.

The two Villi began speaking forthright. Their two children stood far to the side, patiently

Duren finally shifted his feet nervously and glanced up. Lufta was gazing at the sky thoughtfully,
feet planted firmly and posture erect.

He stared at the for several heartbeats: taking in her red hair, braided tightly; her slightly
coppered skin, almost as tanned as his; her taunt muscles showing clearly through her tight sleeves and
pants, her feet clad in hard soled slippers.

He eyes found her face again and he jumped slightly, realizing that her eyes were gray like his.
Lufta glanced at him when she felt him jumped and relaxed her posture enough to coax her head in
surprise. She, too, seemed to notice his eyes for the first time and then took in his short, dirty blonde
hair, tanned skin, and green short sleeved tunic which showed off his own wiry muscles.

Her eyes flashed down to his feet before meeting his eyes again and she smiled at his bare feet.
He wriggled his toes self consciously in the dirt. Lufta opened her mouth to speak, stiff posture
dropping, then seened to change her mind. She flipped her braid over her shoulder and glanced over at
her uncle.

“Duren,” his father called over to them, just remembering they were there. “Why don't you
show Prima Lufta the crop circles.”

The two adults nodded encouragingly at them, so Duren and Lufta left them to their discussion.

“Duren, is it?” Lufta asked, hesitating to address him so familiarly.

“Yes, and, Lufta?” He added a slight bow to it, banishing the over familiarity.

She nodded and the two climbed the slight rise in silenced. As they crested the hill, Lufta gasped
at the area covered by the Agrean crops. She reached her mind out, trying to gauge the number of circle
and the people gathered around them. Duren looked over at her and smiled, pleased at her reaction.

“I'm supposed to be marking a new crop circle…” Duren trailed off questioningly.

Lufta nodded and gestured for him to lead the way.

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38 articles 0 photos 58 comments

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