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January 8, 2010
By NVRSHOUTNVRFAN17 PLATINUM, Morrisville, Vermont
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"to some i am nothing but a burden but to others i am but a miracle."

The setting sun, as it drifted behind the mountain for those very few but precious moments, calmed the nerves of the girl’s soul. Another day had passed, uneventful. She kept expecting the danger to appear. She feared it would come when she least expected it, at night. But the horror filled month held no end for her, as she waited day in and day out. She also feared that the fear itself would drive her mad; wondering if this was His plan for her. To die of fear, before He came for her. But she survived; only because of one purpose did she find reason to. The expected death filled day had no effect when she was with him. Leo Parkston. The only person in her life that kept her optimistic about her future, even though the prophecy read she would die.

When he held her close that night that was when she knew she had to leave. Yes, she felt safe, but because he was there every night he was being put in the middle of that unmistakable danger. Everyday in the spare time she had, she planned ways to say goodbye to him. Plans that popped into her head included those of hurting him, making him believe she never loved him. Maybe he would move on. But that plan was rubbish, because she could never lie to him, say that she never loved him when in fact if this danger would go away and never harm him in return of her death, she would’ve, without any doubt give in and let the danger kill her. But that wouldn’t stop the danger, the darkness that seaked her. He’d kill her, that was his main goal, and then he’d kill everyone, including Leo. Her death would mark the turn of his power and the world would have no purpose. That too would die eventually.

What the Darkness didn’t know, was that she was equipped with powers, stronger than the prophecy told. Powers that could put the end to the Darkness forever…

The author's comments:
This piece was something i wrote in my english class. Theres another version of this mini story from Leo's perspective! if you like this read that! Comment please!

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