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Falling Into

February 1, 2010
By peacerose3 GOLD, Schaumburg, Illinois
peacerose3 GOLD, Schaumburg, Illinois
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After shrinking and slipping unnoticed into her brain, I found myself in the memory of my friend, Kara. Walking down a seemingly endless corridor of doors I grew increasingly curious of what lay behind them. I tried a door. Locked. All of them were, until I came to a door that was slightly open. I opened the door and the walls fell away, leaving the memories free.

I backed into a memory of Kara, looking down at a math quiz she had totally bombed, we’re talking F. Two steps and I was in another memory. I became over come with a sadness I had never known. Listening I heard the sound of Kara’s mother’s voice telling Kara Mr. Jacobs was dead. The flood of tears washed me into a different scene. I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I tried to let out a cry, but nothing came. Looking down, I saw Kara lying there, unable to move. I stumbled into the next memory, and all the pain was gone. In fact, I felt like laughing. Turning, I saw Kara and myself about three years ago at a sleepover. I tried to get closer to the happy pair, but I ended up in another memory. I felt a sheet of paper in my hand. A 100% on a hard science test. My surprised smile turned into one of peaceful happiness as I stepped into a forest. I wandered down a path. The smell of smelled grass in my nose, the feeling of mud between my toes, and the wonder of not being able to take in all the beauty of my surroundings. I ambled into a camp site. Smelling a campfire, I looked at all the people around me, knowing they were all friends. All of a sudden, I was swinging on a vine. Forward, then backward, and then smack into a tree. I pretended to be mad at the person who was supposed to be spotting me, but I wasn’t really mad, I was having too much fun for that. Ahead of me, all I saw was darkness. I stepped forward into the darkness, letting it surround me. Somehow sure of where I was going, I walked forward until all light had disappeared.

There I floated for awhile. Yes, floated, for there was nothing to stand on anymore. I felt at peace with myself and at peace with the world. I drifted along in the gently flowing current, content to just keep on going. Rushing water sounded off in the distance. The sound got louder and louder, so loud I almost couldn’t bear it. Then it stopped. I was normal size again. Back from my secret journey into my friends head. I was back and the peace from the darkness stayed with me, that and my greater understanding of this person I found I hardly knew at all.

The author's comments:
The original version was written for a 6th grade writing prompt, and has been semi-edited since.

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