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A Fine Line (5)

February 10, 2010
By alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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Tom’s routine changed little, other then that more fairies came to see him. Tom gradually began to tell them all apart and spoke freely with them. He even mentioned to Inna once, while sitting comfortably between her and Niro, that he was bored. All of the fairies immediately offered to show him around.

Ni!--No! Dunell’s voice cried in their minds and they all froze. A few minutes later Dunell came running into the enclosure.

Hut dil tu?--How dare you? She boxed Niro’s ear. Leanla mun. Alnoft tum lean leas encloseal, leanu wen mulal.--He’s mine. The next time he leaves this enclosure, he’ll be with me.

Bi, mo teartu tunsal wata allean wons tul fyi.--But I thought you trusted us to watch him while you’re away.

Dunell squeeze Inna’s shoulder until she grimaced. Yes, but…

Leanu tun.--He’s yours, the others chorused.

Tom had shrunk away from her anger, but when Dunell turned to him and reflexively shrank to his size, he stood and embraced her.

Bi hut to knitlu?--But how did you know?

Quil ont fairy spukl nusnal yunt, nu sang tuk, ni weran nusal, az aln impove ufalla.--What one fairy says in their mind, we all hear, no matter where we are, and it’s impossible to lie. She gently tweaked his nose and he reached out to stroke her wing. Tu Dobu, litch ont?--You are bored, dear one? She asked worriedly.

Mos unfe nuw allure hene, Hope. Bi all mo ni allu alles?--I’m fine now that you’re here, Hope. But am I not allowed to leave?

Tual frek al ormru pitz, bi tu vunne nif yual kwenu. Mo wnt flek sif altu plor tue os. Sith nos?--You are free to roam this world, but you don’t yet know it. I won’t feel safe if you explore on your own. Shall we? She offered him her hand.

He took it and she led him out of the enclosure and along the forest path.

Tu humal bitfl.--Your home is beautiful.

Nun hum.--Our home, she corrected him.

Inna and a few others followed them for a ways, but left them alone when Dunell led Tom off the path. Tu mita vielru.--You must see this…

After Dunell had left him a few times later, he finally decided to ask her what had been bothering him for sometime.

Hope, mo dan, Dunell?--Hope, I mean, Dunell?

Clun mul Hope.--Call me Hope.

Tom smiled. Hope, wert u adoin wesul lesmul wonzal uthes?--Hope, where do you go when you leave me with the others?

Dunell thought for a moment. Timselt Dea clunen mul. Timselt me vilalt ufrust angni al…juyval. Timselt mu alvil uhuman pitz.--Sometimes Dea calls me. Sometimes I go into the forest alone to…rejuvenate. Sometimes I go to the human world.

Al human pitz?--The human world?

Na, mu huh getzu tu human shll, vunne mo?--Yes, I have to get you human food, don’t I?

At the mention of food, Tom picked up one of the suta fruits and tossed it between his hands.

Huh tu eten fuy human shill altri?--Have you eaten any human food today?

Mos triyen al cuhdaw--I’m trying to cut down.

Tu vunni sumnal suta fuin angni.--You can’t live on suta fruits alone.

Tu adoin--You do.

Mo alu vunne rezel nio al resul, bi mo adoin emit tum tu adoin.--I also don’t really need to sleep, but I do so every time you do.

Hope, utulft fuy aft al mul kwen hut mu familt adoinp?--Hope, is there any way for me to know how my family’s doing?

Ru familt…al ontu hwu frogi tu? Huwt?Your family…the one’s who always forgot you? Why?

Tom shrugged and looked pleading at her.

Mo wonz tri.--I’ll try.

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