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Huntress (or The Phoenix)

February 26, 2010
By Psychic_Sky13 GOLD, York, Pennsylvania
Psychic_Sky13 GOLD, York, Pennsylvania
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I hunt the undead and kill those in my way. Blood doesn't affect me and never has and is often found on my clothing at least twice a day although none of it is my own. My job is to rid the world of so-called evil while some may call me the most evil that has ever walked this earth. I am a Hunter and it is my duty to protect the living mortals of this world as much as I can without getting killed myself. I prey on vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, and any other creature that poses a threat and those in my wake tremble with fear no matter how old, how strong, or how skilled they are.

My name is Emilia though most call me The Phoenix for reasons of their own. I have always hunted those of danger to the mortal race and always put my self in danger no matter what, even though there are few of my kind left.

My race is almost immortal; we can live forever as long as we do not fall in battle we can survive anything, even the blazing heat of Hell or the burning cold of Pluto. My kind have unlimited power over the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. We can bend the weather to our will and cause a building to burn down in three seconds flat. I especially specialize in fire which may be the very reason some call me the Phoenix, although I may never know, because those who have are no longer among the living or undead. My kind are almost gone because some of us had paired with mortals to live "normal" lives. When my kind began separating, the rest of us discovered our kind will begin to lose our immortality when we settle down. I am one of the few who decided to keep the age-old tradition to protect the clueless mortals from the doom that could be awaiting them around the corner.

Most of us have been around since the beginning of time when we were created to live in secret from the human race but to protect them from any dangers that weren't in the original plan for this world. Some, though, have been created from the blazing inferno of a forest fire or from the eye of the fiercest hurricane over the last four centuries but none of our kind have been able to deduce the reason for these occurrences.

Nonetheless, the remainders of my kind are struggling to keep protecting the human race as best they can while the number of "unreal" creatures have sky-rocketed. Most of my kind still remains in the shadows of the humans, trying to stay under the radar, but I know the human's numbers will begin to dwindle and rapidly drop if we keep practicing that tactic. So, I'm the one who lives in mortal children's nightmares, who haunts the alleyways during the day, and who leaves behind mutilated bodies on the corners of main streets leaving mysteries and worry in the hearts of all.

I am the Huntress.

The author's comments:
I just thought I's made a prologue to a story I'm going to write. it may not be good but I like the idea.

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