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April 7, 2010
By nateshuuya29 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
nateshuuya29 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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The plane engine screamed, as it lifted off from Heathrow Airport. I chewed on some gum, the peppermint flavor releasing as my saliva mixed in with it. I looked out the window, as the plane took off from London. I looked out the window and saw myself. I was clean, and my hair a mess, but I still look hot, as always. Or as hot as a half vampire can look, but then again being a half vampire wasn’t uncommon. It was uncommon for one to live to the age of 16.

My name is Alexander Lancaster, and for any of you who know any history, or anything about the Hundred Year war, then yes I am an ancestor of them. My family goes back to the old kings of England, but we are no more. If I actually wanted to I could claim the throne, but I had never wanted to. So now, on to telling you about me, I’m a half vampire, my father was a vampire, my mother a human, yeah so cliché, I know, but my parents were not in love. My mother was raped by my father, who I in face killed a few months ago.

Yeah, now that’s so untraditional, but who cares? I like being me. I am not all human, but I’m not all vampire. I can walk out into daylight, I can float in mid air, I like to eat food, but I also like to drink blood. I create slaves out of those whose blood I drink. I’ve never really stayed in one place, since my mom was always trying to do what was best. But, we always had a house. I love my mom, and I would do anything for her.

When I was about 10 years old I was walking around Chicago, my mom was at work, and I didn’t want to go home back to the ghetto, so I went walking around the mall, I didn’t really look out of place. I was a cute white kid, who dressed fairly well. While walking around the mall I met someone who was like me, well, technically it wasn’t at the mall. I was walking home, and I saw two people making out in an alley.

I hid and then the boy pulled away, and I could smell the blood instantly, but I couldn’t smell a vampire, or not a full one, it was something new. I had met vampires, but I had never met something like this. Then the one who was drinking blood turned towards me.
I ran, as fast as I could, which was faster than any of you realize. But, the guy was faster than me. He tackled me down in a back alley and said, “Who sent you boy? Was it the Council?”

“What council? What are you talking about? No one sent me.” I answered angrily

The boy stared at me, and then sniffed my neck, “You’re not a vampire, you’re a half blood, like me.”

“Oh, you’re a half vampire to? Why are you so afraid then?”

“You really don’t know kid?”

“No, I don’t. I’ve always been
with my mom.”

“Then your mom has done a really good hiding you. Because most of us half breeds are killed before we reach 13. I’m surprised you’re still alive. And if you want to learn more, come to a meeting in Los Angeles, three weeks from tomorrow, we can tell you more of what is happening. And by the way, my name is Dominic. Dominic Miles. Hope to see you there.”

He disappeared then, and I made it to the meeting three weeks later. It was a meeting for Half Blood Vampires. They met regularly to help those who needed it, and give people tips on what to do if an assassin comes after them. At the time I was taken in by everything, and it was so cool to meet other people like me. Mom was so happy that I had finally found some friends we moved to LA and stayed there until some Half Blood Hunters came to town.

Well, now that I told you that story I’ll tell you more about what I look like. I’m about 6’3” with blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, but when I get hungry, or use some vampire power, like mind control or mind reading, my eyes turn a bright lime green, which in fact is my all time favorite color. I am fairly skinny, with muscles twined all throughout my body, giving me a wiry looking frame. My hair is kind of long, and fairly curly at the edges.

Ok, so now I have told you about some of my past and some of my present. Right now I am on my way from a Half Blood meeting in London to New York, the Group had finally given me an assignment, since I had just turned 16. The Half Blood Protection Club, otherwise called Chimera, had a charter, and was a real organization who was fighting the power of the Vampire Council. No Half Blood was allowed to enter Chimera until they were 16, and when they were 16 Chimera would send out half bloods to go and fight against the vampires.

As of right now, Chimera was slowly losing the war, the mission I was on was probably one of the most important missions ever. The princess of the Vampires was attending a school in New York, there was said to be some prophecy that would affect the whole world, and it was said to be a bad thing for the Half Bloods, but I truly didn’t know. I was going to do this mission no matter what, my mission was to kill the princess of the Vampires.

The Airplane landed onto air strip 4 at JFK Airport in New York City. A car was waiting out front for me. It was a lime Green Mustang 2000, just like I had requested. The car was in perfect condition and drove smoothly as I drove through New York to one of the Private Schools at the edge of the City in the Suburbs, the mid-august weather, blowing through my hair, as I drove with the top down. The school was starting tomorrow, which meant that today was Sunday.

The New York Academy of The Gifted was a school that only the smartest could get into. Money did matter, just grades, and luckily I was smart enough to get into the school. I was entering as a Junior. I would have 4 classes with The Princess, and I would be living in the only dorms. Most of the students lived in the small dorm, the school was filled with about 45 students.

The Mustang screeched as it came to a halt in the parking lot. The motor turned off and I stepped out. The school was painted a dark brown. It was a nice color for a school, very calming. The office was quiet, with just a secretary there. She was about 27 years old, very pretty. She had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a button up white shirt and a black skirt. She was very pretty.

“Hi, Ma’am. I’m Alexander Lancaster, I’m a new student this year.”

The secretary looked up from her computer with a smile, “Well, help, I’m Mrs. Jackson, not just a secretary, I’m the English teacher. I have you in my class.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson. Please forgive my rudeness.” I gave a polite bow.

“Oh, it’s perfectly fine Mr. Lancaster, would you like me to show you to your dorm room? And would you like to take your own bags up? Or would you rather Gary the Invisible Bell Hop do it?”

“Of course I’d like you to show me, and please would you Gary?” I pretended to throw my keys at a ghost, then said, “Oh, I guess you got some trouble there, I can get it.”

Mrs. Jackson laughed and went out to the parking lot where I got two suitcases and my back pack and laptop. Mrs. Jackson led me to the Dorm, where there was an elevator. I stood at the door as the elevator came down, not really paying attention, but looking at the beautiful Room. There was a huge Chandelier in the room, with beautiful tile flooring, exactly like a hotel room.

As the elevator bell dinged, and the door opened new smell flew out, and time seemed to slow. I tried looking to the elevator, but my head seemed to move in slow motion. The smell was unlike anything I had ever smelt, not like a vampire, nor a half vampire. It smelt like Lavender and Roses, mixed with the metallic smell of blood. It was the smell of the second to last pure bred vampire alive, The daughter of the king, the princess of the Vampire world.

When I saw her, I was to stunned for words. She was about 5’4”, with long blonde hair, to the center of her back. Her hair had brown and red highlights streaking through it. Her face was pale, and freckles speckled across her cheeks, making her even more attractive and innocent. Light seemed to dance off of her hair, it seemed like her body made the light warp around her. She was wearing a white dress, much like they wore in the 1800’s. The white dress flowed from her neck, where it was strapped around her shoulders and flowed down to her thighs.

I could do nothing but stare, my mouth was dry, and I hadn’t blinked for what seemed like hours, and then she started walking, and it all sort of broke down. Unlike most vampires she wasn’t perfectly graceful, she stumbled a bit when she stepped onto the rug, kicking it, and falling forwards. Instantly I was there to catch her, since she was only about two feet away. I grabbed her shoulders lightly and helped her up.

She was smiling like a dork, but it was an innocent smile. It just made me smile a huge smile. “I’m sooooo sorry about that. I’m such a clutz. My mom always said that if there is a crack I’d trip on it. Oh, I’m so sorry I’m just rambling, my name is Angel, Angel Clementine. You must be a new student.”

I smiled even more, she must talk a lot when she is nervous I thought. “Yeah I’m a new student.” I let go of her arm which I had been holding onto since I had caught her.

“Oh, well I gotta get to the restrooms before bed, maybe we have some classes together, well see you later.”

I just nodded and stared after her as she left. Then a hand tapped on my shoulder, “Hey, Mr. Lancaster, it’s time to get to your room.”

“Oh yeah, ok.” We found my room which was on the third floor of the Dorms. My room was the 3rd room on the left. It was a huge room, like three of my old rooms. There was two dressers, a flat screen TV, and a desk for a computer. There was a big queen sized bed and enough room on the walls for any posters you wanted to put up. The rooms were nice, and against the far wall was a room heater, with its own temperature dial.

I pulled my bags into the room, and muttered a goodbye to Mrs. Jackson and pulled out the blanket mom had knitted me. I didn’t realize it until I saw the bed, but I was extremely tired. The bed squeaked as I plopped down onto it, pulling the blanket up to my shoulders, also not realizing that I would miss my mom so much after just a day.

As I fell asleep, a picture flashed through my mind, it was a picture of Angel stepping out of the elevator, and as I was falling asleep I knew that I could not kill her. The moment I had smelled her, I had fallen in love with her, and there was no way I could kill her. “Life is gonna get hard, and it’s not even the first day of school.” I fell asleep, my mind drifting from Angel, to mom, to Chimera.

End of Chapter One

The author's comments:
I was inspired to right this because of the Chronicles of vladimir todd, and i want to see some vampire fighting. it's not exactly like Vladimir Todd, but i took some of the elements, but i took elements from all sorts of different stories like most authors.

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