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The Superhero

April 12, 2010
By Ben Taylor BRONZE, Naples, Idaho
Ben Taylor BRONZE, Naples, Idaho
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Beep! Beep! Beep!
Once again I wake up to that irritating emergency phone. The phone goes flying across the room to shatter against the wall. I feel something soft and warm against my back. I look over my shoulder to see a naked woman lying in my bed. I sigh and pull the blanket up to her chin. I groggily sit up in my larger than king-sized bed and scrub my face. I look around as if I am trying to figure out where I am. It’s a beautiful bedroom with plenty of space and a neutral toned color palate. A large wardrobe stands in the corner right next to a closet that is like another room. I look at the window; there is a beautiful view of Icewind City. I still can’t believe how fast I got here. I rose through the ranks of wealth from being a street urchin begging on the corner of a street. At nights I used to huddle in a corner with just a thin piece of cloth draped over me, and it gets very cold hence the name “Icewind”. Once I discovered my ability, I rose to power very fast. People envied me, but now they take advantage of my power and the police have gotten fat and lazy, some despise me for killing more innocent pedestrians than criminals, but they can’t hurt me.

I stand up and give a great stretch. It’s odd; I never seem to have hangovers, probably the healing aspect of my ability. I float to the snobbishly extravagant bathroom and look in the mirror. An old and haggard-looking face looks back, but underneath the unshaven face, there is a young, beautiful vitality that cannot be put down. I rub my face with my hands and smoke rises from my face, I frown at the smell. That seems to be the only way to shave, since whenever I try to shave with a razor, it just goes over the hair, so I have to burn it. I pull down an eyelid, all white, and no sign of the suicidal amount of alcohol I consumed the previous night. I float to the all sized mirror and appraise what is standing in my sight. I see a man who has seen many, many years. He has a bold and sculpted body with perfectly honed muscles made for fighting. Towering at amazing 7’ 6”tall, he has short cropped black hair with blue streaks running through it. I step in the shower and the water turns on at my will. While in the middle of my shower, the woman climbs in, I indulge in her wish not paying any particular attention. Afterward, I dress and send her on her way. I walk into one of the most expensive dens in the world and go straight for the liquor cabinet. My daily ritual s to get drunk off extremely expensive spirits, then fly around doing what I may. That usually involves pulverizing petty criminals and taking down upstart crime syndicates. If only I did not kill the only super villain that had even a slim chance of surviving my reign. Then I would not be this depressed power filled man that has no way to challenge himself.

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Thought it would be cool.

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