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A Darkened Thought.

April 22, 2010
By Cataclysms-Mayday BRONZE, Summerland, Other
Cataclysms-Mayday BRONZE, Summerland, Other
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A darkened thought

Ever seen the black moon?

The eerie silence that fills the heart.

Pain is the calling.

War is the pride.

A single heart can change fate.

Through pacts of blood and spirit.

When light is distinguished, look to the dark if you dare.

Sometimes the darkened mind can be the light.

I can barely remember anything at all. The small glimpses in my past mean naught. It’s a life I long to fully forget... When I look back, to my first day of servitude; I was so afraid, so unaware of my true potential. Then with my new body, then with my new soul I began my true life. The blood of the innocent and of my family brought me back into this world. They brought me back into a world whose destiny is to serve.

The black moon shall soon again occupy the night. The midnights glare shall hold true its prisoners to realize them into servitude.

The cloaked figure eyed the small brown coated pocket book gripped tightly in his rugged hand; a small sigh escaping his cracked lips. Soon he could leave this world for the last time. Soon he would be nothing but a ghost, able to bend his will onto others. He had served within a bodily form for far too long.

The leaves around him snapped and crackled as he stood flexing his knees. His. dark form casting a shadow over an upturned log only a few feet away. The mans entire body was cloaked from the naked eye; he wore a silk robe as dark as the perfect nights sky. He gently lifted his arms to the hood covering his face. He ran his fingers over the lightly woven silk, the very feel of it made his skin tremble. Covering his paled skin was long red hair that covered his face, yet it perfectly kept his eyes uncovered. Even his eyes were even extinguished of happiness, the slits as black as the darkest sea.

He turned his head studying the small clearing in the forest. The great pines were in their most lively journey. Small animals crept from the shadows wary of the unwelcome stranger in their woods; their silver eyes glowing in the darkness around him. The mid summer air was so peaceful, almost disturbing. He wore no pack, and did not seem to be carrying any food what so ever.
It’ll be dark soon, He thought dimly only barely aware of his body. It was the obvious thing to do; only the foolhardy would venture out at night in this land. The creatures that resided in the south varied from extremely intelligent and crafty to large brutes strong as a desert ogre.

Only problem is that he was one of the foolhardy.

He couldn’t help but smile. The first journey of many would soon be over.
A soft moan of pain escaped his lips. He opened his mind to the blinding darkness, letting it take control. It destroyed all he was, pushing his conscious to the back of his mind until there seized to be room. His heart stopped beating, he was now forever gone, only a shell of mankind. Only one thought had escaped the evils wrath.

I will be free

Many nights passed. The Morid Mountains were only a small figure in the day’s sky. The forests were replaced by the small shrubs and grasses of the flatlands. There was no escape for the prey here. To a bird’s eye, everything was clear. The pale skinned man shook uncontrollably, something was just not right. He felt as if someone or something was tugging at it. He felt as if he was being ushered forward.

He continued to walk, walking so far, and so long. He crossed many bridges, and finished many roads that some said were of unlimited length. There were few people now. The infants danced at the feet of their parents wagons. A young couple passed him, maybe escaping the rage of their elders, or with their blessings?

Yet they did not truly matter to him. Nothing mattered to him. Only the goal. That one man and his heart. They were of the importance. He was to the west. That thought lingered in his twisted mind.

So much more walking, So much more waiting.

Time past, as did his surroundings. The smell of the coast now filled his senses; the Lonely Sea of Mangeus was near. Soft grass and moist air replaced the hard gravel and the dry weeds of the grasslands. He could see a small and most probably poor fishing village nearby.

He was there, he just had to be. He could almost feel his flesh. Almost smell the sweat against his skin as he worked away in the suns heat. Only another sensation brought him to his senses, took him away from his need.

He gasped with confusion.

They were here. His old master, he knew he must beat him and his minions while he still had control of the situation at hand.

In an instant the slow pace he had used for months all but evaporated as he broke into a run. He ran as though the dark one himself was behind him ushering him forward with a whip in hand. Men and woman sharing the dusty path looked to him with cautious curiosity. For now fitting in no longer mattered to this creature. He was so close now.
He was invincible, and the light no longer had a chance.

Grass fields turned to dirt roads, empty space in the air turned to rough huts made of mud and straw. A woman gasped as he turned in between two huts. And in the years to come the woman then weak and considered foolish, would tell her grandchildren in the last hour of her life about the cloaked man who could walk right through her. The man who she could actually feel touch her heart, the man who she thought could feel her soul even then slumbering in to the darkness. That man’s very touch was evil, it had told her of the false salvation she had longed for. That man had unknowingly saved her soul.
Finally there he was, standing on the small wooden dock extending into the sea. The few months of endless travel were nothing to him. It would all over so breath taking soon. The creature in its frenzy could barely note the soft sound of the waves below him; it was breath taking to a normal man who had never before seen the sea. Such a wondrous thing, the sound of water against the beach.

It disgusted him.

His pace slowed quickly to a walk, his breathing still calm and regulated. The wood giving out a soft echo as his feet reached their mark. He came to a complete stop right behind the man. He was in his forties, fair for his age. His bright blue eyes full of hope and love. Yet he was only a poor fisherman, his clothes slick with the scent of the sea.

The cloaked man called out softly, though his words were clear, precise and cold. “Love is easy to gain James, as it is to lose. You chose this passage through time, are you now ready to accept debt.”

James froze his back bent over the net he was repairing. The people around him stopped what they were doing and stared the two men; an eerie silence had fallen over the small dock. A single tear glided down his cheek as he responded, a cold deep fear recognizable in his voice. “Your master is a fowl man. His deals are only stories bent to become lies.” He turned his body straightening himself. He would not be afraid now. Not when it all mattered. People continued to stare at the two men with wide eyes. Woman peeked their heads from the windows of their homes, while others ushered their children indoors. The earth had suddenly fallen silent. There were no sounds of the insects; the breath of the earths had fallen collapsing the waves. Without the reassurance of the sea, evil seemed all the stronger.

Only the heavy breath of men contaminated the evil filled ears.

The robed figure took a step forward. A ruby crested knife appeared from nothing into his hand. The blade swirled like a cloud at some moments it almost seemed to disappear from existence before being forced again into the world of the living.
Tears flowed freely from James face now. The droplets of water running wildly down to his chin. It had been so many years since he had last seen the knife. The knife that he knew would cost him his life; the deal with the darkness that saved his wife and children for the time being at least.

Voices filled the air again, only this time of soft melody. It was a song that filled you heart with sad joy. The song that could cost your life in the unholy lands.

It was the song of the pale men’s rising.

It told their story, and their defeat.

And their deal that casted them into everlasting nothingness.

“Any last words my dear James?” asked the voice, mocking him coldly.

He chocked back his tears. He would be strong, he could be strong. He clenched his hands into fists his nails digging into flesh. “I am so sorry…. Just so sorry for…… everything my friends…..”

At the last sound of the sobbing voice the cloaked man nodded only slightly while lifting his knife arm into the air.

“I will see you and your family soon.” His voice so dark, so evil.
James only gasped, his mouth hung open he knew he had been a fool to trust his deal for what it was.

“Good bye.”

The Black figure released the energy in his arm. The ruby crested knife whistled through the air, the sudden and exhilarating wind not affecting its aim. Striking its target square in the chest, piercing his heart.

A black cloud enclosed the two men, trapping the escaping souls. One with only a single stain and another covered in darkness. Their almost transparent forms were trapped inside of the closing web. The web was like that of a spider. You could scream and struggle all that you could and would never be set free. The chant of the village people grew louder. As a cackling laughter filled the dry air. The dark one was taking his own.
James screamed, how he screamed. The scream could pierce your soul. It destroyed the shell keeping all the fear and darkness in your heart at bay. It made you think of all the evil you had done in your life. It was the pain he would feel for eternity.
From the other side of the small village came another scream, then another, finally another. His family would be enslaved the same as their trusted father and loving husband. He was their fate. A fate that could have been so easily avoided.
The darkness now a bubble of cloud around them slowly began to diminish growing ever so small. Shrinking downwards towards the earth. The cloud surrounding James and the man in black escaped into the deep water below. The planks of wood bellow them were pitch black, bits of them slowly falling out into the cold water below. In the days to come people would tell each other that they could sense another presence, something good, something with pity and happiness in its heart.
Then finally, after what seemed like hours they were gone, the entire family.

Leaving the world forever, only to become pawns in another endless game.
Light is the only true escape.
Even as the dark feels so right.
Never trust it.
You shall be stabbed in the heart.
You harm you and your loved ones.
For evil envies happiness.
It will kill your loved ones without mercy.
Always destroy it.
Never savor it.
Pity is the enemy.
Only after death can peace follow.
Then once again nature will have its way.
And a new evil will be found once again.

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BrokenStars said...
on May. 4 2010 at 8:36 pm
BrokenStars, Vancouver, Other
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Favorite Quote:
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
-Edgar Allen Poe

Ahhh! I love it! 
It's amazing! 
I mean, let's be honest; it's depressing as anything. I mean, you killed him.

No big deal. I don't even want to cry though because that would probably please you. Rating! 5stars.

I'm /really/ proud of you.

FrozenMoon said...
on May. 4 2010 at 8:19 pm

Your generous vocabulary and visualization; physical word-candy. 

Five stars. A couple spelling errors, but they look to be typos.

I look forward to reading your future work. Keep it up, Cataclysms-Mayday. I'll be reading. =)