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The End of All

May 3, 2010
By Blackhart0 GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Blackhart0 GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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Outside the Government, Beyond the police...

In the fading light the end is near. Passing through the darkness into the end of all. A dying legacy never known, and coming out onto the world. It’s all over, before there was a chance. Never a hope, never a dream, never a cry to break the silence of the night. The darkness surrounding us, an eternal evil. Never destroyed, never lost: sometimes hidden, forgotten, but always there. The hollowing wind is never heard, deafened by the shattering of a thousand hearts. The end is near, and yet so far. Never seen, never know. The end is near, neigh, upon us. And the last glimmers of the sunlight are more foreboding then the darkness. The last sunset more pain then consolation. And the end is here, no one left to run, nowhere left to hide. The end is here, and the world is gone. Nothing left, but a dying mind. Nothing left, all burning down. Nothing left, but the end of time. Nothing, and everything…

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