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Werewolf Apocalypse

June 6, 2010
By Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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Werewolf Apocalypse

"Kid!" A fleeing unicorn cried out to Draco. "Run!"

Draco was a young, arrogant werewolf and wasn't about to take orders from some unicorn, but on their planet where dragons, unicorns and werewolves existed together, it was better to take advice from a unicorn then be swallowed up by a fire-breathing dragon, and so, Draco swallowed his pride. He ran as fast as his mighty paws would take him. As he ran, he couldn't help but think how happy they all once were existing together.

That was until the apocalypse.

Draco was laying resting in his den one bright sunny afternoon; but his day dreaming was interrupted by screams and cries of terror.

Draco's light grey eyes flew open; he quickly sprung to his feet to see what was happening, Draco's eyes grew big when he saw a orange like red blast was rushing over the forest like waves in a ocean; "Dad!" he called out terrified,

there came no answer. Before he could call out for his mother a frightened unicorn collided into him making him yelp in pain; Draco got back to his feet again. He needed to find his parents, and fast; Draco took off
running into the thicket. Unicorns and other werewolves where desperately
trying to get away from the evil cloud-like-blast; a old grey werewolf tripped
and fell, before he could stand up again; he was eradicated by the evil blast.
The smell of scorched fur and the sickening smell of blood filled the air;
making it three times as hard to run. A distressed neigh rang out as a burning
tree fell over blocking off the creatures escape; "What in the-" another
werewolf muttered as another flaming tree fell to the ground. Draco thought
he heard his mother scream somewhere nearby, he stopped running.

"Kid, what are you doing?" A deep voice asked lightly, Draco turned his head
and was looking into the light blue eyes of a tall light brown werewolf.

"My mother, she needs help" Draco told the other werewolf calmly.

"Kid, I didn't hear anything. Run, there's no time for that" the other werewolf
replied, "Please kid, run". Draco shook his head; then turned tail, sharp teeth
clamped down on Draco's tail before he could leave. Draco uttered a pained
yelp then he quickly whipped around,

"Do NOT touch me" he growled at the other werewolf threateningly, showing
his teeth to prove his point. The other werewolf shook his head then turned
and ran, Draco ran into the thicket. Fire burned all around him, the smell of
ash and burnt fur filled the air; the smell of blood was heavy, it was almost
excruciating for Draco to see. He looked around desperately for his mother;
all of a sudden the orange-like cloud came rushing toward Draco. He saw it
then started running, Draco's heart pounded as he continued to run as fast as he could.

"If only I was a horse" he muttered to himself sarcastically. Draco jumped
over a log, in the corner of his eye he saw the orange-like cloud was on the
side of him just as he cleared the log. Draco's eyes grew big when he realized
his ugly fate; The orange-like cloud swept over him like a seashell in the
ocean, Draco's fur started to burn in the intense heat. He was slammed into a tree,
some of his fur was missing; Draco's paws hurt from third degree burns, they
were burnt pretty badly. Draco sighed, and thanked the werewolf gods he was
still alive. Draco laid on his back staring up at the tree branches; he was
about to move when a Mammoth sized black scaly dragon looked down at
Draco; saliva drooling through its razor-like teeth a few drops of dribble
landed on Draco's chest. Draco uttered a petrified gasp, he was about to move

when the repulsive black dragon roared then it opened its mouth wide and……

Things went black for Draco...

Several hours later when the the evil cloud had eaten it's self up; and nothing was left but the destroyed remains of a once beautiful forest, ash; and decaying bodies, movement attracts our attention under a dead tree, a young man rises from the ashes; he has short brown choppy hair with light grey eyes that shined like jems, his face is stern as he slowly gets up to walk away from the dead tree. He turns a little bit to the side then utters a scream that rings throughout the forest. Soon, several other people emerge from the ashes and decay of what was left of the once enchanted forest; people of all ages ranging from newborn to elder start to gather around the boy
A women with short black hair holding a child walk over to the young man, along with a middle aged man. the man places his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Well done Draco" the man says hoarsely.

The author's comments:
A short story I wrote for my school newspaper. Enjoy

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on Jun. 16 2010 at 10:38 pm
jaredwriter19 GOLD, Masontown, Pennsylvania
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Hey, you're from Uniontown! I live like 15min from there lol. Anyways, your story was pretty good! There were a few gramatical mistakes here and there, but overall good work! I think I understand what happened at the end, but just a tad bit confused. Keep up the good work!