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The Curse Of Willowtree Lake

June 12, 2010
By Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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It was a Dark and stormy night on the Huascaran Ocean; A Colossal sized cruise ship named “The Marina” rocks back and forth violently against the waves like a ragdoll. A full moon shines dimly in the sky creating an eerie feeling that hung in the sky; a deckhand stands along the railing, holding on to the railing for dear life. He then high-tails to the captain; who is in his quarters;

“Captain!” the deckhand yells as he enters the captain’s quarters. “I don’t think the ship can take much more of this abuse. The life jackets are staring to fall over board sir”

“Aye!” the captain replies in surprise along with a trace fear in his voice. “Alert the guests!; prepare the lifeboats!” he says to deckhand as he runs out the door to the control room.

The captain races into the control room and then presses a red button.

A red alarm sounds loudly throughout the ship; waking the sleeping guests. “Abandon ship. Code Red” a robotic voice says.

A huge wave lands on the front of the ship, making the magnificent cruise ship rock on its side; tables and chairs fall over board as the Marina struggles against the waves.

A man in the engine room struggles to get to the upper deck along with other workers. Just then a large rock pieces into the ship; water quickly begins to fill the engine room. A worker looks back and gasps with surprise and then he races to a microphone and presses the button.

“Captain!” The worker cries out through the microphone. “Water has broken its way into the engine room. You have to get everyone off the ship before the water hits the boilers; judging by how fast the water is, I’d say you have about…. Four minutes!”

“By god’s beard!”. The captain cries out in reply. He then walks out the door “All hands on deck!!!” He yells out to his crew. People scramble to their posts obeying the captain’s orders.

Down below the chaos on the top deck, a newborn baby cries as its mother and father try to gather their things to abandon ship. The parents are both wiccans, but they haven’t used magic since their baby girl Fiona was born; they took a vow to never use magic again after their daughter was born so she may live a normal life like every other child.

“Faith”. The man says lightly. “We have to get to the top deck, I sense the water is about to hit the boilers. And if that happens…..” He was unable to finish his sentence, because he was so scared.

“Jacob”. His wife Faith replies. “I’m trying”

Faith had short red hair that swung back in forth with the motion of the boat, her grey eyes showed nothing but pure fear. Her husband Jacob had short blonde hair that was always kept nice and neat except tonight that is; it was all messed up. Jacob had light blue eyes that were the color of the sky, that’s how he first met Faith; she noticed his beautiful eyes and it was love at first sight. Then later on they married and eventually had Fiona. Fiona herself had a little bit of blonde hair that was coming in, not much but at least it was something. Just then the ship jetted to the left making Faith fall backwards with Fiona still in her arms; the baby started balling, Jacob rushed over and helped his wife up; then they started running to the top deck.

It was pure and utter chaos on the top deck, the decks were congested with people trying to get into the life boats; Jacob and Faith fought their way through people just then a gigantic wave hammered violently against the ship bashing it against sharp rocks. Then the ship started to sink slowly;

the deckhands desperately tried to get the panicking passengers into the boats; then people began to fall into the freezing cold ocean. Screams and cries rang out as more and more people fell overboard, a large group of people stampeded towards another life boat knocking Jacob away from his family,

“Faith!!!” He screamed to his wife reaching for her desperately.
“Jacob!!!” She screeched back to her husband and also reaching for him as the crowd drew them further and further away from each other.

Baby Fiona starts to cry as her mother is pushed further and further back by the panicking passengers; Faith held her newborn close to her, sheltering little Fiona from the cold winds that blew.

Meanwhile, Jacob is violently shoved against the railing of the ship because of the people; if he wanted to he could cast a spell that would move the people out of his way, but he refused because he made a promise; and Jacob does not break his promises.

Just then Jacob falls over board backwards; he manages to catch himself; so there Jacob was dangling onto the railing by one hand like a worm on a fishing pole. Jacob thought he heard his wife’s disquieting scream; and he was right.

A single tear ran down Jacob’s face when he realized he was losing his grip on the railing.

“Fiona, Faith". Jacob says sorrowfully, “I love you” just as he utters his last words he falls down into the congealing cold water to his death.

Faith runs down a deck desperately trying to get to safety; but then she notices all the lifeboats are gone, the ship didn’t have enough lifeboats for the rest of the passengers.

Faith looks at baby Fiona with tears in her eyes; she knew what she had to do to keep Fiona safe, Faith planned to put Fiona in a basket with her blanket and Faith's wedding ring on Fiona’s little finger. It was a rather risky move; but Faith thought that was better than drowning.

Faith found a basket that was perfect for little Fiona; she quickly set Fiona in the woven basket; Faith made sure Fiona was nice and warm. Faith then took off her wedding ring then gently put it on Fiona’s little finger so Fiona may have something of her mother.

Faith looked at her little baby girl for the last time; tears ran down her face as she stared into Fiona’s innocent sky blue eyes, just like her father’s;

“Good bye my sweet baby” Faith said sorrowfully.

She then kissed baby Fiona on the head lightly, Fiona then squealed with delight; her first laugh. Faith smiled halfheartedly at Fiona; Faith knew she would never hear Fiona laugh again, and that killed her inside.

Faith picked up the basket and then gently placed it in the water; giving it a little push. Faith watched the basket as it slowly disappeared from view;

“Good bye” Faith said sniffling,

“We will meet again someday baby girl” Faith said as she started to cry. Then the whole ship fell on its side; drowning the ship’s captain, faith as well as the other guests that were trapped on the ship.

The author's comments:
Just a story I decided to write. Just an idea that popped into my head one day. I hope people will tell my what I need to improve with my writing. I can't learn if I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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on Jul. 12 2010 at 8:28 am
mudpuppy BRONZE, Orangeburg, South Carolina
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Yes, good job indeed. You should a part two so we can know what happens to  Fiona.

on Jun. 16 2010 at 2:31 pm
beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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is the spacing intentional? it gives it an interesting effect, as if the story is broken up/choppy. overall i love the story! but maybe use some more pronouns (he/she instead of naming the person every sentence) and i think there's a few places you use run-on sentences or the like

aside from that, good job!