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Shadow of Thirst

June 21, 2010
By FootStepscryloud BRONZE, Elkridge, Maryland
FootStepscryloud BRONZE, Elkridge, Maryland
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Speak with the Heart.

My goal was simple: to achieve ultimate power. In this day and age knowledge is power. We had forgotten the ancient Dark Ages, were power was the strongest person, that there was more than knowledge in the world. In our age we were all seeking to get ‘better’ technology, yet the truth of the matter was there was no ‘better’ to be had, we already had the best. So what was the point in teaching our children to ‘always be best’ and ‘don’t be out done’? We stress them out with work and more work. Yet no one stops to think, as smart as they are, what they are doing, what the point was in this, and why aren’t we trying to help our problems, instead of making them worse. The world is overpopulated, what do we do? Limit children? Of course not! That would be ridiculous! Why don’t we work on the latest medicines to expand our lifespan to add to the problem?! I mean, after all 400 years is to young, we have to live longer to solve the problems we are not addressing! The world is so blind these days, we don’t even see what we are missing. Let’s go through the list of obsolete words that few know the definitions of shall we? On the top of the list, water, trees, sand, mountains, we took them apart for resources 2,500 years ago, coral, ocean, ours isn’t what it used to be described now, apparently it used to be blue, but I think that is a myth, think about it, blue! Not to mention it said it was running, they had quite the imagination back then, no. what was that word again, splashing? Anyway, the ocean was moving, now it’s just a huge glop of blackness, that takes everything in it like… quicksand? I don’t know, I keep on forgetting those old adjectives.

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