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Search for the gods part one

July 14, 2010
By cheeseburger BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
cheeseburger BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
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Okay so it all started one day when my dad decided to go through the basement. We found a lot of usless things. We found a locked box, an old picture frame, a tin cup, a baseball hat, a scrapbook, and a ring of keys. My dad decide to give me the scrapbook, the box, and the ring of keys
That night I looked through the scrapbook it was completly filled with Greek mythology and pictures of the legends. On the last page it show 12 people with one of the 12 major greek gods name under them. Also the last page was signed with my grandfathers name and next to it was signed the last demigod of Hades.
"Oh my God" I said to myself"My grandfather was a demigod"

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