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The Choice

September 14, 2010
By VampireX GOLD, Spotsylvania, Virginia
VampireX GOLD, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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Carolyn stared at me after I told her. It was the next day and we were at the dinner. “So…can I ask you a question?” she asked. “That’s why we’re here.” I answered. “Sunlight doesn’t bother you?” she asked, looking out the window next to us. I smiled “Too much direct sunlight can kill us.” “That explains the hood.” She laughed nervously, “So…garlic?” “BS” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Holy water?”
She paused, “stakes?” I laughed, “Paralyzing but not lethal.” “So you’re like Stephanie Myer’s vampires?” “No.” I said firmly, “Do you don’t see me sparkling?” She nodded “Sorry.” she said. I relaxed a bit “Most books don’t get us.” I sighed. “How many are you?” she asked. “I’m not allowed to give specific numbers.” I said. “You know this sounds crazy right?” she asked. I leaned forward and smiled, letting my fangs pop out. Carolyn scooted back “Oh.” she whispered. I retracted my fangs “I’m not going to hurt you.” I said. “Then why are you telling me this?” she asked, her eyes narrowing. “Because I want to turn you.” I admitted.

“Oh...” she said, looking faint, “Oh God.” I nodded, “It’s a big decision,” I admitted, “I’m sorry.” “What happens if I say ‘no.’?” she asked. I sighed “I must use my power to erase your memory.” “So change my life forever or forget the most amazing information ever…” she sighed, “not much of a choice.” Then she looked me strait in the eye “Do it.” I paused, startled, my mouth open. “Are you sure?” I asked, “Once you turn you can’t go back.” “I’m positive.” she said. “Follow me.” I told her, leading her out. She followed me, even as we went into the alleyway. I stopped and turned “No final goodbyes?” “No, but...” she said as I moved toward her, “will it hurt?” I smiled “You won’t feel a thing. She nodded and closed her eyes. I heard her heart race as I touched her. I felt her stiffen as my fangs touched her skin…

The author's comments:
This is part three. Part four is comming.

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