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Discovering a Secret

October 1, 2010
By iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
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Stephanie pushed the wooden door open, a blue glow illuminating her curious features. Looking behind her just to check if anyone was watching, she cautiously snook into the room, gingerly shutting the door behind her.
The incandescent blue glow was coming from a bowl placed on a metal platfrom about the height of her waist. With wonder pulsing through her veins, she made her way to peer over the bowl. Stephanie gasped in surprise.
Below her, there wasn't a bowl. It was a very thin "O" with strange blue liquid in it. Furrowing her eyebrows, she inspected it closer. What seemed to be a white orb was circling the "O", like a fish. Biting her lip, she debated weither to stick her finger into the blue liquid, which seemed to be thin and amazingly undense. Shrugging and squeezing her eyes closed, she tenderly dipped a finger in the glowing blue substinst.
An overwhelming sensation overcame her. She felt uncomfortably warm, a tingly sensation crawling through her blood. Gritting her teeth, she pried her eyes open just in time to see the white orb collide with her finger. The heat dissipeared, replacing it with an equally discomforted cold. She pulled out her finger, the orb no longer moving. Nervously she looked around the room.
The grandfather clock in the corner seemed to stop moving completely. In fact, everything seemed to be strangley still. Squinting her blue eys, she opened the wooden door and sprinted down the stone wall corridor, her heart thumping in a frenzy. Stephanie peeked in a room to find Jordan and Sarah frozen in an argument. Gulping, Stephanie frantically sprinted down two more doors to find Delilah and and Zach chilled in the middle of a meal. Smoothing back her hair anxiously, Stephanie returned to the room with the strange blue liquid and white orb. Quickly, she emerged her pointer finger into the blue liquid and pulled it out again, the process causing her to shiver unnaturally. Stephanie heard the reassuring ticks of the grandfather clock in the corner and could hear Jordan and Sarah's yells echo down the halls. Breathing deeply in a sigh of relief, Stephanie exited the room in haste. When she glanced behind her, the door was no longer there.

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