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Ameba... Lost

October 24, 2010
By Princess Somefun BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Princess Somefun BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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“ Love, save the empty” The sweet voice singing the words were cut into pieces in my ears like electricity going through the wires. It annoyed me this happened. I had no idea what I was doing here, a bar, not that I’m underage or whatever. I’m probably older than these doof balls in here. I’ve had at least 9 cups of whiskey that have no effect what so ever on my body, not anymore, anyway.

I guess my point of sitting here was trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life now that I was free. What would you do if you were held in captivity for the past fifty years with everyone in your family dead? My point exactly you know no one, and you are no one. By captivity I did not mean jail I meant I’ve been kept in a laboratory for the past fifty years and by released I meant escaped and not alone.

I’m a creation scientist call Ameba, not only me there are more. I was a real person, my story of eternal life began when I had just came home from war. My family was Nan, my grandmother, and her cat. We were to be exact poor, my parents had died a few years back not leaving us a penny but debt upon debt. I needed a job and I saw an advertisement for human testing, the money was enough to provide for Nan and me and pay off my parents debt. Nan was against it, she said people died and all this stuff about the government covering it up.

Boy, was I stupid because I went and when I got to the office, there were about two girls and five boys ranging from twenty to twenty-two, me included. They led us into a room and we were attacked as a war vet I was taught to fight back so I fought and kicked a** surprisingly one of the girls the one with long black hair and caramel skin did the same. Until we were both knocked out.

I was snapped out of my reverie by the shaking as if an earth quake was taking place, except when I opened my eyes I could see it was me shaking and the whole bar was staring at me.
“Crazy” and “Drunk” , Were the thoughts of those who were staring at me.
“He’s crazy look away!” Was the thought I put into their heads. These are the after effects of being in the lab, I some how became part computer and part human and something else. The government at the time needed people who couldn’t die, since they were losing people in the war so decided to make Amebas, people who could be used as weapons with just a touch of human looks, right.

A pair of eyes caught my attention flat black eyes that I knew.
“I gotta get outta here.” She thought, in a rush she grabbed her bag and almost got up from a table. A big hand grabbed that small shoulder and pushed it down, a hand I knew could be crushed by the hand connecting to the small shoulder.
“You’re staying with us to have a drink, girly who knows what’s gonna happen next.” The vile creature with the hand, had thoughts ears would bleed just listening to them,images of never ending pain on the frail feline creature next to him.

There has always been a rule I had as an Ameba “Never get involved with anyone or draw attention.” But the black eyes staring at me was just all I could think about… and before I knew it I was walking towards the two strangers. A human and an Ameba the out come of this situation would be deadly, disastrous, and maybe catastrophic.
For the human.

Without knowing what I was doing I said

“Come on..Serenity, let’s get out of here. Enough play.” I looked straight into the humans eyes with the cold and cruel stare that I learned while in captivity, while emanating hatred I grabbed the girl’s arm. I could feel the metallic hardened bones, the electric currents passing through her body.

“She ain’t going nowhere bucko so you might as well just leave.” For someone I could snap in two he had some serious balls.

“What could you do to me?” I said arrogantly, the girl didn’t even wait for me to give the first punch, she pulled herself free of my hold and did it herself. Pretty hard, I was pretty sure half the whole bar heard the crunch as his nose broke.

The ex-damsel in distress throws me a devilish smile before she’s grabbed by another guy who gets kicked in the crotch. Before I knew it the whole bar became a brawl sight. The female human bartender picked up the phone to call the police and spotted that I was looking at her and she hung up, I smiled in approval. Bottles were flying everywhere men were down,crawling on the floor the rusty smell of blood was in the air. I started looking for her in chaos, she was busy kicking and punching the man that had forced her to stay in the bar in the first place. Some how wacthing her was giving me a sense of satisfaction.

In a way the girl looked like she was in a trance, like she couldn’t stop. I walked her over to her and said
“I think he suffered enough… the police are coming.” With that said her head snapped up and before I could do any thing she snapped his neck and whisperd
“B******.” Her new unnatural eye color caught my attention but as we gazed at each other we saw what we were among them, weapons with human bodies, and no emotion that’s why it was so easy to kill, there was no conciense to deal with after.

“C’mon you want to get captured again by those freaks.” I grabed her arm and we ran out of the bar but she stopped running once we were outside of the door, I skirted to a stop my self when I saw she raised her hand and a ball of fire came out. She threw it at the bar and the whole place went up in flames. I looked at her questioningly.

“Never leave evidence, witnesses,or traces of Ameba’s behind.” She said the the first rule we were taught in captivity after our change. I was about to make a retort but I couldn’t police sirens stopped my words. The girl and I started running “S***, their chasing us!” I shouted at her when I saw another ball of redish orange fire came out of her hand, twice as big as the one that blew up the bar. She threw the ball of fire at police cars as they blew up with a big band we ran as far as a mile before she said “Stop.”

“Thank you, I’ll be on my way now.” She starts to walk away and I’m taken aback by her sentence. I catch up to her with no effort.

“Wait…What I just l -”
“Let me guess you want a thank you. Well then thank you.” She continue’s walking. For some reason I didn’t want this black eyed beauty to walk away from me.

“What’s your name at least?” She could at least give me that. The girl stopped walking and gave me a cold stare like I did something to offend her.

“I don’t… have a name, just what my passports and id’s say but you, you gave me a name… Serenity. So I guess that’s my name.” The ice in her eyes some how melted like I gave her a new door to open and this odd feeling of satisfaction coursed through me, made my heart burst- metaphorically.

“Do you have a place to stay? Somewher safe?” I prodded. She inclined her head and her thoughts asked “Why do you care so much?”

“Well… the government is gonna be looking for us soon and they’ll use anything to find us…even the trackers.” I pointed to my wrist where there was a closed stich telling her I took out my tracking chip implanted in me my the scientists. Then I saw the awareness form in her eyes telling all the things her thoughts didn’t need to tell.

“Can you stop that?” Her voice dripped of annoyance. She looked incomprehensibly funny in a way with the way her brows were pushed together and her lips turned down in a frown. I feigned insight of what she was saying and I replied “ What are you talking about?”

For about a second I saw my lips twitch in amusement in her chocolate aligned black eyes in that instant I drew my eyes away from hers to appraise the rest of her. Her hair was fair, for it had no name since it was somehow blonde and brown at the same time. It reached up to her shoulders in waves. She had a silk purple top with little spots of blood on it, from the bar fight, the top highlighted curves that were deep and floated out like a flower. Her jeans were skinny that highlighted long curvy legs that belonged to a model and she had black comfy looking converse on. My eyes flew back off to her face skimming over her round dark face, lips were full and full of prom-. These thoughts were strictly non- thinkable, as in ever. Clearing my throat I say “ What?” again.

“ I noticed what you we’re doing you know that right? I’m Ameba too and I meant stop reading my mind before I twist your neck in my state of frivolous annoyance. I’ve had this tracker in me forever and they still can’t find me.” At the last sentence her voice went soft, this girl- Serenity- was no angel, I could tell she hated being examined, judged, crossed or trapped- which she was- in this situation. I heard a little whisper of her thoughts that said “Not that they’d want to find me.” Her eyes widened when she realized I heard, before I blinked her hand was on my neck and my back was against a tree. I believed this hell’s angel knew her hand choking my neck had no effect possible, in the labs the scientists made male Ameba’s stronger physically and mentally faster than females. I heaved a breath and a word was on my tounge before we heard.

“ Get out from behind the trees, we can see you. Step out and put your hands behind your head.” A deep voice came from above us in a helicopter landing on the ground four yards from us. Serenity- I love that name- had a fireball ready in her hand looking at me expectantly. She questioned me in her head “Ready for another fight? We’ll finish our battle later.” No I wasn’t going to fight or kill. I put out her fire by grabbing he hand and pulling her to a full run.

“Why!?” She screeched, as I dragged her through the woods.
“We’ve left enough evidence! Damaging and hurting those people would bring more attention. Be logical and rational, Serenity.” I replied, shocked I called her by the name I gave her, it was odd but, it felt good. “I live across the river and once we get to my place we have to take that chip out of your body. Immediately.”I had my no nonsense voice on and my eyes were hard an expression I hoped I wouldn’t have to use it with her again. Places were going by is in a blur the Empire state building, George Washington bridge, and boom we were in front of my apartment building. 750 Seventh Ave, we both steped into the highrise building. I pulled her towards the the elevator and pressed twelve indicating our- I meant my- floor.

“About what happened back the-” I interrupted her and stared pointedly at the camera, which I should not have done.

Fine I might as well talk to you in my mind.
Not now Serenity, first we’ve got to get that chip out of you then… we wait. At my last two words her eyes widened I could tell that she had never been one of those patience then action types of people but flight and fight.
“You-” Another interruption- thank God as the elevator door opened to a spacious apartment, with a green olive walls and black leather chairs. Home sweet home. We both walked out of the elavator and onto the hardwood floor. I grabbed her arm and dragged her towards a room that I kept all my “equipment” in.

“ Wait a second, first what are doing? Where are you taking me? And you know my name but I don’t know yours.” She followed as I dragged her, unrelenting as if she knew what she was about to face.

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