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Demons: part 1

October 31, 2010
By _toni4asec_ GOLD, London, Other
_toni4asec_ GOLD, London, Other
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Clair is an old acquaintance of mine, but I hardly ever spoke to her until theater. It’s high school now, and in theater we’ve been assigned to find a partner, and make a nice film that would impress the class, at least 1 hour long. I thought no big deal, she’ll pair us together and it’ll get done. But it wasn’t like that, when people started getting together, I went to the teacher to ask whom my partner was. “I don’t know, you’re to pick your own, remember?” I sighed real long and hard, I knew no one in that class, and didn’t really like anyone either. As I looked around, I thought I saw everyone paired up, an odd number maybe. Right before I turned back to the teacher, I noticed her there, in the corner. “Clair”, I said under my breath, “Uh, um, Clair! Hey, over here!” Though she dressed, and usually acted gothic, she seemed real happy to see me. She raised her arm, waving wildly, grabbing her stuff she half ran across the auditorium stage to where I was. “Toni! Oh I’m so glad your not taken, I don’t know a soul in here!” she hugged me, I patted her back, a little nervous, “Yeah me neither, I was all ready to do it on my own.” She giggled, and then turned as the teacher started to speak.

“Now class, this is to be a major grade, so make it really good… if you want a B.” Clair turned to me, “What a b****!” I laughed, not expecting such an up beat from a girl clad in black. Then the bell rang, I groaned, knowing a Calculus test was next. “What’s wrong?” Clair asked, “Nothing, just a calculus test… god I hate that class.” she thought for a little bit, “So drop out!” “I can’t, parents expecting me to pass, help to get scholarships.” “Well in that case, skip!” I was taken back, I hardly ever even thought of doing that. “I don’t think…” “C’mon, skip with me! I’ll be lonely if you don’t come…” I looked down in to her big, puffy eyes, then down at those sexy legs coming out of her black mini skirt. I decided anything was better than test after test (it was Friday after all). “Alright, but we’re going to my house…” “No, no! My house! Or at least drop by there, so I can change.” I thought about it, “Ok.” She shrieked with excitement, and hugged me again. “Here we go!”

We walked down the big, main hall real slowly, blending in with the crowed coming in for second period. By the time we were in the parking lot, the crowed had thinned, and the security had caught us walking the opposite way. I thought we were screwed, “C’mon!” She grabbed my hand and ran, as fast as possible. “Where’s your car?!” I took the lead, not wanting to be caught. “Here, here” I pressed the button to unlock all the doors. Boom, we were in, but not off the hook quite yet. Security was still coming at us, having seen us get into my civic. But, their 30mph golf cart wasn’t going to cut it; I screeched my tires going in reverse, then again going forward towards freedom. “OWW!!!!” Clair screamed with excitement. We were on the freeway, and, free. “So where’s your house?” “Oh, really Toni? Thanks!” She kissed me on the cheek, and then gave me directions all the way there, all of which I paid very close attention to, we arrived.

I was going to wait in the car, but she tapped on the glass and told me to come inside. I sighed again, then turned off the car and followed her in. It was an old house, 70s I guess. As we walked past the living room, she yelled to her mother, “Hi mom, I’m home.” “Get out here Clair, you got chores to do, and why aren’t you at work yet?! God damn-!” Clair closed the door to her room. “Yeah she’s a b**** too…” She smiled, and then went into the closet. “Alright, I’m going to change, no peeking!” She said jokingly. Though, she left the closet door cracked as she did, “Sit down, and get comfy!” I really didn’t want to stay much longer, but then threw the crack I saw her bra fall down. “Oh… alright.” I sat on her bed (which was covered with panties, bras, etc). As I was trying to get at a better angle, she came out, “Caught you!” I gulped, sweat began to collect, then she gave a playful laugh, “No peeking I said!” She was in a black bra and panties now, but just that. Then she went over to her dresser (right in front of me), and bent over, skewering thru the lower draw, mumbling something, then she jumped up with and even SHORTER skirt than she had on before. “Yes! Found it!” She put that and a clear, black lace shirt on. “Ok, ready!”

Her mother was screaming at not only her, but also me, all the way out to the car. “Who’s that boy, get your chores done! I’m locking the doors tonight, Clair!” “Clair, if she locks the doors, you’re screwed. You better just stay here, to have a place to sleep.” She looked up to me, “Why? Can’t I stay at your place?” she got in the car, I stood there for a little bit, thinking, and then got in. On the way to mine, we really got some conversations going, it appeared we had a little more in common than we thought. I parked in the driveway, as normal, and got out. Before Clair had a chance, I locked all the doors with the remote. I laughed as she struggled to get out. She begged and pleaded, laughing along with me, I unlocked the doors eventually, but she flashed me before I did. I grinned at her as she walked past me and into the garage. We eventually got in.

She laid her stuff on my bed and hopped on, starting to jump and see how high she could go. “I bet I can touch the ce.....“She looked up to my loft, and my sloping 30ft ceiling. “Hey, wow. That a second story or what?” “It’s a loft, connecting me and my brother’s rooms. It’s a real pain in the a**.” By then she was already up there, “This is neat! A little hot, but, neat. Hey, come up here!” I proceeded up. “C’mon, sit down!” She patted the seat beside her. She already had the TV on, and was in a comfortable position with her legs folded under her, leaning back on the couch. I sat besides her, feeling the heat of the loft, and her. Yawning,”I’m so tired!” she wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head against mine, trying to watch TV while falling asleep. By the end of the program she was dead asleep on my side.

Slowly, not wanting to wake her, I wrapped my arm around to her back, supporting her as I let her down to the couch cushions. As I let her down, I came down with her, face to face as she slept. She looked so peaceful, so… beautiful. While I was looking at her, her eyelids slowly raised. I panic, trying to get an excuse out, but before anything happened, she raised her head, kissing me so soft… I didn’t know what to think, except to just enjoy the moment. It was short lived; she was asleep when I broke the kiss. “Great, she won’t remember a thing…” I stood up, grabbed my comforter from my bed, laying it gently over her. “Good night, Clair.” She smiled as I said it.

In the morning I had made eggs, like normal. My whole family woke as normal to the awesome aroma, but Clair seemed to sleep till twelve. Something un- heard of in my household on Saturdays. However, when she did wake up, I had a batch of eggs ready for her. She walked into the kitchen just as they were finished, “Mmm, what smells so good!?” I turned and grinned at her “My special, scrambled cheese eggs.” “Yay!!!” She grabbed the plate from me and ate like a horse. “That was delicious! Thanks Toni, I haven’t had a real breakfast in so long.” I smiled, “No problem.” But it WAS a problem. I had missed Saturday morning mass to make her breakfast. C’mon, you didn’t really think it was JUST my eggs that woke the family, did you?!

“Where’s your family, Toni? I didn’t even see them last night.” Sigh, “You came in so quick and fell asleep like that, they still don’t know you’re here.” “Oh… and this morning?” “Saturday morning mass.” She looked worried, “Oh Toni, did I make you miss that? I’m so sorry! I really should get back to my house see-“I grabbed her arms, turning her gaze to meet mine. “You’re not going anywhere, Clair! I know how bad a mood your mom must be in, I want you to stay here for the rest of the weekend, ok?” Her eyes got big and puff again, “Really Toni?! Oh, thank you thank you thank you!!!” She hugged me once again; I smiled at her as she broke back. “You look just like you did when I kissed you last night, Toni!” I nearly choked on the milk I was drinking, “You remember that?!” “Oh yes, and the sweet good night, you’re so thoughtful!!!” I slapped my head as she walked away, I didn’t know what to think now. “Oh Toni, could you help me get this bra off?”

Ok so we didn’t do anything, it turns out she jumped me when I came in so excited. We talked and watched TV for the rest of night, though we did get to bed at a decent time. Monday morning I woke up on time, not expecting anything because it was another Monday. Now, I hadn’t forgotten about Clair, but then I forgot things might be different due to her being there. Slowly I walked into my bathroom and took a quick shower, dried off, and then I opened the door… Clair was standing right in front of it when I opened. “Hey Toni! Where can I change? I didn’t want to barge in on anyone’s room or anything so I thought I’d ask.” I was standing naked in front of her, and she didn’t seem to notice. I slowly raised my arm, pointing to some door. I didn’t even think what room it was. As soon as she turned away I slammed the bathroom door shut and wrapped the towel around me, tight.

After the towel was wrapped on I walked as slow as possible to the den, sitting to watch the TV. Now I had gotten a decent amount of sleep, but the weekend was so hectic and exciting, I used all the energy that would normally be saved for watching all the football games. So, as a result, I had no conception of time that morning. I watched TV for half an hour, and then walked back to my room. I realized it was getting late and that I need to change, so rushed thru my door pretty quick and was at my dresser before I notice it. Clair was standing right there in her thong, and nothing ells. I started freaking out and backing to the hall when she spoke, “Hey, its ok! We’re even now, right?” She asked smiling… oh God, she did notice. “Anyways it’s no big deal, just topless!” She winked, then turned and put a lacy black bra on.

Soon enough we were in the car, but as I started to take off, I stopped. “Clair I REALLY don’t feel like going to school for a little bit.” She looked at me funny. “I have some projects due today and they happen to not be ready, so what you say to skipping ‘till forth?” Clair’s eye lit up, “Good idea, Toni! And we have fourth period together, smart thinking!” I grinned and drove off, I happen to be very hungry too.

After we ate a few corny dogs from Sonic, my treat, Clair felt a little ill. I took her home and then got to school about the middle of fourth period, so just listened to the radio in my car until the bell rang. When it finally did ring, an eternity later, I stepped out of my car, locked it, and started walking towards the side entrance. As I walked past the security guy, in his gold cart of course, he gave me the evil eye. I just walked past him, with the birdie on my back. I got to my 5th period class, IPC, and was surprised to find out… it wasn’t 5th period… it was 6th. Late already, I half ran half walked to my 6th period, in the middle of the school. “Oh shiz, art.” I mumbled under my breath. “Yes! Art! And you’re late Mr. Coleman, sit down and get to work.” And there’s the ever- perky Art coach, Mr. Browner. I didn’t mind him, but he was just a little too perky for 6th period, especially on a Monday.

As I set my stuff down, I saw her. “Oh God…” I thought. Beautiful as always, Christen Dane walked past me, to the pencil sharpener. Now I liked Clair, a lot, but Christen was different. She wasn’t as aggressive as Clair, but then, she wasn’t as defensive as the other girls. She was semi- popular, mostly in Band and Art, the latter of which I am involved in, yet that didn’t seem to affect her attitude towards anyone. I’m saying she was really nice when she could have been a b**** and I still would have adored her. We talked almost every day… she was there. Because she was such a good Art student, real talented and on good terms with the coach, she got to go to lunch early a lot. In fact, she probably could have gone to lunch early everyday if it weren’t for Greg. She only went when Greg came, which was often. However, when he didn’t come, she was stuck in this boring- as – hell Art class, with people she talked to every so often, and then me. She was here today, and, thank God, she was going to stay. I only have one girl each year that I act like this for, and she was the one this year, obviously.

To be continued...

The author's comments:
This is a story about a high schooler's experiences with a girl who turns out to be an undeniable entity. It’s actually one of the longest stories I have written. I can tell you that some of the bits in this story are actually true.

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this is neat. im excited to read #2!