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November 22, 2010
By dkA.M SILVER, Vail, Arizona
dkA.M SILVER, Vail, Arizona
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It was almost dark and every one’s hearts filled with anticipation of the beginning of the game. Sarah had no idea what this would lead to, due to the fact that she had been forced to come by her boyfriend Bobby. The leader and host of the game was Chance. He had Black hair that seemed to have a blend of purple, that matched his torn up vans.

He was wearing black skinny jeans, and a black shirt, trying to attempt a bad-a** kind of look. Bobby, was the total opposite, with a polo, boat style vans, and cargo shorts, but that was one of the main reasons Sarah liked him, he was always so immaculately dressed.

She wondered why, chance and Bobby were even friends, and why Bobby, had dragged her all the way into the middle of no-where. Which included, woods, dirt, and more woods.

It was cold and wet, and honestly, she had a thought race through her mind to take Bobby’s keys and go home in his jeep that was covered in mud from their off road trip to get here.

How did Bobby even know where to go? This destination definitely was not on google maps. Ten other couple’s from school surrounded us, and they all were juniors at Coldwater High.

When they had gotten there, Chance was sitting alone, on a cold boulder rock staring at the clearing from where they had came. Definitely not the kind of person that anyone would want to get out of a car and approach on the outer skirt of the woods.

But despite her judgment, she felt safe around Bobby’s tall, physique, and knew that she would probably be fine.
Chance spoke with a cold tone, as we circled around him in an orderly fashion. “Alright rules of the game, if you run out of the woods before dawn, you loose. You scream, you loose. You lie, you loose.”

Sarah’s jaw had dropped lower and lower after each rule was told. “What type of game is this exactly?”

“There is no type, this is THE game.” Chance began to chuckle.
“Sounds fun!” Bobby laughed along with his deranged pal.
Sarah lowered closer to Bobby, and whispered quietly, “I’m not sure I want to play, Bobby.”
“Then why did you come Babe?” She gave him a look of death.”I mean have a little fun in life, take some chances.”

she was thinking of a chance, but not the once her Boyfriend was Talking about. The one that stood across from her with a grin of deceit.

“Why would we want to scream?” A girl in Sarah’s biology class asked.
“Why wouldn’t you?” Chance answered. “Wimps can leave now, one’s that are in for a little fun, stay.”
Sarah was about to run, but then realized that her only option to leave, was in the hands of a boy, that she thought was smarter.

“ I knew I chose the right people.” He smiled up at the sky as the moon rose . “Your hiding, from it. You will know it’s coming from it’s smell and it’s muffled sounds of a cry. If it approaches you don’t run, it will sense you and kill you on the spot, stay still, it’s blind and can only hear you move. Stay with your significant other, let’s see if your love is real for each other or well, not.” He grinned with a frightening stare. “On my count you run in the forest, 1 2 3” Everyone began to pace in side the forest, engulfing them selves in green. “See the survivors at dawn.” Chance called after us.

“What is it exactly?” Sarah frowned in confusion.
“Probably just something to scare us, the real point of the game is to see how many couple’s can work together, through mind games that the dark will pull on us.” He answered in a cool manner. “This will be cake.”

“So how did this start?” She walked through fallen leaves mixed with water and dirt. It was going well with her new white converse.

“It’s Chance, you never ask him questions, that’s just how it is.” Bobby shrugged.
“Well what is Chance doing for the night?”
“He’s gonna be sending all of the losers home, probably.” He seemed like he knew the whole game, like he had played it before.

“How do you know so much about this game? You told me you were just as clueless as I was.”
“I told you that I would help you be less clueless then I was.” He laughed.
“So you’ve played before?”
“Yeah, with Sandy.”
“Sandy, Sandy? The one that you dated before me, that disappeared?” She spoke quietly.
“Yepp, man I miss her, I mean I’m glad we are together but she was an amazing friend, shame she had to go- disappear.” He stuttered his words, making Sarah feel uncomfortable.
“You said go, not disappear? Why? Where did she go?”
“Heaven, hell..... purgatory, probably.”

“What? Wait-” Bobby walked faster ahead of her and hid behind a large oak tree. She followed him. “Look normally, I don’t do this, put you are special and I am beginning to have other thoughts.” His face turned sorrowful. “To late now.”

“What are you talking about Bobby?” His blue eyes seemed to have changed to a shade of red.
“I’m talking about the fact that Coldwater High, is a trap. A trap for you and the other girls that came, to fall for.”He sighed. “Sarah I am not who you think I am, and tonight is not what you think it is.”
“What do you mean Bobby?”
“I mean that all of the guys you saw before we went into the woods, are like me, and all of the girls are like you. You have been trapped, and munipulated to die.” He sighed. “I’m sorry that I chose you. It was not my fault it’s the angels they chose you not me. They chose you-” He was starting to cry, his eyes were turning a deeper red now, and his skin was once lightly tanned, but now it was pale. His hair was turning, black, covering the once beautiful blonde strands.
“I have to take your soul and send it to them. They need you now, because you, and the other girls are the best shot we all have to survive, and save everything. You have to leave now. Normally we would wait before you died to get the whole experience of life, but the time has come quicker than we had expected. If we had known that we would have needed you now, we would have sent you down long before we did, but we didn’t know, and now I have to take you away from your life because of their mistakes.”
“Who?” She was panicking. “Bobby I have to take care of my brother, what ever is wrong with you, please don’t kill me. I have a life that I need to attend too.”
“It’s not my fault Sarah! Can’t you just believe that? I’m the messenger, they got rid of me to empty up the spot for you. Trust me I never wanted or thought I would ever have to do that. I thought I was good enough to keep my position.”
“Bobby did you kill Sandy?” She asked while the shadow of the tree against the moonlight, covered part of her face. “I didn’t kill her, I sent her, back where she had came, they needed her early too.”
“Are you crazy Bobby?! You killed her! You didn’t send her anywhere!”
“Wanna bet?” Bobby asked. Sarah looked down at her shoes that were muddy, and brown. Right now her shoes didn’t bother her, normally, the fact that they weren’t perfect, would bother her more than anything.
Just then an even darker shadow began to cover her, as she looked up, she saw, that Bobby’s shirt was gone, it had been ripped off revealing the toned muscles beneath, by a greater force that was from his back.
Black feathered wings held their own hovering over the both of them.
“I’m not going home am I?” she stared astonished.

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on Nov. 24 2010 at 3:37 pm
BrightBurningCampeador PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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Interesting, but you definitely need to go through and proof read, i think. I always do that a couple or so times before i share my stuff.

on Nov. 23 2010 at 7:49 pm
Always1995 BRONZE, Tellico Plains, Tennessee
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WOW. This was very intense... I loved it !