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Hate Never Dies (5)

May 24, 2011
By Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
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"Nothing is ever easy"- Zeddicus Zul Zorander, copied by Richard Rahl

-Full Moon tonight, - I think as I savor what could very well be my last fresh breath of air. All my stuff is on my laptop, which is hidden in a tattoo. Going means that I will be returning to my tormentor for possibly forever. Staying means pining for my love that is kept ignorant and well fed.
I think about Jeff; about his dark hair that always gets in his eyes because he’s too stubborn to get a haircut. The freckles that he’ll always have now, no matter what he does. Those eyes, so dark blue they’re almost black. His nose, thin and sharp, cutting straight down his face. His full lips. On anyone else they might seem feminine, but not Jeff.
Suddenly, uninvited, a picture is superimposed over his face. It’s still him, but his face is too pale and his eyes are red. He smiles and his teeth are long and needle sharp. I mentally shake my head. We don’t look like that, not even when we’re newborn. –Something’s not right. - I think, looking around. I don’t do things like that; my control is very good.
“Enjoy my little surprise?” He asks, stepping out from the forest into the exact same spot he was in before. “I couldn’t resist, with you thinking of someone else. I am the only one you should think of at any time.”
I couldn’t help myself; when he showed up, I had to bite back a scream. I stepped back, hoping that distance would calm me. No such luck; he stepped with me.
“What do you mean, the only one? Why would I want to think of you? And how is it that you can mess with my head?” I didn’t question his mind-reading abilities. From day one, he’d always known my thoughts. Mine and everyone else’s.
“Didn’t you know?” He feigns surprise. “We are connected. I created you; I will always have a path to your thoughts. Now come, it is time to bring you home.”
“How are we getting there?” I ask meekly. If I don’t fight now, he might go easier later. I’m not worried about finding the meadow again. If I escape, I have a tattoo path tying me here. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter.
“Running,” He answers my query calmly. I try to keep a wistful smile from my face. This could be my last chance to really run.
“Lead on,” I reply meekly, stepping back. He doesn’t say anything, merely started to run. I follow; trying not to think about what was to come, merely savoring my freedom. All too quickly, we arrived at his mansion. It was the largest house in town. He made sure to be seen as the nicest man in town, so no one would question him.
He opens the door for me and holds it like the gentleman he pretends to be. As I enter the foyer, I get hit with a flashback:
-I stand in the foyer, uncomfortable in my new body. He has brought me some food. I try to figure out what he means by food as he leaves the house. He comes back in with a human. I back up, shaking my head, but he follows and grabs me. He forces my head into the crook of the man’s neck and mutters something. Suddenly all I can do is feed. I open my mouth and sink my teeth into the soft skin. - I shake off the memories and turn to look at Him.
“So, am I going to go back in your dungeon? Play for you and Jeff? Or will I get a semblance of freedom and be allowed to walk around in my clothes?” I ask quickly and curtly as I walk through the rooms searching for Jeff.
“Well, that all depends on how you behave. If you’re compliant, you can be up here. If not, then I suppose you’ll have to go to my ‘dungeon’ as you call it.”
“What?” Jeff asked, coming out of the shadows. He is exactly as I remember him, but seems shocked. “What are you talking about?”
“What, didn’t he tell you? Didn’t he show you his dungeon? Well, if that’s the case, then I guess I’m officially not compliant.” I turn quickly and strike out at Him. He quickly catches my fist and throws his own punch at my stomach. I take the hit and use the momentum to propel my kick to his very personal area. He doubles over, but takes me to the ground with him.
“How chivalrous of you,” I wheeze, “to take out an unarmed woman. I see your point, Jeff. He really great!!” obviously, that last remark was heavy on the sarcasm. By this time, He is up. He picks me up and starts carrying me towards the stairs. Jeff follows.

The author's comments:
She's finally getting through to him! I know the end is a bit abrupt, but I want to have all of the dungeon bits in one section (maybe two)PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

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