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Another Hungry Day

July 23, 2011
By katie821705 BRONZE, Sound Beach, New York
katie821705 BRONZE, Sound Beach, New York
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It was just another day of the week. I hobbled around my little flat and walked outside, groaning and moaning. My mom used to tell me to stop being such a whiny little baby. But for some reason, thinking of my mom made me VERY hungry. Fat chance I was gonna find food. I couldn't afford to lose a limb over the frenzy stalking the streets for food. I walked aimlessly for awhile. Each breath was a struggle against the gnawing hunger inside of me. I stumbled my way over to a school track and feild course where a man was running. He was violently sweating, trying to keep his lead over the crowd of people behind him. They were catching up... Hungry again.

A few miles away there would be a grocery store. I could check if there was any food there. I stumbled and vomited up a puddle of blood. Just another sick day. By the time I made it to the store, I was covered in blood. This was hopeless. There would be no food in that store. Why should I continue to do this? Why was I being punished in this way? Just then, a woman carrying a large bag walked outside. The bag must have been filled with food. Food. FOOD. I ran as fast as I could up to the lady. She saw me and sprinted away, carrying the large bag behind her. I increased my pace and ran faster than I ever had in my new life. The woman was fast, experienced at running away from the hungry like me. She made one fatal glance back towards me and tripped over a speed bump. I smiled and hurried to catch up. But someone else jumped from behind a black car on the street and dashed toward the woman. He's going to steal the food, I thought. He grabbed the injured woman by her arms and bit her. She screamed. Others came from all around, hearing the woman's scream. There would be nothing left of the woman for me. More endless searching. Food. It was just another day in the life of a zombie.

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K.A.M.H BRONZE said...
on Aug. 1 2011 at 7:51 pm
K.A.M.H BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
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this was zombietastic!!!