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The Slender Man

September 3, 2011
By lucybugg101 PLATINUM, Concord, New Hampshire
lucybugg101 PLATINUM, Concord, New Hampshire
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Braden: We’re in a large vast landscape with grassland shaved and stretching out on all sides. In front of us in distance just barely visible, is a small town. First things first, who are we?
Lucy: You are Braden, and I am Lucy
Braden: Braden and Lucy...what type of class are we? Warrior, mage, thief, knight, dark knight, paladin, dragoon, samurai, summoner, black mage, white mage, red mage, blue mage, necromancer. And ninja, pirate, assassin, plane walker.
Lucy: Necromancer.
Braden: We are both necromancers. We head towards the town and there’s many abandoned houses. We hear a sound in the house near the edge of the town.
Lucy: We decide to head towards it.
Braden: We walk into the house and there are several rooms. We hear a bang again and we head towards the room that we hear it from. We open the door and....BAD DUM DUM DUM! Enemy Slender Man appeared!
Lucy: I jump into your arms!
Braden: My face turns beat red and I give an awkward smile. I try to tell you we need to fight!
Lucy: I get back down and take your hand instead and squeeze it because I’m scared. I take out my knife and tell you to follow me.
Braden: I remind you that were necromancers and we can summon dead stuff there is no need for knifes. I then realize your holding my hand and my nose bleeds.
Lucy: I see the scary man and hide behind you. I whisper in your ear that I want you to make it go away...
Braden: I give you a stern look and say, "I’ll protect you, no matter what." I then start chanting as the slender man walks closer. I finish the chant and summon 5 undead werewolves.
Lucy: After the battle ensues and the room is cleared we continue on into the back room where we find a lost child crying in the corner.
Braden: I have a look of confusion and wonder why there’s a child. What should we do with it?
Lucy: We take her by the hand, you on one side and me on the other and we lead her out of the house into the moon light to get a good look at her and find that she is hurt.
Braden: I realize we need to get to a doctor and pick her up so we can start running.
Lucy: I run next to you and we discover that there is no hospital, but in the dark shadows I see movement and find a witch doctor.
Braden: I am skeptical but I know it’s the only one around. I hand the doctor a bag of money and show him the girl.
Lucy: I squeeze your hand while we watch the doctor examine the girl. We soon find out that the girl can't be saved. The Slender Man had put a curse on the girl.
Braden: I kick the dirt and look up at the moon. The witch doctor then realizes were necromancers. He tells us of a special book that can reverse curses. But it also requires the help of a white mage. I ask how long we have and he says about a week. I look at you and I say we can’t give up now.
Lucy: We start out on our search for the book.
Braden: And our quest begins!
Lucy: I look at you and asked where we should look.
Braden: I think of the most possible place to look....And decide we should ask our old master.
Lucy: Gasp! But he abandoned us after that night 2 years ago when we brought the man who killed his wife back from the dead!
Braden: We can still find him. He’ll probably be at the old temple. It’s his only place to go...and don’t remind me of that night...
Lucy: I'm sorry love, and you're right. He is our only hope to save the girl. We set off towards the old temple.
Braden: Okay....we keep walking. And we have to enter the dark woods. We become more cautious.
Lucy: As we walk I step on a twig causing us both to jump. Watching where we walk we go deeper into the woods. An owl hoots making me scream. You become resourceful and create a torch out of the forest materials.
Braden: Suddenly we hear a growl. I get in a defensive stance and have the girl stand behind me.
Lucy: I take the girls hand and find a safe place for us to stay. After leaving her within eye sight I come back to help you. Taking the torch I go towards the sound. It is a stray dog, thinking it is safe I walk towards it.
Braden: I tell you to get back. It’s a demon who shape shifted. I pull out my sword and perform a binding curse chant.
Lucy: I go back to the girl who has started crying. We sit together and watch our knight in shining armor save us.
Braden: I give you a thumbs-up and a smile. I charge at the monster while chanting a fire spell. It stuns him but he swings around madly. I jump aside. He charges at me and I run up a tree and jump backwards and flip over him. I strike and cut off his arm. I slice a tree and it falls on him. He’s stuck but only momentarily. He hits me and I fall down but recover quickly. I summon skeletons and sneak around while he’s preoccupied. Then I slice of his head.
Lucy: You come over and hug us, telling us that everything is ok now. We continue on and reach the edge of the forest.
Braden: The temple is in view. And we walk toward it reluctantly.
Lucy: At the entrance to the temple we see signs of a struggle. Upon entering it becomes evident that there has been a fight. We walk into our old masters chamber and find him dead.
Braden: Standing next to him is a man dressed in white. I’m so angered I charge at him and we cross swords; I find that it’s our old friend Rain. I drop on my knees. He says he found him here. I look at his sword and there’s no evidence of blood or fight upon it.
Lucy: We discuss and come to the decision that we must focus on saving the girl. There is nothing that we can do for our master.
Braden: I stare down at him and see that it’s the same wounds as the girl....Slender man....
Lucy: Looking around I see the book that the witch doctor had told us about.
Braden: It’s full of many forbidden arts. But I shy away from them and find the curse. It requires the flesh of the being that created it. Rain points out that he is a white mage.
Lucy: Rain agrees to help us and we begin.
Braden: We had back to the first town. The little girl is frantic.
Lucy: I pick up the girl and we continue on. The little girl is growing on me and starting to feel like a daughter.
Braden: I tell you not to get too attached just in case we find her relatives or something. But we continue on into the town. For some reason the town is bustling with people. But it seems odd...and almost lagging. A bit too perfect...
Lucy: Holding hands for protection, we find a man creating the illusion of this perfect town. We break his concentration and the facade falls. The town becomes a broken down hole once again.
Braden: The man reveals to be the creator of the slender man. He is trying to make the perfect being. He wants everything in the world to be perfect.
Lucy: We explain what the Slender Man has done and the man is devastated. He agrees to help us in order to fix what he has started.
Braden: I start to sense a large, dark, and evil mass in the mountain. It is coming from near the Cave of Discord.
Lucy: We take this risk and venture out to see what it is and how we can defeat it.
Braden: I feel it’s the same darkness as the slender man. I look wary and look at you. I’m not sure if I can defeat him. He’s much more powerful than I.
Lucy: We speak to the man and find that he did not create this. But because the magic is the same he can still help us. We go back to the town to recruit others to aid us in our quest.
Braden: We find a large amount of bandits. And they are afraid to fight us so we ask them of our quest. An assassin joins our ranks.
Lucy: Feeling that it is useless to force the others to join us, as they would resist and be of no help, we set off to fight. After talking to the scared girl I find that she is full of useful magic. You lead us to the safest spot to plan. The girl tells us of the weak points of beast.
Braden: A man passes by. He is dressed for battle. He asks us of what we’re doing in this place. We tell him of our story and he decides to help. We plan to attack straight on and use our magic to try to hold it down as best as we can. While the warrior attacks the front and the assassin attacks in back.
Lucy: After a long and difficult battle we succeed in defeating the beast. We enter its cave and find it full of everything that we need to perform the spell to save the girl. Perhaps if we can save the girl we can figure out a way to revive our master.
Braden: We start to perform the ritual. It seems to work. And we realize if we do this then the last lingering spirit of the monster will come out, stronger than ever.
Lucy: We have no choice but to continue, for if we do not finish the ritual the results will be disastrous, and the girl will suffer a horrible fate.
Braden: We ready ourselves and say the last words. With a roar the slender man appears. His power is immense but we have strength in each other. We have a long and hard battle. We destroy him...or seem to. But suddenly you, the girl, and I get transported to a weird arena. There’s a man there. He tells us of how he got transformed into the slender man to become perfect. He was my father. He felt like he was a failure to me. So that’s why he did it. He let my mother die. I forgive him. But still can’t forgive the fact that he killed so many people. He tells me it wasn’t his doing. But the man who made him was mad with rage that his experiment was a failure. He cursed him. The man appears with a dark power. The one we felt from the slender man. He keeps talking madly. That perfection is the only way. We tell him he’s so wrong. I get knocked down; he’s about to kill me. My father jumps in front of him. And the man laughs as my father fades away. He tells me he’s proud to be my father. And he loves me. I get up and run towards the man. A large energy flows around me he laughs but then is scared as my energy is much larger and stronger than his, he screams and charges at me. We do the samurai final blow, after 5 seconds of silence he falls and fades away. The scenery falls and we’re back in the cave. We’ve won.
Lucy: We leave the cave and venture off past the town, we return to the countryside where our journey had begun.
Braden: We look at the sunset. And decide to settle down a town.
Lucy: Once the little girl is better we talk to her about finding her parents. She tells us about how her parents were killed before her eyes by the Slender Man. We ask her if she has any other family and she says no. I have become attached to her, so I talk to you about taking her in. We agree it will be a lot of work, but feel it is the right thing to do. When we share the idea with the girl she immediately runs up to us and gives us a huge hug. Being together after such an eventful few days is the best imaginable thing to us.
Braden: We find a house and put her off to sleep. And we happily go to bed and live happily ever after...

The author's comments:
My friend Braden and I got bored while messaging each other. We decided to write a story together. We wrote this in about 3 hours.

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