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The Cursed Girl

October 16, 2011
By Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
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A girl comes by… she looks up at the white moon. Then let her face slowly tilt down, long straight hair falling. Tears came down. Why did it have to go like this? Why did she have to leave her family? Why couldn’t she live with them? Why her family did drove her out beyond to the forbidden borders? Was it for her… safety or… resentment? I don’t know, she thought, cuddling her coat closer. She strained her head to look around. Snow as far anyone could see by naked eyes… everlasting in this forbidden boundary. The line that no one in her country is supposed to cross… and yet she was here. Driven out by her family. Alone. Full of sadness. With only her life to care for herself… or take her source of heart’s beat. Live or suicide. That was her choice to make. Live or suicide. The choice hung over her head like a time bomb to about to set off. The most important decision in her life. She sighed so hoarsely, of the walking for long time in the snow. Suddenly, she couldn’t take it. Her body dropped to the snow making a body print. The cold snow was on her cheek. Her tears grown bigger, making trail of ice on the snow. There is nothing to live for… my family abandoned me… the people in my town despised me… because I was a cursed girl. What the village calls me, the cursed girl. Da**ed to be spread my curse around the people, she thought sadly. The village’s burden is her. She knew that in her heart, all in deepest, the bottom of her heart that she knew it. She knew that she was cursed girl. She knew that the village was happy to have her gone. She knew the reason for her being driven out by her family was because they resented her. Her body was beginning to get colder… dying… her flame was going out slowly. And all went black.

The next thing she saw was a burst of light burning her eyes with pains. Then it started to get clearer, welcoming her eyes into a warm colored room. The sun shone through the window. Where… am I, the most common question asked was thought by her. Something warm and fluffy was wrapped around her. A robe. Then came to her realization that she was sitting on a bed. A bed. She didn’t realize that she was sitting up. Why? Why did a person rescue me? Somehow she knew a person rescued her. Who was the person? She wondered. She stood up and went to the window. Snow. That was the first thing she saw. Snow… didn’t she collapsed in the snow? Snow… cold, exquisite yet so harsh and menacing. Just like her family. The door to her room opened. A see-through person came in. The soul walked to her and stopped in front of her. The girl didn’t react to this encounter; instead she gazed on the soul. The soul gazed back then gave her some freshly clean clothes. With a soothing sound very much like a soft sweet music, “You should leave soon. You do not belong here. Humans cannot belong here forever. This place is not good for you. If you stay here, the people who live here will destroy you. You mustn’t stay here or you will die here. This is the realm of souls.” The soul turned to look outside, “This home isn’t heaven nor it is he**. It is soul’s home. And… a human like you will be in danger.” The soul’s eyes full of it liquid whirled around the circle. The girl stood still. She wasn’t even a slightest shocked. She was used to this kind of treatment. Her eyes gazed expressionlessly on the soul. She said “…Okay, I understand. I will leave this place to so not intrude your life of this community.” The soul stared at her. “You aren’t normal human, are you? My home’s mother can sense it. You are a cursed human. The girl rumored to da** those close to her. That is the reason why I am not letting you lodge here. Your curse is strong enough to burden us.” The soul put a translucent hand to her cheek. “You have gotten used to this. I wish you a good farewell. Find a better environment most to your desired.” The soul faded away slowly. The girl smiled sadly. “That is first time I have heard a request for me. Thank you very much. I shall try to find my dreamed place… although I already knew that will never find that yearned home.”

The author's comments:
I wrote by inspired of reading Teen Ink online, I was really reading the articles and I gotten to be really inspired by the stories you wrote and decided to write my own one.

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