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Unlimited Inland

October 18, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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"the beggar can be the king as the king is the beggar"

The harsh wind blow across Nathan’s face as he crossed the empty lot towards his current sanctuary. A BUS STOP. In the past few years of Nathans ventures he had stayed at many places. He had many contacts who would tell him a place to stay but this accommodation was far better then the one he had planed to stay at tonight.

Nathan is a jack of all trades, or so he likes to call himself. But everyone who is a someone call him the king of klutz, and everyone who is not a someone calls him the king of dorks. Know you may be wondering what is the difference between the two tittles or maybe you really don’t care about that? And what your really wondering is what is up with the two groups, or maybe your from fiftieth century and would just like to know what does this even matter? Am I right? Did I guess all the questions that are popping inside your little cerebellum? No? well then I think I need to work on my guessing skills and if you really, really, really, really want your questions answered and ruin my perfect picture of me being the best guesser in the world then you can call on the number that you can see in the end of this article and you will reach my assistant but I may worn you that your call may not be received during to bad connection. Anyway back to the story.

Ok , what may really surprise you is that the both tittles and the groups matter. You see that everyone who is a someone thinks that calling Nathan with fancy word will make him happier despite his losses. And everyone who is not a someone think that no matter what even if they agree with everyone who is a someone then they will not acknowledge it so they use crude words to describe Nathan. So you see it’s not the words but it’s the cults who represent the tittles.

Ok, back to Nathan. Nathan used to be a veterinarian. But since the turn of the era no one has needed a Veterinarian since the new MB( Medical Robots) and other advances of technology have been developed and released into the community. Nathan had tried to get a new job but it seemed that his degree was of no use. But still there were hundreds of people who were fired of their jobs by the state. Nathan tried to get work but it was of no use. Nathan was only handy with a few tools in the medical field and he didn’t have much money to start a business or to go back to college. So in the end he turned to social working well that what he called it. He wandered around the Community estates and all over the place he could get to he would help anyone but take pay from no one. Except for a little food or water.

In his mid forties Nathan tried to get everyone who was workless to start an organization that would help with the learning and getting a new job for a person. Of course people didn’t take him seriously so Nathan decided to go to someone with power. In other words to find a politician. Politician were as rare as the veterinarian since the revolution for complete democracy with no to represent anyone and everyone even the kids had a say in all the sayings and it was easy to keep track of everyone with the advance technology in the world.

The only ruling party was the Runners. They were the authority who caught criminals but had no rule over to what to do with him. And the only thing that had survived the change of the eras was the council of the Jurors. And that’s how they decide against the innocence and the guilty.

Nathan found himself at the house of an Judge who was know working to wards bringing in the next change of the eras. But of course Nathan didn’t know that ,all he knew was that he was going to a Judge who looked promising in changing some of the faults their community had. But all that happened was that Nathan bought him self a lecture on class and how he dare he contacted a higher being and ruin the house with his appearance ,he peasant.

From then on Nathan has tried to get help from other people who were not happy with he way job’s were being sold to the bots but of course not a lot of people care about that since it’s how the bots actually got out.

From this day on Nathan is still trying to complete his goal. So if any of you are interested please call the number in the corner.

At the building of the not so big helping for money building ( not selfish )

The author's comments:
this was really fun to do. it was a look into the future from a fun point of view.

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