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Regrets I have, towards to healing

October 19, 2011
By Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
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I sat on the grass. The winds softly blowing the wind chimes, it was making a pure, clear sound ringing in my ears. The sky was bright blue. I sat under the tree, casting shades over my body. I remember it clearly, very clearly, so clear that I can see it in my mind. The grass whooshed by the wind. It was my heart used to be in the past. Whoosh. It used to move like the wind. I used to able to change my mind anytime I want to, but… now I can’t. I seem to be stuck in this present situation. What I used to be like when I was human was when I could alter my mind anytime, no matter what I’m doing now... now I can’t. It was my fault that I can’t ever learn the new things I missed out because of a thing I did. The decision I made at that time, I was merely only a foolish human. I craved to live. I had the desire to be immortal; even it meant I would never see my family and friends ever again. When I ate the immortality crystal, I eternally became immortal. The moment the crystal was swallowed into my heart, I knew that minute I would regret later. Now I can’t age to see discovery about me with new flaws and talents because I broke the “time” in my life. The time was my life. I have my regrets for doing that. I sighed. I wish… I can become human once again like in the past. I learned my mistakes. I stood up. The wind blew through me. Heh. I still remember the warning the immortality crystal gave me before I swallowed it. It told me “Once you swallow me, you will stop aging therefore once you do that, you must never say that you wish to be human again in your heart. If you do, you’ll die slowly.” Yes, the warning. All the human life I had before, thank you for that. Now I can finally die… my skin faded and my soul was sent to heaven.

The author's comments:
Once again I got inspired bu the Teen Ink web... and I'm happy I wrote this article! It's about immortality and regrets. (And no it's not about Vampires!)

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