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October 14, 2011
By Dayne22 SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dayne22 SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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My eyes open, laying upon my bed, waiting for sleep. I can feel the oncoming of another sleepless night. The darkness is quiet, and still. I stare up at the ceiling and make pictures out of shadows creeping along the walls. That’s when I hear it. I already know what it, or should I say they are.

I call them bed goblins. They creep around my room making the bumps and creaks that you hear in the night. They run around causing mischief, fighting over lost pennies and trinkets.

Little glowing bubbles seep through the walls and burst open into the tall Spirits. The Spirits are white and tall. If you look closely they flicker as if they were holograms. The beautiful calm, peaceful beings are always smiling and real quiet. I’m pretty sure they’re people that went straight to heaven. One of them, a young looking girl, smiles and waves. She lifts a tulip to her nose and inhales the scent.

Sparkles start to sprit about my room. The Night Faeries have come. They’re the most awe inspiring of the night creatures. They flit about leaving a trail of dreams behind. If you listen closely you can here them whispering your greatest desires. I can make out the words true love, graduation, and happily ever after, whispered about slowly with a few giggles from some of them. They’re like teenage girls always giggling especially when it comes to their favorite topic ‘love’.

My room starts to smell of spring and morning dew. sweet and naturedly. I look to see the dryads walking about. Everything within inches of them becomes some beautiful exotic plant. The dryads are young girls, all naturally pretty, with long flowing hair, rosy cheeks, and with small innocent smiles. My room is looking more and more unrecognizable.

The faeries are playing with my hair, while The Spirits sing songs of happiness. The dryads are growing vines up along my walls, planting flowers everywhere, and willing massive trees form a massive circle. The goblins are chasing a stray mouse. All creatures here to celebrate another magical night. The faeries make leaves in the trees around glow like lanterns. Centaurs step out from amidst the trees, fauns come out and start playing reed pipes, and asking the lovely dryads to dance.

The faeries turned my old sweats and t-shirt into a beautiful green gown. I dance and laugh with the fauns and dryads. While finding a good place to sit, I bump into a tall person, or elf, I should say. He’s tall, fair with jet black hair that waves over his forehead. His eyes are a deep blue that shine like a star. His lips a deep crimson, the top thin and the bottom full. You can slightly see the tips of his ears pointing out through his hair. He wears a white loose tunic that’s opened quite a bit on the chest. A leather belt with a sword strung onto it and brown trousers with knee high boots.

He took my hand and we danced. I lost all sense of time. What felt like just a few minutes was really hours. When we weren’t dancing we were sitting on the ground looking intently into each others eyes.

There was a piercing scream. For once I looked away from his eyes to see what happened. A strong smelling black smoke enveloped the whole wood. Shira has come. Her black smoke chokes away all happiness, joy, love, and hope leaving nothing but hate, fear, sadness and cold. I turn back to my elfin boy, but he has disappeared into the smoke. I jump up and find myself in armor ready to battle. Shira is somewhere in the smoke waiting for me to attack. I plunge into it sword at hand ready to strike. Her hissing echo’s through the smoke. Out of the cornier of my eye I see her black body slithering along. I swing my sword at it but she’s already gone. Her laugh rips through the smoke. Making a full 360o I see her, high above me, preparing to feast upon me. Her mouth snaps open and her head goes back to strike. Lifting my sword into the air I…

…My eyes open to the morning light. Another night full of fairy tale dreams. I look onto the floor and see reed pipes laying there. Or is it?

The author's comments:
I used to make up my own bedtime stories for my little brother. This is a more exaggerated piece.

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