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Where did there color go?

February 9, 2012
By LibbyRenee BRONZE, Burnside, Pennsylvania
LibbyRenee BRONZE, Burnside, Pennsylvania
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“Where did their color go?”
One day long ago lived five blobs, Carl who was 13. Carl was green and slimy he only had one eye. Steve was Carl’s twin he was also green and only had one eye. These blobs didn’t wear any clothes. Autumn was 13 and has 3 eyes, she is slimy and purple. She was an unordinary blob, the quietest out of them all. The four blobs was named Cindy. Cindy also worn no clothes she was orange and had 4 eyes.
These blobs lived in a magical forest that only they knew about. They called it mystery palace because, there were no people and no animals except the 5 Blobs. One day Carl and Steve went out to play and discovered a tree that hadn’t been there yesterday. They thought for a moment, “I wonder what this one tastes like?” said Steve.
Steve was the adventurer he was always up to something new. So Carl decided they taste this tree, “Maybe it taste like a fruit” said Carl

Steve was first to take a bit “Dude, this tastes like root beer try some” said Steve.

“I wonder when it got here or how it got here.” Carl said

Minutes later Autumn and Cindy showed up. There were curious as to what Steve and Carl were doing. “Carl what the heck are you guys doing, What if that is poisonous?” yelled Cindy.

“Taste this. It tastes like root beer,” said Carl.

“Do you even know what that is?” Cindy said.”
“Yeah, it’s a mysterious tree that tastes like root beer,” Carl said.
“You shouldn’t eat things that randomly appear,” Autumn said.
After Carl and Steve realized what Autumn and Cindy were saying they stop eating the tree and went on back to their cabin. Which they lived in. About one hour after they returned Carl and Steve felt sick in their stomach. They then looked at Cindy who was making their special food and said

“We don’t feel so well”.

“Well you shouldn’t have eaten that tree, what if was poisonous?” said Cindy.
“Well maybe they should just stay here and rest for a couple days and see if they get any better,” exclaimed Autumn, who was extremely worried about her friends.
Later they saw that Carl and Steve’s color had disappeared they were all white.

“Ohh no you guys, What happened to your color?” asked Cindy.
“We don’t know” said the twins who were all white.
“We should go ask wise old George, maybe he can help us out he knows everything.” said Autumn.

“Yeah Cindy will you take us to the wise old George?” asked Carl
“Yes, that would be a great idea” said Cindy
“We will leave as soon as I am done with supper, I will give him a call and ask if we may come over” said Cindy
“Ok,” said Steve
When they arrived at George’s Palace he came to the door and said “Hello, I am glad you decided to come to me for help this time.”
George was very wise and knew everything off the top of his head.
He was a Yellow wrinkly blob, George was 1,809 years old.
“Well my friend there is one thing I have to tell you, I can help you with this problem.”
“How are you going to fix our color? Is it going to hurt?” Steve and Carl said with worry.
“No it shouldn’t hurt I just need you to answer some questions then I can find out how to fix this” George said.
“Ok what are your questions?” asked Carl
“What did you two drink before you noticed the color was gone?” asked George
“We haven’t had anything but the water from your well” said the boys
“Ok, then what did you eat before you noticed you color disappeared?”
“Well, we ate this tree the one next to the old cabin” replied Carl.
“Ohh, how much of it did you both eat?”
“The both of us eat the whole tree.”
“This could be bad,” said George
“What do you mean bad?” exclaimed Autumn
“You see the tree wasn’t meant to be eaten you are just suppose to admire it and enjoy the smell. Here just take this medicine and see if your color comes back, if the color doesn’t come back within a week then come back and see me.” Said George
“Ok we will try it and return if the color doesn’t come back.”
When Carl and Steve took the medicine they thought it was lemon juice but it wasn’t, it didn’t even have lemon juice in it no one knows exactly what it is made of except, George he is the one that made it.
About a week past and the boys color came back. They were so excited they went to George and told him “Thanks a million you helped us so much and next time we see that tree we won’t eat it” promised the boys.
“Ha-ha” They all laughed with happiness.
“I hope you don’t, because we might not be able to get your color back the second time,” replied George.
“What was that medicine made of? It tasted nasty but I took it anyway. I hated when I was completely white I felt old and useless,” said Steve
“Oh you boys make me laugh, I am so glad I have friends like you,” replied George
“Wise old George why did the tree make them change color, why didn’t it just make them sick?” asked Cindy in a curious voice
“That is one thing I don’t know,”
“Well, we better be heading back now, sorry for not staying so long we have to clean up the mess at the house and get supper fixed,” said Cindy
“George, would you like to come over and have supper with us?” asked Autumn
“I would love to,” said George
When they were done eating the boys walked George back to his palace and said “Thanks for everything you have done for us”
“No problem, and thank you for the dinner, you boys be careful going home”
“We will” they replied
And the 5 blobs lived happily in their magical forest and never eat any trees ever again.

The author's comments:
i dont really know why i am posting this stupid story i wrote it for english on fantasey and here it is but its not the best i can do!

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on Mar. 23 2012 at 9:00 am
AndriaGromley SILVER, Hillsdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

LibbySon, I'm sorry, I was giggling the entire time I was reading it...

on Mar. 23 2012 at 9:00 am
DarkIsThyThought BRONZE, Shishpipkabibble, Pennsylvania
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I think I know enough of hate- to say that for destruction ice- is also great- and would suffice.

Wow Libby, I didn't know you had a teenink. The base of thestory was good, but it could use more depth.