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Mission: Planet Earth

May 2, 2012
By nikdavi BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
nikdavi BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
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“E-E-Emmett!!!” gasped Rob, turning wildly the silver steering wheel trying to control the spaceship, “T-That planet! Is it-”

“Yeah...” the space agent slowly opened his eyes while yawning and scratched the back of his neck, “That’s it.”
“And is he...you know... is our target-”
“Uh-huh...” Emmett spoke softly as he sat down in the seat next to Rob’s, the commander’s chair.

Rob’s chestnut hair seemed almost white with the reflection of the sun, and his eyes looked as green as the pieces of land before them. Emmett’s eyes, however, didn’t look any darker. They looked bluer instead. Bluer than the color of the planet they were in front of right now. His hair was as dark as the universe they had been traveling for three decades now, even though they looked sixteen.

Emmett and Rob came from a planet in X-56 NT Galaxy, planet K98. That’s where all space agents gathered. Despite being only 160 years old, Emmett and Rob had been given an extremely dangerous mission: To destroy the biggest threat in the whole universe, who was a disguised as a human, with no good intentions whatsoever.

“This planet looks scary!!” Rob kept complaining.

“Why is it so scary for you?”

“Well, remember what Captain Shadow said. ‘There are certain things you will be able to feel on that planet that you can’t feel here, strange things not even I can explain.’”

“It will be okay as long as you don’t wander away. Remember he also said, ‘Stick together, guys. Rob will get himself killed if he’s not with Emmett.’”

“Huh?” Rob’s eyes opened up wide, “I will get myself killed for sure then!”

“Shut up,” Emmett gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder

“Still...it’s scary...”

“Why in hell did the UET pick YOU to come with me?!” Emmett slammed his hands against the crystal desk in front of him. Then he sighed, Rob was his best and only friend after all. “How can it be scary with such a stupid name? Pfft...would you listen to that? Planet Earth!”


.  .  .


Emmett and Rob didn’t know much about Planet Earth. They had studied about it a hundred years ago but they didn’t know a lot about their manners now. They had been forced to enter High School in order to find their target, and they had to find a way to blend in so nobody suspected of their non-humanity.

As they stepped into the hallway, two petite cheerleaders walked past them holding hands.

The space agents looked at each other and Emmett let out a mischievous grin.

.  .  .


Emmett and Rob held hands all the way into homeroom.

“Em?” whispered Rob leaning a little into Emmett’s ear, “Why is everybody staring at us?”


All of the girls giggled and blushed as the young aliens passed by.

“Ain’t it obvious?” Emmett whispered back, “We are what humans call hot”

Then, two hulky guys dressed in funny blue outfits with big white numbers in the back stood in front of them and one of them said, “Hey, are you guys gay?”

One of them chuckled as if mocking them.

“Hmm…” Emmett tried to remember what the word meant. Happy, he thought, that’s what they taught us at school back in X-56 NT. “Yes, indeed. We are gay.”

“Hah! Come with us for a minute.” laughed one of the jocks as they grabbed Emmett and Rob each by an ear and dragged them to the boys’ bathroom.

Apparently, the jocks expected the aliens’ ears to hurt, because when they let go of them and they showed no signal of pain, one of the jocks let out a little “Huh?”  and then, shaking away his confused expression, said, “Oh, it didn’t hurt? Then, prepare to feel real pain!”

Pain was not a vocabulary for the residents of X-56 NT, they couldn’t feel any pain. You could send somebody to the sun and they’d come back as if they had gone to the beach, but no pain would have been felt.

“Umm,” Rob’s shy voice whispered, which made everyone silent so they could listen to him, “What’s ‘pain’? I’ve heard about it but it’s been a long time since somebody tells me what it is…I forgot”

Emmett face-palmed himself. And this is why I always told him to pay attention to class, he thought.  Haha, but him being so emotional makes him so incredibly cute! He’s sure to get some human girlfriend!

“Tough guy, huh?”

“Huh?” Rob gave two steps back as the guy gave two steps towards him.

There are certain things you will be able to feel in Planet Earth that you can’t feel here, strange things not even I can explain.

Could it be, thought Rob, that I will be able to feel what humans call ‘pain’?

“Em!!” Rob gasped as he ran behind Emmett and lowered his head in horror.

“Aww...would you look at that?” mocked the jock on the right, “What a cute couple!”

Couple? Hmmm, Rob remembered from math class that couple meant two things together, meaning he and Emmett were a couple, right? “What’s wrong with being a couple?” he asked with a really, really tiny voice. He was scared that just by talking, the guy would make him feel pain.

The other guy raised his fist in the air, ready to punch the two aliens at once. Emmett twitched, deep inside he was also scared but he had to be strong. He had to be strong and protect Rob, as he had promised. As the guy got closer, Emmett instantly thought of his promise to Captain Shadow. ‘Don’t use your powers in Planet Earth!’, he had said. But this was different! It was Rob! What did Emmett care about himself being hurt? When had Emmett ever cared about someone else but Rob? The rage building up inside of him created a green energy ball in his hands. Suddenly, the raised-up fist moved quickly, getting closer to Rob’s face. As quickly as he could, Emmett let out the energy ball aiming at the two humans in front of them.

“What the-” the last word they said before they disintegrated into green, neon, dust right in front of the aliens’ eyes. Then, it also disappeared.

“No one hurts Rob!” Emmett’s pride rose up after every single one of his victories. He’d always put both his hands in his hips and let out a sunny smile like he was doing now.

Instead of the response he was waiting for from his best friend, he heard a small, short pant.

Quickly, he turned around to find Rob sitting against a bathroom stall, gasping for air.

“I feel funny...” he panted.

“Exhaustion,” Emmett gave him a hand and helped him up, “one of the things humans feel after too much excitement.”


“Sometimes I wish you had payed attention in class back in X-56 NT.”

Rob let out a little smile, “By the way, where did you send those guys?”

Emmett chuckled.

“I have no idea.”

. . .

Meanwhile, in galaxy 7672LP

“Dude!” yelled a floating human in the middle of blackness, “Where the hell are we?!”

“I have no idea!” the other one was crying, “But I can assure you we will die here!”

. . .

Back in the school hallways, Emmett & Rob, as always, held hands. In their minds, everyone knew them as a happy group of two people; a gay couple.

“Hey, Em...” Rob whispered, “Where is the guy ...you know, our target?”

“Oh, right.” you could tell from Emmett’s facial expression that he had completely forgotten about their mission, “That guy...”

“What’s his name? Maybe we can ask someone where he is.”

“Huh? Oh...” Emmett took out his SDC (Spacial Device for Communication), which was disguised as a phone and pressed a few buttons before saying, “His name is Jason Greene.”

“Eh?” Rob pointed his finger towards a guy wearing the same blue outfit as the guys before. In the back, it said in thick, white letters ‘GREENE’. “You mean that guy over there?”

Without a word, Emmett stomped towards ‘Jason Greene’, dragging Rob along with him.

Greene was leaning on his locker, surrounded by three cheerleaders.

“Jason Greene?” asked Emmett.

The guy turned to the aliens and stared at them for a while before saying, “Never expected the UET to send two guys like you...”

Emmett remained with the same neutral facial expression as Rob opened his eyes wide and quickly dashed behind Emmett.

“Girls,” smiled Greene towards the trio of cheerleaders beside him, “I’ll call you later, yes? I have some business to take care of here.”

“Sure!” as they left, the three of them checked Emmett out and one of them even mouthed ‘call me’.

Emmett faked a smile and then turned to Greene again. “What are you planning, Greene?” he muttered.

“Well, naturally, to create my own world.” as he said this, he winked at a girl who passed by. “You see, humans are way too easy to manipulate and I happened to come up with the idea of conquering this planet.”

“You do realize that you just told us your plan and we are here to eliminate you, right?”

“Well,” Greene flipped his hair, “I was kinda hoping you would join me. I mean, you are one of the strongest agents from the UET.”

“Oh, please!” Emmett raised an eyebrow as if saying ‘As if!’

“Hmm,” Greene stared at Rob, “is he your so-called boyfriend?”

Rob looked away and tried to hide his cheeks by hiding behind Emmett, again. “I’m not...I’m not his boy-”

“Anyway, join me, Emmett! We’d make an awesome team!”

“No way.” he snapped.

“Hah! Lemme tell ya something, Emmett. If I wish to, I’ll steal what’s most treasured to you in order to make you join me. Don’t you get it? I am a god! Everyone should worship me!” Greene smirked, “I can turn the oceans to purple acid, I can turn all cheerleaders in this school into my slaves & if I wish to, I can make you my ally whether you want it or not.”

“We’ll see about that, Greene.”

“Just wait for it...”

. . .

The space agents settled in a hotel two blocks away from school. Captain Shadow had provided them with ten thousand ‘dollars’ which was equivalent to one ‘NT’ in X-56 NT, and one NT was like one dollar to them. Therefore, they had enough money to get a room for each of them. Even though they would’ve preferred a two-bed bedroom for the two of them, Emmett decided it would keep a lower profile that way.

That night, Emmett had a horrible dream.

Greene’s voice repeated the words, ‘If I wish to, I’ll steal what’s most treasured to you in order to make you join me.’

I’ll steal what’s most treasured to you.

What’s more treasured to you.

Emmett tried to shake the voice away. His throat felt heavy as he grasped for air.

As he panted, Emmett’s eyes forced themselves open. Sweat ran down his face. He felt a pain in his chest, he knew something was wrong.

What’s more treasured to me, he thought, but what....

Emmett gasped. He hastened out of his room and banged at the door next to his.

“ROB!” he called as he kept hammering at the door.


“ROB?! IT’S EMMETT! OPEN UP!” he kept trying.

Still nothing. Emmett kicked the door open and dashed in. It was empty; the sheets were in the floor, the phone was unplugged and the windows were shattered into little pieces.

“Damn...” Emmett sighed as he sat down in Rob’s bed and massaged his temples. He always did that when he was truly worried about something, and he had almost never been.

I fail as everything, he thought to himself, I fail as a protector, as a space agent, as a friend, as everything! For the first time ever in 160 years, a single tear ran down Emmett’s cheek.

Suddenly, something caught his eye. A little piece of paper next to the unplugged telephone. It read To Emmett. Amazed, Emmett picked up the little paper and unfolded it.

What’s up, Em?

As you might have guessed, this note was written by The Almighty Me! And in case you still don’t know who this is, it’s Greene, you idiot. Anyways, I just captured Rob. Great, huh? He’s so cute, I just had to order him to sit down and keep quiet so I could write this. Okay, okay, I did threaten him with killing him if he didn’t. Tonight I will have Rob for dinner unless you come and become my ally, okay? Just kidding, ew. I will feed him to my dogs, And just so you know, I replaced their teeth with iron bars. So, yeah, what I want to say is pretty much ‘come join me or I will kill your boyfriend’. Bye!

-The Great Me

P.S. Here’s my address....

“Jerk,” muttered Emmett as he kept reading. “And what exactly is up with people saying he’s my boyfriend?”

. . .

Jason Greene lived in a huge european-style mansion. He had locked up Rob in a cage, who was curled up in a ball sulking about the possibility of being killed, or even worse, Emmett being killed.

Greene was sitting next to the cage, reading a thick book that was titled ‘How to torture Space Agents from the UET’.

“Hey, Rob,” said Greene, “won’t you use your powers to try to escape?”

“B-But Captain Shadow s-said-”

“Hah! I can’t believe how obedient you are! They don’t work here anyways!”


Greene held his cup of tea and examined the inside. Then he yelled, “Sebastian!”

A tall man in a suit instantly appeared in the doorway.

“Young Master, I’ve told you multiple times that my name is not Seb-”

“Shut up, it suits you. Now, fetch me some more tea.”

The butler sighed, “Yes, Young Master.”

All of a sudden, Rob stood up and opened his mouth in amazement, “EM!!”
“Eh?!” Greene instantly turned around to find Emmett standing behind him, about to hit him. As Emmett quickly hided his fist, Greene smirked, “So you decided to join me?”

“Oh, Rob.” Emmett face-palmed himself, “If only you would’ve kept quiet we would be out of here already!”

“S-So sorry, Em...” Rob looked away as he curled up in a ball once again.

“I guess I will just have to pulverize you, Greene.” Emmett grinned as he tried to create a green ball of energy.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Emmett, but my mansion was built inside an anti-power barrier.”

Emmett’s grin faded away.

“Please,” Greene gestured towards the chair across his’ “do take a sit.”

As Emmett sat down, Greene’s butler placed a cup of tea in the table between them.

“Sebastian, right?” asked Emmett as he looked at the butler, then at Greene, and then at the butler again. He also had the idea of every butler having to be called ‘Sebastian’.

“Yup.” smiled Greene.

“My name is actually Pa-”

“Shut up, and please bring another cup of tea for this gentleman.”

“Oh, no. I’m okay.” Emmett didn’t wanna waste time and just rescue Rob, but he had to distract Greene first.

“Anyways, Emmett... You are joining me, right?”

“I was thinking about it, and....yeah! I am joining you.” Emmett tried to avoid the pair of green eyes starting to shed tears as he said this.

“Good!” Greene took out a piece of paper from his pockets and placed it in front of Emmett. “Here, a list of the places we will conquer first.”

“Why, thank you. I will analyze them right away.” for the sake of his plan, Emmett tried his best to avoid the small voice coming from inside the cage next to him that softly called his name.

“Then...I guess your boyfriend here is now free.” Greene turned to Rob, “Sebastian! Let this little fellow free!”
“Yes, Young Master.” he nodded.

“No! Wait!” this was Emmett’s voice, “It’s better if we kill him. That way, nobody will be able to interfere with our plan. And nobody will be able to inform Captain Shadow.”

“Clever guy!” Greene smiled from ear to ear, “Sebastian! Bring the gun!”

“Y-Yes, Young Master. Right away.”

“Hmmm...Let’s make this even more interesting.” Greene’s face slowly turned to face Emmett, “What if you kill him yourself.”

Emmett gulped.

“Em!” sobbed Rob, “You’re joking, right? Y-You’re....just joking...”

Emmett looked away and tried to ignore the mango-sized knot in his throat, “Sorry, Rob.”

Sebastian placed the gun in Emmett’s hands as Greene smirked.

“Here, we’ll hold him still for you.” Sebastian unlocked the cage and grabbed one of Rob’s arms as Greene held the other one.

“Ouch...” whined Rob.

Emmett avoided eye contact with Rob and pointed the gun at him.

Greene chuckled, “How does it feel, huh? Your boyfriend’s about to murder you!”

“Emmett...” Rob’s eyes were red of all the tears he had let out.

“Prepare to die!” yelled Emmett as he avoided looking at anybody in the room. A small voice saying ‘I love you’ before the gun’s ‘BANG!’ was barely heard because of the tension filling the room. For a moment, nobody said anything. Emmett opened his eyes and smiled. “What a stupid person...”

“Em?!” cried the same soft voice that had said, ‘l love you’ before. “Em! You didn’t kill me!”

“Are you an idiot?” smiled Emmett as he dashed towards Rob and squeezed him.

“So who did you...” Rob turned around to find Jason Greene’s body laying in the floor.

“He’s so stupid.” this was a different voice, “I can’t believe he didn’t see that one coming.”


“Anyways, I quit...and just for the record, my name is not Sebastian.”

“And what is it?”

“Pancho. I always tried to tell Young Master my real name but he’d always refuse to listen. Nice to meet you two, though. Sorry about everything, Roberto.”

“It’s not Roberto, just Rob.” Emmett said.

“Oh, sorry.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Sebastian.” Emmett shook his hand, “We will now take our leave.”

“I’m not Seb-” he sighed, “You know what? Never mind...just....goodbye.”

. . .

The ride back home lasted 2 months this time. While they were accomplishing their mission, Captain Shadow had sent Emmett a message saying that he had found a black hole that would make the trip shorter.

Emmett had the need to kill him right now.

“So,” Emmett yawned as he placed his feet in his Commander’s desk. “you ‘love me’, huh?”

“Ehh?!” Rob yelled, trying to keep his eyes on the steering wheel, “N-No way! When did I ever say s-such a thing?!”

“When you thought I was about to kill you.”

“Well...t-that was because of the t-tension, you know, I didn’t really mean it and-”



“Shut up...anyways...” Emmett stood behind Rob’s pilot chair and hugged him, “Mission accomplished.”

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