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Rejected he wasn't

May 27, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it was always yours, if it doesn't it never was.

The leader glared at the same dragon before him. “You did what?” ,he asked in a calm manner. The dragon shape shifted to a mouse and cowered before him. “Stand to me in your true form!” the leader snapped. His calm demeanor fell and his anger showed. The mouse instantly turned into a child. “Ma-ma-master I’m so sorry. I didn’t know we weren’t suppose to tell humans of us. Please don’t send me to earth. PLEASE!” the child begged. The leader looked coldly at the whimpering child. “I don’t care how young you are. I don’t care how much you beg. You need to learn some self respect. You need to learn that humans are under us, not equal or above. You will be sent to earth, and you will not be allowed back until you show that humans are beneath us.” the leader commanded. “B-b-b-but how do I do that?” the leader smiled a cold smile. “Take a lowly being and kill her.”

“I don’t know how you watch this stuff.” Loren said to her younger brother. He was glued to the T.V watching his dark shows. “”Once you get into it, it’s quite interesting.” her brother replied. Loren just rolled her eyes. She grabbed the remote and turned the channel. Her brother jumped up. “Hey, I was here first!” he shouted leaping for the remote. Loren held it out of his reach. “You’ve been watching your dorkaton for two hours. It’s my turn now!” she shouted back. Her brother then rammed into her stomach. Surprised, Loren dropped the remote. Her brother lunged for it, but Loren kicked it aside. That’s when their mother came into the room. “Loren your brother was watching T.V first.” “But mom he has been watching TV all day.” Loran complained. “My show is not over.” he whined crossing his arms. Their mom sensing a tantrum quickly said, “Loren go do something else.” Loren kicked her brother in the stomach and walked out the front door, She heard her brother crying from outside.

The kid walked the streets wondering what to do. After being thrown off his planet to earth he had found the most secluded park he could find and slept there. He hadn’t been able to sleep for long because a big human with a big dog had chased him away. The dog had even bit his ankle. When he had gotten far away he sat down to rest on some steps. Then some rude human had fallen on him. He looked up to say something but his words got caught in his throat. She was beautiful. She had long black hair with caramel eyes. Long thick eyelashes framed her eyes, giving her a startled expression. Freckles framed her pale thin face. Even though she was glaring at him he stood up and smiled. He dusted himself off before offering her his hand. He cleared his throat then spoke. “Hello fellow human. My earth given name is Simone. What would yours be?” The girl rolled her eyes. “Loren. What are you doing on my front porch?” she asked ignoring his hand. “Lauren. What a beautiful name.” he said to himself. “No, not Lauren. Low ren, Loren.” she corrected. “Sorry Loren.” he smiled.

Loren looked at the boy in front of her. “Are you like here for my brother?” she asked hopefully. “No actually, I am here for you.” the boy replied with another smile. Loren rolled her eyes and sighed. She didn’t want another unwanted admirer. She had enough of those. Even though this had been one of her cutest. Tall with sandy blonde hair. He had the look of a surfer. She didn’t think there would be one of those types of boys in North Dakota. Even with his surfer appearance he wasn’t her type. “I don’t know you.” she replied dully. “Yes you do. I just told you my name.” the boy replied cheerfully. He was practically jumping up and down. Loren slowly backed up into her house and slammed the door shut.

Simone looked at the closed door. He was sure she was coming back. Back on his home planet girls never left him alone. The smile slowly dripped off his face after about thirty minutes of waiting. That’s when he finally realized she wasn’t coming back. He knocked on the door. No girl had ever refused him and she wouldn’t be the first. A boy answered the door. “Hello other fellow human on our planet earth. Would Loren be available?” he asked with a polite smile. He saw the boy about to nod his head when a pale hand slammed the door shut. He saw through the side window by the front door Loren shaking her head and locking the door. She saw him looking at them and she closed the curtains. His smile once again dripped off his face when he realized how she really felt about him. She was disgusted. He finally got it. Humans were rude disgusting creatures. His kind were ay above it. He understood what his leader meant now. All humans were good for was a little bit of fun but after the fun was over they could and would be discarded. Simone looked at her door one last time before leaving her yard. He knew what he had to do.

“Loren, go take the trash out.” her mother said from the kitchen. “Billy!” she yelled from the couch. “What?” he yelled back? “Mom said take the trash out.” she screamed back reluctant to move from her seat. Her brother had finally surrendered the TV and she didn’t want to lose it again. “Loren no. Billy your sister is going to take the trash out!” her mother said again. “Ma ommm, please can he do it this once?” she whined from the couch. Her answer was a stern look from her mother.She rolled her eyes and dragged herself off the couch. She grabbed the trash bag and slowly carried it to the front door. She sighed then opened the door and went into the icy air.

She could tell winter was coming. She could already see her breath. She walked to the side of the house and dumped the trash bag into it. She was about to close the lid when an icy hand slid over her mouth. “Don’t do a thing or your life will be cut shorter than it already is.” a voice whispered in her ear before she could react. She thrashed and tried to bite the hand that was on her mouth. She got a sharp jab to the back. Then the person started to drag her towards the forest surrounding her house. She used her nails to scratch the person’s hand but it was like scratching a blanket. Nothing she was doing was hurting the person. The person dragged her to a clearing with one tree in the center. That’s when the person let go of her. She turned around and saw the surfer dude from earlier. “What the he** dude!” she screamed pushing him. “You scare me half to death then you take me to some freaking forest clearing. This really doesn’t impress me!” Simone just smiled and pulled her closer. She struggled to get away but Simone was stronger. He kissed her neck paralyzing her. He smiled at her wide open eyes. The eyes he thought were just so amazing were wide open with fear. She was starting to realize that he was something more than human. A realization that came too late. “Are you scared Loren?” he asked with a grin on his face. “What happened?” he asked in mock sympathy, “Cat got your tongue?” He kissed her neck again and she felt pain vibrating through her whole body. She tried to wince but couldn’t. “Is your brain rejecting your wants? Do you like the feeling?” he asked. Then he kicked her, “Do you like the feeling of being rejecting!?” She fell and just laid there. She still couldn’t move. All she could do was feel the pain. “Humans are reusable.” he said before taking the blade out. “We usually do nonviolent killings but this will certainly get me back to my planet.” he said before slicing her from ear to ear. He purposely chose the most slowly killing slice. He watched as she died. She wanted to gasp so bad but she couldn’t. She felt the blood drip down her neck and onto her favorite shirt. “I will never be rejected.” he whispered into her ear before she passed away.

The author's comments:
I started this story when I was younger and I decided to finish it.

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