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October 29, 2012
By HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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"We found Lord Halstings; he was under magical protections, but Kara dissolved them. Tiva, what have you done to yourself?"
"I'm all right. Where have you taken Halstings?"
"He's under guard at the entrance to the tunnels. We had to bind him, as he's a bit unstable. You're bleeding."
"I'm all right."
"You're not all right, you're bleeding. Let me see."
"Leave me alone, I'll be all right once we get out of this stinking place. Is Emerc placing the charges?"
"They're done. Give me your arm, now step on-, here, just climb out the window. There's a barrier below; you won't fall."
"I can feel the barrier, Jayde. My senses haven't left me."
"Good, but I'd feel better if you'd let met take a look at your--"
"Ceryn says you can ride down with me, he's got help."
"I do love the convenience of magic. There, that's good. Now if you won't let me have a look, at let me bind your ribs. You won't be any use if you bleed to death."
"Jayde. Ouch! I'm not going to bleed to death. No, you're not taking my sword. I'm all right, it doesn't hurt."
"It doesn't hurt much. Really, a little blood is to be expected in a raid like this. You have to learn to stop fussing over me all the time. Isn't there anyone else who needs your healing?"
"Watch your head, the tunnel hasn't gotten any taller. They're taken care of. Mert was worried when he couldn't find you. Surely your in your vast experience as a raid leader you know better than to run off without telling your second in command where you're going."
"I sent a message, I thought. Anyway, I'm perfectly able to take care of myself. Don't give me that look, Jayde, a wound or two is nothing. The cut is shallow, there won't be a scar."
"I'm the healer, I'll be the judge of that, Tiva. Now mind your footing, remember the steps are high."
"I remember."
"It's no use sending me angry glances I can't see."
"Why aren't there any torches lit?"
"Emerc says they've got an explosive powder coating. One spark and this whole tunnel could collapse on us. Oy, Mert, I've got her!"
"For Yythil's sake, Tiva, I wish you would've at least taken a couple of warriors with you. What would I have said to your brother if we'd returned without you?"
"Sorry. But I was fine, Mert.."
"Let's get out of here, before you decide to run off on anymore foolish escapades."
"I doubt she's going anywhere, Mert. Not that I'd let her anyway. Are you sure it doesn't hurt, Tiva?"
"Yythil's spear, Jayde! I've been wounded before, what's gotten into you?"
"You were wounded? Did Jayde look at it?"
"No, she wouldn't let me, stubborn idiot."
"What's the problem, it's just a scratch, honestly, you were less worried when I took an arrow to my shoulder!"
"Halstings told us his magician was skilled in poisons. Any wound that didn't bleed was more serious that those that bled profusely. Jayde, we need to hurry and get into the open air. Tiva, don't fall asleep, all right? Just keep walking."
"Tiva? Yythil's spear, she's already drowsy. Tiva! You have to stay awake! Mert, help me."
"The tunnel widens just ahead, I'll carry her after this. Ready, here we go, Tiva, talk to me."
"I'm sorry I ran off without telling you."
"Goodness, you must be incapacitated, you never apologize. Keep your lips moving. Did you find whatever you were looking for?"
"I found a stone."
"You what?"
"A sleeping stone. I found one. Halstings had it inside a protected chest. I broke it open, but it triggered a trap. Blades shot at me. I missed one. Sorry."
"You'll be all right, just don't fall asleep. Keep talking, Tiva. We're at the end of the tunnel. Can you feel your fingers? Tell me if anything goes numb."
"Are you holding me? Or am I floating?"
"That'd be a numbness, then. We'll still catch it in time. Can you see the stars? Look at the stars. Look at how bright they are. No, open your eyes, look at the stars. Tiva. Jayde!"

The author's comments:
Decided to try something new and write something without description. Tell me how I did. Please!

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on Dec. 6 2015 at 3:49 pm
Lucy-Agnes PLATINUM, Clarksville, Ohio
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Interesting! Even though there wasn't any description, I could still see what was happening, and now I want to know what happens next! Good job. :)