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February 5, 2013
By RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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An acuminous silver sword reflected the face of the prey, rigid hairs of a six o’clock shadow and pure black bolding eyes that were like a picture painted on the sword. They were painted with the reddest color blood ever seen. The picture slowly faded away as a filthy cloth swiped the sword clean; sweeping the enemy away. The cloth was placed into Abner’s brown baggy pants. He placed the jagged sword in his leather belt. His steamy peach eyes glowed with fury as he stared at his dead prey. Abner collected a pile of sticky saliva in his mouth and spit at his dead Nemesis. The spit burned a hole right in between his pure black eyes. “There was no place for you in this world. If there must be ruler of Farvla it’s going to be me.” Abner hissed. Abner stepped on the smooth oblate soil and it crunched as if he had stepped on a dry crisp leaf. Each step he took on the smooth land was replaced by rough rigid rocks. A sinister smile appeared on his face showing his rotting teeth. “I did it! Alas Farvla is finally mine!” His voice echoed through miles of the spacious land. He looked around. There were no people in sight just a blood redden sky, dying plants and destroyed buildings that once were golden and now were black as the dagger holes ( the eyes of his enemy). Abner’s smile slowly degraded. “Did I really….could it be?” The awakening silence answered his question. “I did, didn’t I? I killed everyone; every last bit of them.” A tear slowly slipped from his face. He was deserted. He was alone. “Wasn’t that what started this whole mess? “ I thought if I was a ruler people would pay attention to me….” A collage of pictures filled his head of a slew of kids playing with toy swords and a plastic shields and there he was isolated, tearful; alone. Another time his parents left him as they galloped away on their horse. The horse shoes tapping filled the deadly silence of words not being spoken. Then back to Abner standing there on the rigid rocks. “Once alone always alone.”

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