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July 9, 2013
By BeastlySage BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
BeastlySage BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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David Erol, detective, was ready with his Tommy gun and the twelve policemen who were with him were ready with their revolvers. 1965 had only begun 3 days ago, and they didn’t want it to end for anyone except communists and the people they were up against.
Snow hit the ground. Light came out of the tall building’s windows. The sidewalk, being made of concrete, was grey, yet flat and smooth, which, aesthetically, is alright with them. The modern buildings were coated in smooth steel plates that reflected, and the doors were glass.
Apartment buildings, malls, and stores lined both sides of the streets except for the place they were raiding, a large mansion. It had been twenty-eight years since it was last open. It was quite large, accommodating even a ballroom.
In this mansion's ballroom, there was a cult led by a man who called himself Tiodi (although his real name was Gordon Cally). His hair is red, his eyes are mismatched (one green, one blue), and his skin is pale. In short, he looks slightly strange, but not really much different from anyone else or inhuman.
A few minutes before the raid, Tiodi was dressed in a blue robe with golden stripes, surrounded by two dozen other people dressed in red robes. They had, to a strange altar made from human bones, sacrificed a goat. Tiodi held in one hand the knife used to kill the beast, and in the other, a flaming torch.
He then burned one half of the altar. On the other half, he placed a business suit. On the center of the whole grim platform, which was where the goat was, he placed a paper crown. Then, he said to the rest of the cult, “Now, we must chant the name of our master! On one, two, three…ELUCIDIR!”
The cult rose into a wild chant of that one word, “Elucidir”, as a purple light appeared above them, and then filled the altar. It then exploded into a burst of light the same color, which filled the room. A figure appeared.
It floated in the air and had a ghost-like tail instead of legs. One half looked like a burnt corpse with long hair. The being was missing a nose, but his mouth was a constant smile. The non-burnt half of its foul face had square, white teeth and white skin. One long red arm ending in a three clawed hand was on that side. On the other side, two tentacles that change in color came out.
This wretched being wore a bandolier made of series of thin gold bars, which ended in a laminated steel shoulder pad on the shoulder on the side of his body with the claw. This strange beast seemed to be wearing some sort of suit which only covers one half of his torso, and wore a purple jester hat on its unpleasant head.
“Hello, mine adapt abhorrent admirers! Why, thou art wondrous zealots of mine insanity!” said, Elucidir. He then spoke words that made more sense: “zip pity banana, wave boing zap pity voodoo hoodoo troll spit pumpkins!”
Tiodi stood there, and then said, “I…don’t understand, master Elucidir. You are speaking like a blathering Shakespearean actor that’s been hit in the head with a brick and then had been tortured by a psychopath. Are you…alright?”
Elucidir gave off a strange laugh that seemed to cause everyone in the room to feel like a spider had been placed on their face by a clown while drowning in a swimming pool filled with acid. The being then said, “Why, of course I’m alright! What? Do you expect a god-jester thingy like me to not be weird?”
Tiodi hadn’t really thought about it. On the one hand, Elucidir had a point. He was, of course, insane. “But still,” Tiodi thought to himself, “I must get something out of this fool!”
Elucidir then shouted, like a thousand game show hosts after a contestant got a question wrong, “WRONG! I AM NOT A FOOL! I AM A GOD OF FOOLS! AND CRIMINAL LEVELS OF INSANITY! AND ZIPPITY DOO DA BANANA SPILT KIDS!”
And at that point, David Erol, detective, and the policemen, broke into the room.Elucidir said, “Cultists of mine defend! Thou shall surely slay the enemies!” With a wave of his hand, all the cultists suddenly were carrying various species of fish. While puzzled at this change, they decided to fight back with the fish.
In the next few moments, utter chaos erupted.
Here are the reasons the cultists did not win this battle: One, fish are not good weapons; two, the policemen have guns; three, they were taken by complete surprised; and four, Elucidir wasn’t helping at all, since he quite frankly wanted to watch all of this and laugh.
The casualties of the police included small cuts and bruises from getting hit with the fish, loss of one eye when a cultist stabbed a policeman in the eye with a pike’s snout, and having their clothes smell like fish. Meanwhile, the cultists had lost most of their men. Tiodi had been shot by David multiple times before he died. David murmured, “What an idiot! He was just charging at me with a trout! I mean, come on! What was that suppose to do!”
Elucidir, of course, decided that, since it had gotten boring for him, resurrected all of his servants while healing their wounds. He also removed the fish from the room.
The revived cultists, rising up, would be forced to fight with their hands. Before Tiodi came back to life, he had channeled a demon into him: his eyes were glowing red, and he had sharp claws and teeth, and the skin was black as coal. His tongue had split into small, red tentacles.
The police and David Erol, who had been examining the bodies, were startled. He had been standing over Tiodi’s corpse, so this change into a demon was quite a shock to David. He was thrown off guard, staring at the eyes. He did not notice Tiodi’s fist coming toward his stomach.
David Erol was thrown to the ground by Tiodi. The being then leaped at him, but luckily, David still had his tommy gun. Before the creature could land on his body, he had rolled out of the way. Tiodi hit the floor, breaking the tile. David then started to move to the exit.
Around him, polic men were shooting at their opponents. The bullets seemed to be doing damage, but the enemies would not fall. One of the policemen shot one of the revived cultists in the head; it fell to the ground, dead. David caught this out of the corner of his eye, and thought “that’s how you are supposed to kill them: a shot to the head!” David wanted to shout this message out to the rest of the police, but he had no time to stop moving, and Tiodi was right on his tail.
David ran through the ball room doors, and then ran down the hall. He continued to run, knowing that his enemy was going to keep chasing him. He didn't stop. He could hear the panting, dog-like sound of the creature.
The detective spotted the exit of the of the building, and entrance to the street. Just before Tiodi could get to him, he slammed the door and sat in front of it. He knew that the being would eventually get through, so David moved out of the way, opening the door for Tiodi.
Tiodi burst through the exit, leaping across the sidewalk, and then landing in the middle of the street, just when a truck was approaching, like a juggernaut.
Tiodi slammed straight into truck, the wheels breaking his bones. He lay on the snowy pavement, dying. David got up, walked up to the dying beast, and shot it in the head, killing Tiodi and releasing the demon to Elucidir.
He then heard groaning noises. David turned around. He saw a fellow police officer. It looked like Sergeant Bob, but something was off. Those eyes…He then realized he had seen those eyes moments earlier: on the revived cultists.
The eyes were yellow, glowing, like two light-bulbs. They shone through the snowfall, bright, like lamps, yet they did not bring comfort. And, as David noticed, that was not the only feature that was off the revived cultist: he also had grey, lifeless skin, like a corpse.
David, knowing that “Bob” was probably not alone, dashed across the street. “Bob” started coming after him too. David sprinted down the street. While it wasn’t smart, he decided to look back. Of course, he slammed into a street pole.
He fell to the ground, dazed. He started to get up. The sound of groaning increased. He then saw that “Bob” wasn’t alone. David pulled out his tommy gun. He aimed it at the head of the nearest revived, and fired.

The author's comments:
A Short Story I wrote for English Class

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Kindle said...
on Jul. 17 2013 at 12:12 pm
No, I mean that it would've been extremely expensive to install a glass door pre1990s, at least. Popularity with glass is sort of a new thing. I'm not trying to attack your story though - it was a very interesting read.

on Jul. 16 2013 at 11:04 am
BeastlySage BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
3 articles 0 photos 5 comments
The building isn't new. While I'm not explicitly saying when it was built, I'm just saying that it could be built before the 1960s. I mean, I hope that crossed your mind.

Kindle GOLD said...
on Jul. 15 2013 at 8:16 pm
Kindle GOLD, Sudbury, Other
11 articles 0 photos 93 comments

Favorite Quote:
"There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it." -Fyodor Dostoevsky

"Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense." - Robert Frost

I'm not sure that in 1965 it would've been common to have a glass door, but overall it was fairly interesting.

on Jul. 10 2013 at 11:22 pm
probablynotadalek SILVER, Frederick, Colorado
8 articles 1 photo 12 comments

Favorite Quote:
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to happen. Its not. -Dr. Suess

I like this one. it is both funny and serious. great job.