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Wild Alaska

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Lily wasn’t exactly aware of where she was going.she just knew where she came from and that she wasn’t going back.it didn’t matter who or what came aftr her she wasn’t going back to that god-forsaken orphanage. She didn’t want to have any part in what went on there.she was just lucky that she had made it out of that dreadful place alive.

She didn’t care where she went as long as it wasn’t back to the orphanage.she was sure of that and one other thing.she knew that that place wasn’t any ordinary orphanage.she didn’t know exactly what it was but it most definitely was not an orphanage.but right now she was just happy that she had made it out alive.

She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up before she would have to stop.she wasn’t going to stop here though,she had to get out of this god-forsaken villiage!she was a twelve-year old north alaskan girl who had lost her parents in a fire and ended up at the Richardson Orphanage somewhere in the middle of Alaska and was now running for her life from the people that lived there.or at least she thought they were people,now she wasn’t exactly sure what they were.she knew that they looked like humans and acted like humans(most of the time anyway).
but there were a few differences.for instance,they were always tall,dark,handsome,soft-spoken,gentle-voiced,blonde haired,blue eyed men.and they were usually very seductive.they could get you to do or say anything they wanted.only after long,hard practice was she able to avoid obeying them.but right now it was night and theyost definitely did not look anything like humans!

She didn’t know what they were but she knew they weren’t humans!Great!now she had nowhere to run!The only reason she had escaped them the first time was because she had a silent walk and a fast run!Now she didn’t know how much longer she could keep running for her life before they caught her.
”Why are they so strong?”,she thought,”they are so strong and muscular and yet they can’t keep up with me.”thinking this gave her a new strength,the strength of hope.she hadn’t felt this strength of hope since before the fire so many years ago!hope made her stronger,faster,quieter,more focused,she could think more clearrly when she had hope.so that is what she did,she thought.
She thought about what they had done to her and the other orphans at the orphanage.she thought about what had made her run away and how they had almost nearly caught her.then she remembered the chip in her arm.she had to get it taken out, but how?she had two options:she could take it out herself, or she could get some help taking it out.
She knew she could get caught either way,but she also knew that if she didn’t get it out of her arm and get rid of it it wouldn’t matter how far she ran they would find her.Those things(whatever they were)were almost as fast as she was!”O.K.,I have to hide”,she said to herself,”there has got to be a house around here somewhere.”then she saw a forest.she looked behind her and sure enough there they were about a hundred feet behind her.
O.K., now was her chance.so she turned and ran into the forest!it was dark,she could barely see where she was going,she knew she could get lost in here.then all of a sudden she was running downward into a deeper, darker dark.she heard a big door gently shut behind her.
She turned around just as a small light bulb hanging from a single wire on the ceiling flickered and turn on.she was standing in the center of an old underground dirt cave house. And standing there in front of her was an elderly lady no younger than eighty-five.but there was something different about her. Then she realized that the old lady had a perfect complexion and the clearest,youngest blue eyes she had ever seen.
She said,”Hi my name is Lily, what is yours?”.and the old woman said,”my name is Wild Alaska.I am as old as Alaska itself.”She had a perfect French accent!it ws like she had lived in France her whole life!
“Are you French?”,she asked Alaska.and Alaska replied,”no,but my parents were the very first French people in the entire world!”But how could she be so old and yet look so young?it was as if Alaska had read her mind. For right then she said,”I am not completely human.I am part human,but I am mostly fairie.”
and then a strange thing happened.she grew wings,her old rags became a shimmering fairie dress, and she turned into a girl no older than sixteen!now she really was beautiful!And then the fairie said,”and now you shall be whole again.”

And the fairie Alaska cast her fairie majic on Lily and transformed! She became a fairie completely identical to Alaska!now she was beautiful as well.and they lived in harmony with nature forever(they lived happily ever after) in Wild Alaska.

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