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Love, or Not!

November 10, 2008
By Anonymous

The sun was setting over the hills. It was a nice sunset, the kind you see in romantic movies when couples fall in the love the minute there eyeballs see the other person. Yuck!!

Hi, my name is and forever will be Jessica Bookes. I do not plan on falling in love… again. Unlike everyone in my school whose thoughts revolve around love, marriage, children; anything around those lines. It makes me sick the way girls coo at every boy who has interest in their eyes as they past by. Ohh… I think that I’m gonna puke out my breakfast.
You may think that there is a reason that I am like this. Well there is a reason. I found the love of my life at age 16. He was perfect in every way possible. Wavy blond hair with gorgeous amber eyes, which was my perfect boyfriend. I also had a best friend who hated boys until she met the love of her life, mine! Now I don’t have a boyfriend or a best friend. Boo for me! I snapped out of my bubble. Just to let you know, I go into my bubbles a lot during the day.
“Miss Bookes what is the variable?” Mr. Frenchers, my annoying Math teacher, asked.
“349 to the third power except for the exponent,” I replied quickly as to not draw attention to my self. I cursed under my breath when I heard Brittany snicker. She was basically the clown of the school and she did a lot of “clowning” around with the boys. Brittany also had a clan of three other girls Amy, Cassandra, and finally Avi. They all shared an IQ of -25 which is why they were laughing because anyone who is smart is downright hilarious. That’s when I saw him. He was wearing a blue shirt that had “Hollister “down the side. His eyes were a beautiful chocolate color that matched his other features. His hair grew down to the bottom of his chin and was wavy and brown. He was wearing shorts that looked like pajamas but looked absolutely hot in them. He walked past me and sat in the back of the class, near Brittany.
Please don’t notice him, I pleaded, please don’t notice him. She noticed him like he was a meteor falling to Earth.
“Hey.” she cooed in her disgustingly seductive voice.
“What’s up.” He replied, interested. Dang, they are always interested until she throws them away like a pile of garbage.
“So, what’s your name? “She continued in her voice.
“Joshua Lootes and what would be yours?”
“Brittany Males,” she answered dramatically.
“I love that name,” he replied,” no one at my old school had that name.”
“I know,” she cooed,” I’m a one in a million.” Ok, here comes the pancakes. Ugh! I am disgusted and impressed at the same time. How does she bat her eyelashes and make that cooing at the same time. He looks like he just found a million dollars and I do not want to know what he is thinking.
“So are you doing anything next Saturday because I’m free?” He asked with a hint of something like longing. Of course he had to ask. It was obviously out of his control to not ask her such a significant as that.
“Sure,” she purred like a dying cat t me of course but it must have been something better to him. The rest of this conversation I am going to cut out of text.
Ok, you already know my name so now I will tell you my personality and appearance. I am a bookworm. Ok that covers personality. Just kidding! I don’t have glasses and are not captain of the chess team. I love books and would pick one over a party any day. Sounds nerdy I know but actually it really isn’t. Now onto my appearance; my hair goes down to my shoulders and is insanely curly. My eye color is blue with a tint of sea green also I am a bit on the big side but still healthy as an ox. I like to wear big shirts and usually shorts or Capri’s, even in the winter. He is also on the big side but so hot I could melt into a puddle but I have never liked a guy like this one. Well, there was Stephen in sixth grade but we already discussed him so let’s drop that subject. No wait we really need to discuss my past to get to the future so let’s continue.
Stephen was a crush until my best friend; Kara stole him and then shoved it into my face like an apple pie but a lot less messy. He was my first and only crush for two years: the longest years of my life but they are over and I like the new kid. The rule is that you are never supposed to like a new kid because he is going to get picked at by the populars first and what’s left goes to the non-populars. But, I am determined to try and get him before it is two late. Now let’s discuss Brittany. She has brunette hair and wears a lot of eyeliner. She also has the perfect hourglass figure that every teen envies. Now that that’s over let’s get back to the real world. Pop! There goes my safe bubble.
“Cool, you actually have a special edition Star Wars?” he asked excitedly.
“Yah, I love the Star Wars series.” she replied.
“Cool so I’ll see you on Friday.”
“Awesome, see you there.” Just then the bell rang and school was over for the weekend. Wow, she really knows how to schedule everything just right. Then I “accidentally” my books on the floor. Brittany and the clan were staying behind and didn’t see me bend down to get them.
“Where am I going to get a new Star Wars movie by tomorrow?” she asked her clan impatiently.
“I don’t know.” said Amy.
“Me neither.” chided Cassandra.
“My dad owns a antique shop and I can get him to get me one.” Avi said.
“Awesome, thanks a lot Avi.”
“You are so totally welcome, Brittany.
“Ok the rest of you scram I need to talk to Avi.” This is when I got up and left without a backward glance. She lied to the guy of my dreams just to get a date from him. I happened to own the entire series of Stars Wars and the originals. Yet, he had fallen for her and of course not me. Well now I hate him and like him. Dang, is that even possible? Yea, guess it is now, since I made it possible. What am I going to do? Ok, first let’s do a couple of tests on him to figure out my plan.

Test one: drop the bangle. On Monday, I walked to school to put some pink in my cheeks because they were as white as a baby’s bottom. When I walked through the door I saw him talking to her. Dang I need him alone, not in front of a huge crowd or the she witch. I waited until after second period and he was alone in front of his locker. I casually walked by and dropped my bracelet and walked away. He picked it up and called to me in a friendly voice.
“Is this yours?” I turned slowly around to face him in the most interesting way that I almost tripped and fell but caught myself and did not look like a fool. I took five measured steps toward him and examined it without touching it.
“Why, yes this is my bangle,” I said cutely,” oh where did you find it?”
“I just picked it up off the floor.”
“Wow, I have been missing it for days.”
“Oh, I just found it on the ground.”
“Cool, thanks a lot.” I grabbed it and walked away slowly. Then, why I was still walking, grabbed my compact out of my purse and flipped it open. I flashed it in his direction and he was looking at me. I flipped the compact shut and walked a bit more quickly towards the door. When I was outside, I breathed a bit more deeply because test one had gone ok.

Test 1: Drop the Bangle


Now onto test two: pass the note. I did this test the following Monday because I needed to think it through. On Saturday, I bought strawberry scented paper that was tinted pink. On Monday, during math class, I passed the note, which was totally illegal to nerds but I broke the rules, of course. The note read:

Hi, my name is Mysterious. I want you to know that I happen to like you. Take this as a compliment because I like few. Do not tell anyone of this note.


That had to be the best note in the freagin’ world. I folded it into a plane and since I was in a confinement of a lab square threw it toward his head. Crunch!
Yes there was contact to his head with my innocent paper plane. He picked it up and read it to himself, then smiled. He actually smiled. Yes! He then folded it into a small square and stuck it into his pocket. The bell rand right on time and I rushed out the door before anyone even got up. Yes, plan two was completed and it was time to move on to test three.

Test 2: pass the note


The fall air smelled so good I almost rolled in the leaves. I walked the mile to my house and went straight to my bedroom. My family doesn’t get home for another hour. I can’t think of plan three, Dang! I grabbed my headphones and started listening to Beethoven. I hate the rap and hop crap that is always playing on the radio. About fifteen minutes later I fell asleep. I woke up and it was dark outside.
“Crap.” I muttered still half asleep. I looked at my bedside clock and it read midnight. Then, I got an idea. It was the best idea of all the ideas that I had ever had. There will be a total of three tests and then one final exam. Oh! I almost forgot about Brittany, she is going to finally pay for her deeds.
The next day plan 3 began.
This chapter is about plan three: love your lover. First as I got to school on Monday, I slipped a note in his locker that said to meet me, Brittany, in the school’s seventh grade girl’s bathroom for a make out session. I then hid behind a paper as I watched him open the locker and smile as he read the note and grabbed is books. He then closed and locked his locker and starting walking towards the girl’s bathroom. I was right in front of the bathroom so I slipped in and turned the lights off as I slipped into a stall. I heard him enter by a shuffling of his feet.
“Hey.” I said in a voice drooping in ooze.
“What’s up babay.” he pronounced baby like “babay”. I swiftly swung out of the stall and faced him. He didn’t see me but he heard the door swing. He grabbed me in a bear hug and stood in front of me at arms length away as if to study my face.
“Yes.” I cooed like Brittany in a sexy fashion.
“Is that you or somebody else?”
“It’s Brittany, you hot-goof.” These words actually burned my throat as I said them because being sexy is so girly and I am a complete and total tom-boy.
“Ok, lets make-out.” He said and started moving me towards him. This is what I was planning for. I quickly and painfully ( I still like him) slapped him across the face. Ok, I am in eighth grade so a slap is going to sting. He stopped moving me towards him and let go of my arms to rub his face where I had slapped.
“I brought you here to break-up with you not make-out.” I said without any emotion. You could see through the very dim light that he was shocked. Then that shock turned to pure hatred.
“Fine, I will go out with that Jessica girl instead!” he almost yelled and then sulked out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. I did a little victory dance because it had worked perfectly. Now he would probably go into first period and see her, Brittany. He would completely ignore her and sit next to me. Finally, he would ask me out loud and proud right in front of Brittany. Just then the bell rang to get to first period. I grabbed my books out of the stall and rushed out of the bathroom as quickly as possible for someone as short as me. I reached the classroom just as the bell rang for the four minutes you have to get to the classroom. I sat down in my usual seat, the back row, closest to the wall, when Joshua walked in or should I say sulked. He started walking quickly as Mr. Samas, history teacher, gave him a glare. He walked right past Brittany, who was smiling that sexy smile, and went to sit next to me. Brittany got up, told her crew to stay put, and walked over to us. She then sat next to Joshua on his opposite side, and starting writing notes to him with a plea on her fat face. He replied to the notes with no emotion on his face in any way. As she read the notes plea turned to confusion then to horrified and finally to angry. She wrote a note that said I didn’t do that and to prove it she would make-out in the bathroom after class. He seemed to like this because he nodded his head and wrote fine on the paper. Dang, plan three was failed, miserably and no I no longer liked him. I just wanted revenge. That is why I made the final exam, either for revenge or love. Revenge it is then.

Plan three: love your lover

Not completed

After class I forgot that they were going to make out so I walked into the bathroom and guess what I found, nothing. But, I did hear the smacking of lips in one of the bathroom stalls. I quickly used the bathroom, washed my hands and got out of there as fast as humanly possible. Well, I guess that it is time for the final exam.
This chapter is named the final exam. Ok the final exam consists of a lot of violence, guns, drugs and possible kissing. Just kidding! Ok, that entire week I remained low so that no one would be watching me. Then on Friday the exam started. The first part of the exam is the test. At home on Thursday I had typed a love quiz that I would slip in his locker from Brittany. When he finished it he was to put it in the third stall of the eight graders girl’s bathroom before third period. I saw him working on it in first period so after class I slid quietly into the bathroom and grabbed the quiz. Then I graded it based on his answers and proof from previous inquiries.
The second part of the exam was the sock. He was to take the sock, kiss it and then right a paper on it. I slipped the instructions into his locker and then told him to leave the sock where he left the test, in the bathroom. Later that day, I picked it up and left another note saying that he was to meet me, Brittany, in the bathroom at six o’clock tonight. At the end of the day, I gave a nerdy friend of mine five dollars to go wait in the bathroom for a hot guy to make out with her. I really did not even have to give her the five dollars because this was an opportunity anyways, but she was going to buy a new package of pens so she needed the money.
The final part of the plan was total and complete embarrassment. I went into the bathroom to prepare my friend and my silent camera. Later at six, when they were making out, I took about a dozen pictures without him even noticing. When I got home, I made about a dozen copies of each and went to school early the next day to post them. When everyone got to school, there were the pictures of him and a nerd making out. Everyone was laughing, pointing, making smooching noises and pretending to be them in the stall. My friend was getting claps on the backs, howls and congratulations from her other friends. Now the hilarious part of this is that he thought that Brittany did it. In math class he broke up with her and started walking over to me.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.
“Oh, so are you doing anything this weekend.” He asked exactly like he asked Brittany. I could hear my heart thump in my ears and my breathing proceeded so that everyone could hear it. It seemed like the entire class had stopped and was silent. Then, I came up with the perfect solution.
“No, new kids are used.” Then I walked out of the class, but just in time to see the look of confusion on his face.

The author's comments:
I liked this guy so I decided to write about him and his curent gilrfriend. My inspiration happens to be my dog, Tonka.

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