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November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

“Bill, where are you?” Tim said as he sprinted through the wooded forest.

“Tim, wait up,” Frank yelled.

“Yeah man, I can’t keep up,” Ted tiredly said.

Whatever was out there had Bill and Tim would listen to anyone until he found Bill. Bill was Tim’s little brother, his mom had said to keep an eye for him.

“Tim stop!” Frank screamed.

“Why should I? You saw it, teeth and claws and all. Why should I stop and let my little brother die?” Tim reamed.

“Hey man, look, think with your head a bit,” Ted responded. The two quickly subdued the adrenalin; pumped teen and determined the figured that the beast took Bill to the back caves about three miles west of where they were. Tim took the lead of course. Tim was only 14 when he met Ted and Frank Tim was always the hansom cool guy always styled and built. Ted was the smart guy. He always knew how and when to do anything. Frank was the lovable kind hearted fat guy who loved eating and playing video games. Ever since high school, Tim seemed to think he had to be in charge. The trio once called the three musketeers, now seemed like Tim and his lackeys.

It was dark, but the moon seemed to give hope as it leaked through the dense forest.

“Hey, you know where we’re going?” Frank inquired.

“Of course, shut up and keep up!” Tim snapped. Ted the biggest of the three was slowly falling behind. He was a big guy and was called the gentle giant in high school. He ended up taking a rest on the big rock.

“OK that diet starts tomorrow,” Ted thought. But quickly realizing that the two had left him, he quickly tried to find them to no avail. He could see nothing and hear very little. Suddenly from behind him he saw a shadow. He tried to find a weapon. But all he found was a small thick log. As he looked up he noticed two yellow eyes staring at him. Log ready, he readied for the battle.

“Bring it on,” he yelled as the creature charged toward him. From up ahead Frank and Tim whipped back toward Ted’s screams. They quickly realized what had happened.

“Run Tim, get out of here while you still can,” Frank yelled as he turned in the direction of the scream.

“What are you doing:” Tim asked?

But Frank did not respond, he ran through the forest, log in hand to aid his hurt friend. Tim dazed knew he would be fine if he could find Ted and work together. Something he could not seem to do. As he headed for the caves he started to wonder why he was risking his life for his annoying little brother.

“Why am I doing this?” he thought. But before he could even blink, he had discovered the entrance of a cave. He could hear from inside, his little brother crying. Tim went running into the cave.

“Bill, you all right?” he yelled.

“Tim don’t come in here, he’s after you, run away!” Bill yelled.

“No way, I’m going to save you!”

“But who is going to save you?” a voice from the shadows spoke.

“Who’s there?” Tim squinted into the darkness, to see the creature lunge from wall to wall.

“What do you want from me?” he screamed.

“Your body is all I want.”

“Then why did you bring my brother here?” Out of nowhere, the shadow engulfed Tim and took human form. He glided to Tim and forcibly threw him

“You have taken form now leave.” Tim said.

“No, I want your body to walk in the sun again. You see, I need you to give in, or your brother dies.” The shadow swooped in to strike again, when a log came flying in and struck the thing.

“Hey loser, don’t mess with our friend!” Ted yelled.

“Yeah, we’ve come as back up you know,” Frank replied. The two made their way between the creature and Tim.
The two swung wildly at the shadow slowly backing to the entrance of the cave. But the shadow was relentless

“You have to get through us first.” Frank said.

“Fine, be that way you idiots!” the shadow smirked. It swooped out into the trees and struck relentlessly. The three rushed to a rock to take cover from the attack. Suddenly the sun peaked over the trees and lit the dense trees

“NOOOOOOO!” the shadow yelled. It slowly disintegrated into pieces as it tried to retreat to the caves. Slowly the friends rose and took a sigh of relief; escaping death was not common to them.

. The three walked out into the day light and headed for home. For the first time they were glad to be up in the early morning. When Tim had to kill the mood.

“Hey guys, I have to ask what attacked you guys back in the forest last night.”

“Oh that was a creature more terrifying than any one we have ever seen.” Ted replied.

“It was a skunk wasn’t it?” Tim inquired

“Oh yeah, a huge one.” Frank laughed. The three looked at one another and didn’t know what to do next, so they got tacos and enjoyed the sunlight that had saved them.

“Hey guys, did we forget something?” Ted asked.

“No way,” the others replied. Deep within the cave one silent voice echoed through the silence as if trying to tell someone. A little boy was still tied up.

“Hey guys, a little help,” Bill whimpered.

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