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Hero Or Villain

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Throughout life you are led to believe many things. Like tooth fairy and other things that aren’t real, but at my age you figure out that believing things like this are better off to believing. In life you learn many things that are true like the winners and the losers, and the heroes and the villain. It was a dark night while walking down the streets of Newark while walking I would here sounds of people cry for help and I would think to myself what can I do. I was on my way to a party and a woman was running from a weird man. He was walking around with a spark cable that belonged to a car. He captured the women and tried to choke her as I watched. I quickly reacted and like always I tried to be the hero the man attacked me. I kicked him in the chest and he fell and ran away leaving the cable. It was a rainy day and the women thanked me and she asked if I was lost seeing that I was just a little kid. I grabbed the cable and some water fell on it and I noticed that I had a scar on right bicep. The wire fell on the floor and it got electricity and it shocked my body and while my bicep had a scar it was caught with electricity in it. My body was infected by the power and I eventually fainted. I woke up the next day and my foster father was there and I was asked questions about how I felt and other personal things.

Here’s how it all started like everybody I was born on the date of July 22, 2008. I didn’t have a mom or a dad so I was a foster child eventually picked up by a man named Marcus. He was about 22 at the time and now he is a single 35 year old man he has always been there for me and I always ask him if he knew anything about my real parents, he told me all he knows is that my father’s name was Blackagar. I grew up on the north side of Newark, New Jersey. I was a regular kid going to school friends and other things, but I always had a rage inside of me that wanted to punish those who committed crimes and caused harm to people. Like any teen I would go to parties and stuff but there was one night that changed my life. That was the night that I ended up in the hospital. I got home after they ran test on me at the hospital and Marcus told me I should eat something I told him if it’s ok that I rest again he said I could I went to my room and I went to sleep the next day I woke up and I felt different I reached my had out to stretch and my radio turned on the weird thing was that it was not connected. I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt a shock in my body when I opened my mouth the mirror broke. It was a weird moment and I didn’t think it was serious so I didn’t say anything I finally got use to the fact of what I can do and I used it to do many things.

One day I was walking to a party and I remembered what happened to me before so I wondered if the electricity had anything to do with me. I heard a women crying and I thought now I can use my power. So I did and I saved the women. I later walked to the point where there were men surrounding me. They attacked and I used my power, I later thought of all that I can do with this power. I thought and I said I can help people like a super hero or something so I did. I went to help people from getting robbed and doing many other things for the city. Later on cops heard of me and they wanted to thank me I was invited to attend an event that was happening but it was all a trap there were bad guys dressed as cops and I was captured eventually I escaped and every cop I saw I would attack I was put on the wanted list and everyone thought I was another criminal to the city. My father Marcus could never find me, but later on I realized that those people that I was attacking were actual cops. Every time cops got near me I would escape using my powers. I continued to harm real cops and my father looked for me every day but still no luck in finding me.

I traveled on top of the prudential building and I took a while to realize what I was doing to the people that I wanted to protect, I decided to go home and tell Marcus what was happening to me and what I had, he told me to be careful and that he was very happy with what I am doing and that he was proud to be my father. I left the house in a rush to see what I was going to do because of all the problems that I have caused throughout all of this chaos I realized that my power was given to me for a reason and I’m going to use it. I went on top of the highest building I could find. I sat down and told myself what I am going to do. I thought of a saying I heard before, a hero gets remembered but a legend never dies also that I could be the hero or live long enough to see myself become the villain. My last thought was that I had two paths left or right I guess that I’m going to have to go straight.

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pwyehuns said...
on Feb. 4 2012 at 11:58 am
Powerful story! I wonder what happened after "My last thought..."? Keep writing!