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The Ring Of Bronze Wire (Prologue)

April 11, 2014
By idkmanguy GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
idkmanguy GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
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"It was the patient, cut-flower sound of a man waiting to die." - Patrick Rothfuss

The Ring of Bronze Wire: Prologue

None know what came before the world
‘Tis a secret not easily given
So shall start this with the world.
The first tree.
The first spirit.
The first demon.

The Tree’s bark was dark brown, soft yet impenetrable. Its bushy canopy of bright green leaves swished around, although there was no breeze. The tree was tall beyond measure and so incredibly wide. It had many branches that moved without a sound, that wove together above the ground below. All around it where tiny little saplings, all of different shape, size, and color. Every single one was unique. Suddenly the tree shuddered, then froze. A wailing sound came from below the ground, a screeching wail that made all of the saplings tremble. Then came a great whooshing and splashing even louder than the wailing, and in rushed this enormous mass of blue substance and white foam, blasting the majority of the saplings away. Once the water settled, the wailing resumed, but this time a golden light and warmth came with it. The tree stretched out its limbs to embrace the golden rays, and once they touched, the tree heard a whispering:

“I know you be much wiser than me, oh Treeine, but where you be wise, I be strong. And where you hold it, both the Demoni and I have half form. Against his might you cannot stand on this world. Give me the coil, Treeine, You know where we may have our differences we are allies while we stand here, for this is Demoni’s reign.”

The tree’s limbs sagged and so did its leaves, but it did not resist.

“Very well, Humanin,” It rumbled, “Have your way. But you are making me sacrifice much, much more then I would ever sacrifice for you.”

“Hurry up, Treeine, Demoni Approaches!” Came Humanin’s urgent whisper. Sure enough, far off to the east, the sky was turning dark and a real storm was brewing. Bitter cold had reached the tree and the golden light looked more brown. Ever so slowly, the Tree’s longest limb extended straight up to the golden light and out flowed a tiny bronze shimmer. It stretched itself out of Treenine’s limb and coiled in the golden - brown light. The approaching darkness halted for a second, then kept going.The tree froze and it’s leaves lost its brilliance. The Tree got shorter and skinnier until it was only the size of a grown redwood. But the golden light, on the other hand, blazed with brilliance. The bronze coil curled together tighter and tighter until it became a ring. The waters, plains, and sapling forests where all basked in the brilliance of the golden flash that followed. Once the golden flash faded, the dark storm was no longer there, and next to the Tree stood a man in golden robes, with a long golden beard and long golden hair. His enormous eyes were golden as well. His robes covered every part of his body apart from his face, and a golden cape flapped behind them. The only detail on him that wasn’t perfect skin or sparkling gold was a small, dull bronze ring on his index finger. If looked at really closely, the ring was made of tightly coiled bronze wire. The man turned around and put a hand on the tree.

“Thank you, Treeine, my... friend.” The man said, and strode away. The tree didn’t move.

The author's comments:
Again, random piece. However, i started on the main story, and it is based in modern time, a trio of teens that find out about this and, as in most stories like this, set out to recover the ring of bronze wire and ultimately save the world. Tell me if you'd like me to continue writing it and make it a book! C:

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