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The Sea Lioin That Cannot Swim

November 29, 2008
By Anonymous

On the icy, blue land lived a sea lion known as King Tyrone. He ruled both the land and the sea. Penguins of the land hunted for fish to feed the enormous king. The other sea lions shared in the king’s fortune and helped rule over the penguin’s land. As a result of this mess the king has not swam in year and the penguins are over-worked, tired, and under-fed. A remaining scripture reads:

Once living in peace
on the land of great ice
giant sea lions with sharp teeth
and flightless penguins who were too nice
always shared in each others wealth.

Nothing stays the same and
the sea lions went stealth.
With a quick plot to rule the land
they came back to view.
The land was taken easily and a ruler was chosen.
Life as the penguins knew it changed anew.

Time remains frozen.
The sea lions and penguins
have lived the same way for thousands of years.

A bright aurora flowed freely through the early morning sky as the council of penguins who want freedom had a secret meeting in one of the elders’ igloos. A new member sat in the back as the other members discussed and debated many important topics like the food the shortage. The young penguin listened in amazement; he knew this is where he belonged. Before the young, new member knew it the meeting was over as he swore the council’s oath:
Our meetings are in secret
And through our words
We will prevail in it
Taking back the land and giving it to the birds.

The young penguin left the meeting happily waddling to his new job of catching fish for King Tyrone VIII. As he walked he noticed another member of the council nearby. The young penguin shouted out, “hey!”

The familiar penguin looked around looked around wondering if the greeting was to him. He saw no one else around and answered back, “hello.”

The young penguin chirped, “that meeting was amazing!”

“So you’re the new kid,” the familiar penguin noted, “do not speak about the meeting in public like this, they are secret for a reason.”

“Oh, okay,” the young penguin sighed.

The young penguin continued walking without another word until he suddenly stopped to stare at an over sized sea lion. The young penguin gasped, “Who is that?”

The familiar penguin answered, “that is our king. Don’t think about bothering him, he is really mean but I have heard he can’t swim.”

The young penguin laughed loudly, “Can’t swim! What kind of penguin is that?”

The king gave a fierce look at the young penguin as he headed toward him.

“You’ve done it now kid, nice knowing you. Oh and watch out behind you that chunk of ice is really thin,” the familiar penguin informed as he hurried away.

The king stood a few inches away from the young penguin and barked, “what did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything,” the young penguin stammered, “nothing at all.”

“You’re a liar! I heard you saying I could not swim,” King Tyrone VIII barked even louder.

The young penguin was terrified and took a couple steps backwards. The large sea lion moved forward to keep the distance they had before.

The king continued, “do you know what I do to penguins who lie and make up false stories about me?”

“No, sir, I don’t,” the young penguin gulped.

The king growled, “I eat them!”

The young penguin ran on the thin ice as the king chomped at the air. The king ran after penguin. Suddenly, both the king and the young penguin stopped as they heard a loud crack. The chunk of ice they were standing on had separated from the land and started to drift out to sea. The young penguin smiled, jumped into the cold, rushing water and swam back to the mainland.

Tyrone shouted as he drifted even farther out to sea, “you tricked me! You planned this all along, you knew I could not couldn’t swim!”

On the mainland penguins and sea lions laughed at the defeated sea lion that could not swim. The young penguin was named king and brought freedom to everyone. Those who lived on the icy land lived in peace and were happy for the rest of their lives. They hunted and lived for themselves once again. In honor of the young a penguin a new scripture had been made that reads:

In the end,
good will always win.
Don’t ever bend
the truth because in
the end you will get caught.

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